Episode 123: Modern Warfare

sll03 fought an epic battle to post the review of this epic episode about paintball, sexual tension, and priority registration. Like all good things, it was worth the wait. And look, no paint on our clothes!

Episode 313: Digital Exploration of Interior Design

As with Orwell’s 1984, people should be forced to read thedirte‘s views on this episode.

Episode 224: For a Few Paintballs More

Unregistered Guy Named Eric had a dream it would end this way.

Episode 116: Communication Studies

Semi-bored Torontonian last night at 3 am: “JEFF WINGER! I…am…calling you. You’re probably…. Whatever…. WAAAAZZZUUUPPP?!?” Her review has so much BCI, even Winger’s large forehead can’t handle it.

A Dean-scent in the Darkness at the Hearts of Dreamers

The Narrator Returns‘ extra feature to Intermittent Hairdresser‘s review of Documentary Filmmkaing: Redux.

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