Episode 207 – Aerodynamics of Gender

snowmania declares this a Bitch-free Zo-oone! Woo-woo-woo-wooooooooh!

Episode 209: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

From the lips of Tereglith to the shadow of a unicorn’s dream.

Episode 304: Remedial Chaos Theory

Ropes? Vines. Vines? LET Shinigami Apple Merchant FINISH!

Episode 115: Romantic Expressionism

Can’t decide if you like Hippy Annie or School Girl Annie? Either way, you’ve the weirdest boner? Choose wisely or mratfink will introduce you to Kickpuncher – his punches have the power of kicks.

Episode 118: Basic Geneology

Evil Jeff reminds you to please remove windmill from your Pictionary sets. He will also tell you that you shouldn’t always respect your elders – even if it leads to Butt Stuff.

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