Episode 120: The Science of Illusion

The Swag Onion stops by to offer a second opinion on the episode that might have changed public opinion on Britta Perry from “bland love interest” to “lovable buzz-kill.”

Episode 203: The Psychology of Letting Go

What! LloydBraun wants to eat a ghost!

Glazomania Takes Us on a Tour of Every Community Pairing

So, just to be clear… glazomaniac doesn’t have a shot with any of you?

Episode 104: Social Psychology

Tiny Nippled Vaughn says, “Hey, hello, howdy,” to the uncommon pairing of Jeff and Shirley. And Loki100 tests the Duncan Principle out on us by withholding Butt Stuff.

Episode 315: Origins of Vampire Mythology

Evil Jeff was born in the 80s, he still uses his phone as a phone!

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