Episode 308: Documentary Filmmaking: Redux

Have you read Intermittent Hairdresser‘s review? Way better than the real thing.

Episode 214: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

glazomaniac draws her +3 Sword of Duquesne and attacks in a 180° arc.

Episode 104: Social Psychology

Tiny Nippled Vaughn says, “Hey, hello, howdy,” to the uncommon pairing of Jeff and Shirley. And Loki100 tests the Duncan Principle out on us by withholding Butt Stuff.

Episode 125: Pascal’s Triangle Revisited

Greendale is Where I Belong! Janine Restrepo‘s finale review is the perfect way to end our look at Community’s first season. Go Human Beings!

Episode 313: Digital Exploration of Interior Design

As with Orwell’s 1984, people should be forced to read thedirte‘s views on this episode.

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