Annie: Nice Girl or Homicidal Maniac?

  • Loki100

    Discussion Question: Is Annie a serial killer?

    I think the evidence is irrefutable. We haven't seen Buddy, Megan, or most importantly Annie Kim since they ran afoul of her. There's no other possible explanation.





  • Guest

    I always assumed Buddy went on to great success with Owen Wilson, Starburns and Random Harajuku Girl.

    Who's Megan?





  • Loki100

    Megan was the ringleader of the bitches is "Aerodynamics of Gender."

    You make a good point. Note how we haven't seen Owen Wilson since that episode. The implication is obvious!





  • Was her mother stocking up for a bitch shortage?





  • we also haven't seen rich since he rejected her, nor whatshisface from the debate episode.





  • And what about Vaughn?  I mean, is Delaware even really a place?





  • LosPollosHermanos

    they're all in a church somewhere with Jeff's dad





  • I laughed out loud at this.





  • It was the scent of chloroform that gave her away.





  • Loki100

    It's obviously made up to cover up Annie bloodthirsty nature.





    • I believe it was a made up word in Wayne's World.





    • DavetheDouchebag

      I'm on record as saying that Annie has a taste for violence and we know she is criminally insane. I see no reason to doubt this conclusion. Part of me wonders if Annie hasn't been secretly evil this whole time and manipulating the group like puppets.





    • LosPollosHermanos

      does this LOOK like Revenge





    • DavetheDouchebag

      I don't watch Revenge so I don't understand the reference, but I'm sure it is quite clever. 





    • DavetheDouchebag Unacceptable.  37 AV Club demerits.





    • Uthted


      Sorry, it's in the contract.





    • Annie has a violent side (Science of Illusion, Anthro 101, Paradigms, Conspiracy Theories, RMC, Horror Fiction etc), which is generally very entertaining. I wouldn't put it past her.

      "Stay back, psychos, or I'll slit your throat and bathe in your blood!"