Episode 103: Introduction to Film

Seize the day by reading mratfink‘s review of an episode filled with romance, betrayal, back stories, Cool Abed Films, and krumping.

Episode 209: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

From the lips of Tereglith to the shadow of a unicorn’s dream.

Episode 102: Spanish 101

Scrawler introduces us to Senor Chang as we learn how 90% of Spanish is using your hands. Troy and Abed rap their way to the start of a beautiful friendship.

Episode 101: Pilot

The A.V. Club Community community re-visits the Pilot episode. Meet your favorite Greendale Community College Study Group all over again with this review from LloydBraun.

Episode 116: Communication Studies

Semi-bored Torontonian last night at 3 am: “JEFF WINGER! I…am…calling you. You’re probably…. Whatever…. WAAAAZZZUUUPPP?!?” Her review has so much BCI, even Winger’s large forehead can’t handle it.

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