Episode 121: Contemporary American Poultry

It’s Chicken Finger Mafia time with snowmania. Come for the chicken, stay for Annie’s Boobs!

Episode 314: Pillows and Blankets

SG Standard wasn’t going to show this to anyone, but it’s pretty profound; he kinda nailed it.

Community – A Story in Five Seasons

NBC has loved Community since there was only one Soviet Union and one Damon Wayans and one Loki1001.

Episode 123: Modern Warfare

sll03 fought an epic battle to post the review of this epic episode about paintball, sexual tension, and priority registration. Like all good things, it was worth the wait. And look, no paint on our clothes!

Episode 102: Spanish 101

Scrawler introduces us to Senor Chang as we learn how 90% of Spanish is using your hands. Troy and Abed rap their way to the start of a beautiful friendship.

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