Ganz ‘n’ the Dans

Bizarre Community Spinoff Concept! – by Uthted

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Ganz 'n' the Dans" – Wacky adventures behind the scenes of our favourite show, as totes adorbs writer Megan Ganz juggles the unhinged genius of her bathtub-bound boss Mr Harmon and the zany whims of infamous showbiz diva Danny Pudi.

— Serious Plotline That Ruins Everything: Megan has to battle a crippling addiction to complex origami, all while trying to make space in her latest script for a rap Danny has written.

— Sweeps Week Ratings Stunt: Mr Harmon comes into work one morning to discover that his soapy bubblebath has been occupied by two of the show's stars (guest appearances by Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs). He sets Megan to the task of removing them… by any means necessary. Danny writes a rap about it.

Why do I type these thoughts where people can see them?




  • Uthted

    I'm seeing the Danny Pudi character as a Kramer/other-wacky-neighbour-type breakout personality. He makes a dynamic entrance (occasionally dressed as Batman), raps for a bit, then leaves, having provoked mass cheers from the audience* that the sound editors will have to start toning down by the sixth season.

    *Yes, Ganz 'n' the Dans is filmed in front of a live studio audience. It doesn't keep fucking going on about it, though. (Hidden subtext: Whitney sucks.)


  • I would watch and obsessively dissect on the internet that show.


  • Loki100

    Wouldn't we all? Wouldn't we all.


  • Guest

    Ever seen Hearts of Darkness?  Way better than Apocalypse Now.


  • I love that title so much.


  • Special Guest Star: Danny Glover as Donald's father (Donald himself is obviously part of the supporting cast as Danny Pudi's best friend).

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  • Uthted

    Donald doesn't actually come into it until season 4, when we learn the real reason why Danny writes all his raps is because his best friend is acclaimed rappist Childish Gambino. Megan decides to help Danny out by co-writing a rap with him, but the result is so awesome it propels Danny to stardom, pitting him against Gambino and tarnishing their friendship.

    In the season finale, Gambino ropes in Alison Brie for a rap-off with Danny and Megan, which ultimately leads to the friends putting aside their differences and bonding over a soulful rendition of 'Too Many Feet'.


  • I'm trying to imagine a soulful rendition of "Too Many Feet".


  • Uthted

    Lyrics should be stretched and squashed until they are capable of accompanying the following:…



    • NewlyRegisteredRandom

      I'd watch Ganz n' The Dans just for the awesome title.

      Not a spinoff, but I think if they do another documentary episode it should be a Real World type show.  Maybe the gang and some other Greendale regulars (Fat Neil, Vicki, Magnitude, Dean, Garrity, Chang, a few professors) go to Hawthorne Manor to attend a party Pierce is throwing to celebrate a record-breaking quarter for Hawthorne Wipes, but something (earthquake?  Murder Mystery? Medical Quarantine?) keeps them there and forces them to interact and coexist.

      I have quite a few episode ideas kicking around, and if the show's future was any more certain I'd find a way to get them to Dan Harmon.


    • Uthted

      I swear I have "Pierce's mansion — murder mystery!!??!?" scribbled on a notepad somewhere.…

      "Get out of my brain."


    • sll03

      Should I be interpreting this mild lull in comments as a result of everyone reading the 'Sweeps Week Rating Stunt' and needing to politely excuse themselves for some, um, privacy?

      That this thought occurred to me is a testament to how much The A.V. Club has infiltrated my brain.


    • I must've missed something…what is this referring to?


    • sll03

      — Sweeps Week Ratings Stunt: Mr Harmon comes into work one morning to discover that his soapy bubblebath has been occupiedby two of the show's stars (guest appearances by Alison Brie andGillian Jacobs). He sets Megan to the task of removing them… by any means necessary. Danny writes a rap about it.


      Edit: That sounds pervy, doesn't it? What I mean is, enjoy, but in a classy way…. wear a tuxedo or something.


    • I've revealed my incredibly short attention span.  2 paragraph breaks and it's all tl;dr for me.


    • Loki100

      I would watch this. Although it needs a sassy gay make up assistant to really work.