Episode 115: Romantic Expressionism

Can’t decide if you like Hippy Annie or School Girl Annie? Either way, you’ve the weirdest boner? Choose wisely or mratfink will introduce you to Kickpuncher – his punches have the power of kicks.

Episode 315: Origins of Vampire Mythology

Evil Jeff was born in the 80s, he still uses his phone as a phone!

Episode 219: Critical Film Studies

The more Evil Jeff started thinking about it, the less any of it made any sense at all.

Episode 111: The Politics of Human Sexuality

If you’re going to have sex tonight, do not use condoms. glazomaniac explains why through a character compare and contrast of Jeff and Pierce.

Episode 112: Comparative Religion

There will be no Fighhhhhhhhhh—ting about this episode. TheTuna reviews Community‘s first Christmas episode.

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