Jeff & Annie: True Love

A Community Fanfic by Loki100

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Jeff and Annie were studying in the study room. "Boy, Biology sure is hard!" Jeff exclaimed.

"It's not hard, it's easy!" Annie replied. "All you have to do is remember plants grow in the sunlight!"

"Wow, Annie!" Jeff cried, "You are so good at Biology and everything else! I love you!"

"I love you too," Annie responded, "We are so totally in love!"

That's when the evil space pirates landed on the building where all the math classes were held, killing Britta who was taking a remedial math class because she's stupid.

Troy and Abed stopped making out and ran to the window. "Oh no!" cried Troy, "The evil space pirates are attacking Greendale. What should we do Annie?"

"We're going to take back our campus!" screamed Annie and she grabbed her gun and shot the evil space pirates until they were dead.

"You saved us all!" screamed Jeff, "I totally love you and we should get married!"

Then they kissed. Then they had hot sex. Then they got married. Then they had more hot sex and it was hot.

The End