Glazomania Takes Us on a Tour of Every Community Pairing

So, just to be clear… glazomaniac doesn’t have a shot with any of you?

Episode 219: Critical Film Studies

The more Evil Jeff started thinking about it, the less any of it made any sense at all.

Episode 109: Debate 109

Oh, the Annie of it all! Semi-bored Torontonian sidesteps that and explores why this episode is such a keeper: the flawless employment of what she calls “The Tex Avery Technique” in regards to storytelling.

Episode 208: Cooperative Calligraphy

Wsll wsll wsll, Harvey Keitsll, sll03 is doing a bottle episode.

Episode 304: Remedial Chaos Theory

Ropes? Vines. Vines? LET Shinigami Apple Merchant FINISH!

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