Blade Live Blog

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[4:39 PM] eviljeff: hi.
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[4:41 PM] tabernacle: During Fat Neil's cameo on Awake, he gave a shoutout to human beings!
[4:41 PM] eviljeff: no way did he
[4:41 PM] tabernacle: aye
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[4:41 PM] eviljeff: so which universe does evil abed and co inhabit?
[4:41 PM] eviljeff: universe Red?
[4:41 PM] tabernacle: hmm.
[4:42 PM] tabernacle: maybe the green-tint one
[4:42 PM] tabernacle: EVIL JEFF
[4:42 PM] eviljeff: WHAT
[4:42 PM] loki1001: I always assumed there were in Fringe's Earth 2.
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[4:42 PM] tabernacle: your font is green and you are evil!
[4:42 PM] eviljeff: OH MY GOD
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[4:42 PM] loki1001: Hello.
[4:42 PM] tabernacle: Greetigns!
[4:43 PM] loki1001: Okay, I can deal with Burgundy.
[4:43 PM] eviljeff: I did a big post about Cabin tabbers, ignore it if you come across it
[4:43 PM] tabernacle: cool, ty
[4:43 PM] seffina: hello
[4:43 PM] eviljeff: yo
[4:43 PM] tabernacle: ty for the heads-up about it
[4:43 PM] tabernacle: hello!
[4:43 PM] seffina: seffster here
[4:43 PM] loki1001: Hello… did you miss me… is there laughter on the line…
[4:43 PM] tabernacle: yes!
[4:43 PM] seffina: reserved my blue
[4:43 PM] tabernacle: well played!
[4:43 PM] tabernacle: i have my usual puce again
[4:43 PM] eviljeff: You're burgundy, loki?
[4:44 PM] eviljeff: You're Ron Burgundy?
[4:44 PM] seffina: I thought there wasn't a live blog, so I started making dinner. :(
[4:44 PM] tabernacle: the model UN episode of Comuity is an honorary Fringe episode
[4:44 PM] loki1001: Yes, yes I am Ron Burgundy.
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[4:44 PM] eviljeff: it's OK seffi
[4:44 PM] tabernacle: whatchoo making?
[4:45 PM] loki1001: Fringe really should do a cross over with Community.
[4:45 PM] tabernacle: crossover, lol
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[4:45 PM] loki1001: Yvette Nicole Brown is basically in love with Fringe.
[4:45 PM] eviljeff: Is it not weird that Abed has never mentioned fringe?
[4:45 PM] eviljeff: it seems like his sort of thing
[4:45 PM] tabernacle: aye
[4:46 PM] tabernacle: hey, Evil Jeff, you're unwell?
[4:46 PM] loki1001: Weirdly, Yvette Nicole Brown seems to be the cast member who most loves nerd stuff.
[4:46 PM] eviljeff: not feeling very well, no
[4:46 PM] tabernacle: ah that's a pity. i hope you feel better soon
[4:46 PM] eviljeff: thank you
[4:46 PM] loki1001: Sorry, dude.
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[4:46 PM] loki1001: She also loooooooooooved Chuck.
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[4:46 PM] eviljeff: I wasn't keen on Chuck
[4:47 PM] eviljeff: it was okay, I guess
[4:47 PM] loki1001: I liked the first two seasons.
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[4:47 PM] eviljeff: yeah, season 2 was very good
[4:47 PM] loki1001: Although I've always liked Ryan McPartlin.
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[4:47 PM] eviljeff: bye not randy :(
[4:47 PM] seffina: Salmon
[4:47 PM] tabernacle: ah very nice
[4:47 PM] tabernacle: i like salmon a lot
[4:48 PM] eviljeff: salmon tastes nice
[4:48 PM] loki1001: Salmon is spelled weird.
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[4:48 PM] tabernacle: it is!
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[4:48 PM] tabernacle: Evil Jeff, how do you pronounce this:
[4:48 PM] tabernacle: magdalene
[4:49 PM] eviljeff: magdalene?
[4:49 PM] seffina: are you a chem major sll03?
[4:49 PM] tabernacle: not maudlin?
[4:49 PM] seffina: or just taking chem?
[4:49 PM] eviljeff: MAG-DA-LEAN
[4:49 PM] sll03: Hey guys!
[4:49 PM] lividhieroglyph: The woman or the college?
[4:49 PM] tabernacle: hi!!!
[4:49 PM] tabernacle: glad you're here
[4:49 PM] eviljeff: yo!
[4:49 PM] sll03: I am a a Health Sciences Major.
[4:49 PM] seffina: if we can wait…. no no.. you all good on ahead.
[4:49 PM] tabernacle: we can wait
[4:49 PM] eviljeff: although I am unfamiliar with that word tabbers
[4:49 PM] loki1001: Like Annie?
[4:49 PM] seffina: You're an Annie!
[4:49 PM] eviljeff: and yes we'll wait Seffi
[4:50 PM] sll03: D'awww.
[4:50 PM] sll03: That's so flattering.
[4:50 PM] sll03: I do love Annie.
[4:50 PM] tabernacle: i think there's a building in oxford called magdalene
[4:50 PM] tabernacle: pronounced maudlin
[4:50 PM] sll03: Are we waiting for seffina? I think we should.
[4:50 PM] eviljeff: yes
[4:50 PM] tabernacle: yay!
[4:50 PM] loki1001: Seffi is shoving salmon down her gully hole.
[4:50 PM] loki1001: Like a bear.
[4:50 PM] tabernacle: lol
[4:50 PM] sll03: That is a very specific image.
[4:51 PM] eviljeff: especially when
[4:51 PM] eviljeff: nope.
[4:51 PM] eviljeff: not going there.
[4:51 PM] loki1001: Specificity is the essence of comedy.
[4:51 PM] sll03: But to answer your question Loki, I'm not in administration like Annie is.
[4:51 PM] tabernacle: heh
[4:51 PM] tabernacle: callback!
[4:51 PM] tabernacle: lemon pledge!
[4:51 PM] loki1001: Hehehehe.
[4:51 PM] sll03: I'm kind of pre-med. But that sounds kinda pretentious so I don't like to say it that way.
[4:52 PM] loki1001: Can we start calling you Dr. sll?
[4:52 PM] tabernacle: good call!
[4:52 PM] eviljeff: pronounced "sull"
[4:52 PM] tabernacle: with a schwa
[4:52 PM] loki1001: (I always think of you as Sil, like the alien from Species).
[4:52 PM] sll03: *turns very red*
[4:52 PM] tabernacle: when i have to pronounce it I say Annie with a Gun
[4:53 PM] sll03: You can call me Stephanie, if you like.
[4:53 PM] tabernacle: cool, ty!
[4:53 PM] sll03: It might sound safer than Annie with a Gun
[4:53 PM] sll03: Though, admittedly, not as cool.
[4:53 PM] tabernacle: heh
[4:53 PM] eviljeff: I'm going to call you Stephers, since I like "-er" nicknames
[4:53 PM] eviljeff: is that cool?
[4:53 PM] tabernacle: Will you have access to, um, chloroform in your studies?
[4:54 PM] sll03: Totally cool, EJ.
[4:54 PM] sll03: I DO!!!!
[4:54 PM] tabernacle: uh oh
[4:54 PM] tabernacle: =)
[4:54 PM] lividhieroglyph: grain alcohol?
[4:54 PM] tabernacle: heh
[4:54 PM] loki1001: That's a little 19th century anestesiology there Stephanie.
[4:54 PM] tabernacle: Cider House Rules!
[4:54 PM] sll03: Are you guys trying to rope me into some Breaking Bad sort of scenario?
[4:54 PM] tabernacle: heh
[4:54 PM] loki1001: That's my dream job.
[4:55 PM] loki1001: I'll be Jessie to your Walter.
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[4:55 PM] eviljeff: I've already got that going on with my astronomy teacher
[4:55 PM] tabernacle: yo!
[4:55 PM] sll03: I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!!!!
[4:55 PM] eviljeff: we make… telescopes
[4:55 PM] tabernacle: o.m.g.
[4:55 PM] sll03: How scandalous.
[4:55 PM] guest-68158 changed nickname to michaelchondria
[4:55 PM] sll03: Black market telescopes are all the rage these days,
[4:56 PM] loki1001: I know someone who can get you one that will make you see Saturn.
[4:56 PM] tabernacle: oh man best setup ever
[4:56 PM] sll03: I feel like there is a Uranus joke in here somewhere….
[4:56 PM] tabernacle: exactly
[4:56 PM] sll03: lol
[4:56 PM] eviljeff: yeah, unfortunately the… zookeeper who lves in our town makes his own and smuggles them
[4:56 PM] loki1001: Or Urectum.
[4:56 PM] eviljeff: using lions
[4:56 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[4:56 PM] sll03: Zing!
[4:56 PM] tabernacle: Bazing!
[4:57 PM] tabernacle: it's illegal to cross state lions
[4:57 PM] sll03: Tehe.
[4:57 PM] tabernacle: =)
[4:57 PM] eviljeff: we don't have states in the UK, it's a lawless country
[4:57 PM] tabernacle: shire whatever–hobbit!
[4:57 PM] eviljeff: well, lawless collection of countries
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[4:57 PM] eviljeff: I miss michaelchondria :(
[4:57 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[4:57 PM] sll03: I feel like we're all Abed in the OoVM end tag.
[4:58 PM] tabernacle: aye
[4:58 PM] loki1001: I have no idea who that is Evil Jeff.
[4:58 PM] eviljeff: nor do it
[4:58 PM] eviljeff: *i
[4:58 PM] eviljeff: *I
[4:58 PM] sll03: That was the joke!
[4:58 PM] sll03: I get it!
[4:58 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[4:58 PM] loki1001: We really are Stephanie.
[4:59 PM] loki1001: How many rediculous in jokes about ourselves do we have?
[4:59 PM] tabernacle: that chang at the end last time spooked me
[4:59 PM] tabernacle: lotta in-jokes
[4:59 PM] sll03: I have lost count.
[4:59 PM] sll03: Let's list them! I like lists and am now officially procrastinating.
[4:59 PM] tabernacle: heh
[4:59 PM] sll03: #1. I do not own this.
[5:00 PM] tabernacle: inclduing Yay
[5:00 PM] sll03: Definitely.
[5:00 PM] loki1001: #2. Communists (In Italics)
[5:00 PM] tabernacle: definitely
[5:00 PM] eviljeff: #3 TODDDD
[5:00 PM] tabernacle: ah yes for sure
[5:00 PM] sll03: Hehe.
[5:00 PM] sll03: Our Overlord!
[5:00 PM] tabernacle: TODD!!
[5:01 PM] eviljeff: oh #4 Tabernacle, you dissappeared on us
[5:01 PM] tabernacle: that's certainly one
[5:01 PM] loki1001: #5 Schadenfreude Thursday
[5:01 PM] eviljeff: we looked everywhere
[5:01 PM] tabernacle: you found me, EJ
[5:01 PM] sll03: And #6. Anxiety Friday.
[5:02 PM] loki1001: #7 Reviews of TV shows we hate.
[5:02 PM] tabernacle: i need a heuristic
[5:02 PM] tabernacle: and truth or dare
[5:02 PM] sll03: Truth or Dare is a staple now.
[5:02 PM] tabernacle: dare -_> reviews
[5:02 PM] tabernacle: armond himself
[5:03 PM] tabernacle: as an institution, i mean
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[5:03 PM] sll03: In the sense that he probably belongs in one?
[5:03 PM] loki1001: Oh god yes. Everyone loves Armond.
[5:03 PM] tabernacle: hee
[5:03 PM] tabernacle: BOOM ROASTED
[5:03 PM] loki1001: That would be a great sitcom.
[5:03 PM] tabernacle: with walter from fringe
[5:03 PM] sll03: It would run on CBS for 10 seasons.
[5:03 PM] tabernacle: or showitme
[5:03 PM] guest-68308 changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[5:04 PM] sll03: Hey Auto!
[5:04 PM] tabernacle: hi!
[5:04 PM] loki1001: "Armond, your mother came over today and insulted my casserol!"
[5:04 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[5:04 PM] tabernacle: escort!
[5:04 PM] automatic_taglines: Did you uy already start
[5:04 PM] tabernacle: vagenda!
[5:04 PM] sll03: *laugh track*
[5:04 PM] tabernacle: not yet
[5:04 PM] sll03: Negatory.
[5:04 PM] eviljeff: nope
[5:04 PM] automatic_taglines: good
[5:04 PM] eviljeff: Seffi is making salmon
[5:04 PM] tabernacle: and auto_sam?
[5:04 PM] eviljeff: none for you
[5:04 PM] loki1001: "That is just indicative of you disregard for the depth of the Jewish experiance in Americ
[5:05 PM] tabernacle: hee
[5:05 PM] automatic_taglines: She couldn't make it
[5:05 PM] loki1001: a as demonstrated in the brilliant Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill."
[5:05 PM] tabernacle: ah maybe next time
[5:05 PM] tabernacle: pls say hi
[5:05 PM] automatic_taglines: I will
[5:05 PM] tabernacle: ty
[5:05 PM] sll03: And at the mention of Jack and Jill the crowd goes crazy.
[5:05 PM] sll03: By "crowd" I mean computer generated laughs.
[5:05 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:06 PM] tabernacle: Bazing is ours i think without the A
[5:06 PM] tabernacle: liking liking things
[5:06 PM] loki1001: Ours by way of Alison Brie.
[5:06 PM] tabernacle: ahh i see
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[5:06 PM] tabernacle: i did not know the origin
[5:06 PM] loki1001: So, I'm listening to terrible boy bands from the '90s at the moment.
[5:06 PM] tabernacle: excellent!
[5:07 PM] tabernacle: tell me why
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[5:07 PM] tabernacle: (ain't nothign but a heartache)
[5:07 PM] sll03: tell me why!
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[5:07 PM] tabernacle: I want it that way!
[5:07 PM] seffina: I am back
[5:07 PM] guest-68371 changed nickname to m
[5:07 PM] seffina: decided to bake it
[5:07 PM] seffina: instead
[5:07 PM] loki1001: How was the salmon?
[5:07 PM] guest-68368 changed nickname to automatictaglines
[5:07 PM] tabernacle: cool!
[5:08 PM] loki1001: Did you share any with the other bears?
[5:08 PM] tabernacle: a caper, some aluminum foil
[5:08 PM] sll03: Waiting for Blade is seffina?
[5:08 PM] seffina: oh it's cooking in the oven.. I was going to grill it
[5:08 PM] sll03: Hi seffina!
[5:08 PM] eviljeff: how come there's an autotags and an auto_tags?
[5:08 PM] tabernacle: to underscore the fdifference
[5:08 PM] automatic_taglines: oven salmon is still yummy
[5:08 PM] waitingforblade changed nickname to seffina
[5:08 PM] tabernacle: aye!
[5:09 PM] seffina: hi sll03!
[5:09 PM] seffina: I'm ready and kinda willing now
[5:09 PM] seffina: has everyone seen the movie?
[5:09 PM] automatic_taglines: Evil Jay I had a bad connection
[5:09 PM] tabernacle: excellent
[5:09 PM] seffina: I've never seen it
[5:09 PM] eviljeff: ah I see
[5:09 PM] tabernacle: I've seen it
[5:09 PM] eviljeff: I have only seen Blade II
[5:09 PM] loki1001: I have, but a long time ago.
[5:10 PM] sll03: Me too. But haven't watched it at least 8 years.
[5:10 PM] loki1001: I'm just going to get this out of the way:
[5:10 PM] tabernacle: edge of our seats
[5:10 PM] eviljeff: haha
[5:10 PM] sll03: I really am.
[5:10 PM] loki1001: This film (and the comic it is based on) was a major contribution to the evolution of
[5:10 PM] automatic_taglines: I changed my chat color slightly
[5:10 PM] loki1001: vampires as a litterary subject
[5:11 PM] loki1001: Major Contribution *Salute*
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: salute!
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:11 PM] sll03: Major Contribution *salute*!
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: you got me!
[5:11 PM] eviljeff: *salute*
[5:11 PM] automatic_taglines: *salute*
[5:11 PM] seffina: *salute*
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: well done
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: rofl
[5:11 PM] sll03: That is another in-joke!
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: right!
[5:11 PM] seffina: oh loki, teach me how to understand…
[5:11 PM] tabernacle: =)
[5:12 PM] sll03: Though the HIMYM posters would probably understand it, too.
[5:12 PM] tabernacle: They're quinnsane though
[5:12 PM] loki1001: Yes, Seffi?
[5:12 PM] guest-68452 entered the room.
[5:12 PM] tabernacle: christmas
[5:12 PM] sll03: True story. They need a Quinntervention.
[5:12 PM] seffina: true true but our characterization is more consistent.  
[5:12 PM] eviljeff: where did the quinn puns come from tabbers?
[5:12 PM] sll03: HIMYM.
[5:12 PM] tabernacle: barney's gf
[5:12 PM] loki1001: Donna just HATES Quinn. But I think she's openly a Barney/Robin shipper.
[5:12 PM] sll03: Her name is Quinn.
[5:12 PM] eviljeff: damn it, I remeber that now
[5:13 PM] tabernacle: and maybe the basket ball player
[5:13 PM] seffina: @loki – vampires  
[5:13 PM] loki1001: I wrote my thesis on film Dracula's Daughter.
[5:13 PM] eviljeff: I wrote my first piecev of GCSE coursework on ELECTION
[5:13 PM] tabernacle: nice
[5:13 PM] sll03: Loki, that is so cool and so impressive all at the same time.
[5:14 PM] tabernacle: indeed
[5:14 PM] sll03: EJ, that is also really nifty.
[5:14 PM] tabernacle: 'tis so
[5:14 PM] eviljeff: * yaaaaay *
[5:14 PM] seffina: I wrote my undergrad on phosphatic ironstone in salem limestone… and grad in …
[5:14 PM] seffina: people are falling asleep
[5:14 PM] tabernacle: heheh
[5:14 PM] seffina: so I shall stop
[5:14 PM] loki1001: Although it sucks because I always try to get people to watch it, but all they
[5:14 PM] tabernacle: salem!
[5:14 PM] tabernacle: oooh
[5:14 PM] m left the room.
[5:15 PM] loki1001: see is that tit is a black and white film from 1936
[5:15 PM] seffina: I'll watch it!
[5:15 PM] eviljeff: m hated that story, seffi
[5:15 PM] sll03: Seffina, don't be silly, you could never bore us!
[5:15 PM] loki1001: (whoops that "tit" was supposed to be "it"
[5:15 PM] tabernacle: "bore" = geol drill?
[5:15 PM] seffina: hehehe
[5:15 PM] eviljeff: tit is funnier
[5:15 PM] guest-68452 changed nickname to thefunjustneverends
[5:15 PM] seffina: I could get a strap on…
[5:15 PM] eviljeff: wow
[5:15 PM] tabernacle: i approve
[5:15 PM] sll03: yowza
[5:15 PM] seffina: drill that is
[5:15 PM] seffina: wait
[5:15 PM] thefunjustneverends: I entered at the wrong time.
[5:15 PM] seffina: that didn't make it any better
[5:15 PM] tabernacle: hee
[5:15 PM] sll03: Hahahaha!
[5:15 PM] eviljeff: you did/
[5:15 PM] loki1001: Why are boybands from the '90s so addictively fantastic?
[5:16 PM] eviljeff: they're not
[5:16 PM] eviljeff: they're terrible and I hate them
[5:16 PM] sll03: They totally are.
[5:16 PM] seffina: it was from a different time
[5:16 PM] seffina: the time of my life.
[5:16 PM] sll03: EJ, you just don't get it.
[5:16 PM] eviljeff: and I hate YOU ALL
[5:16 PM] automatic_taglines: I want to sound smart, too. I wrote a 22 minute speech on  Charles Manson.
[5:16 PM] tabernacle: HA!
[5:16 PM] thefunjustneverends: You can hate boybands but it's impossible to hate "I Want It That Way"
[5:17 PM] eviljeff: did it end with "bon appetite"?
[5:17 PM] loki1001: I think you had to be 10-18 when they came out to understand them.
[5:17 PM] sll03: Preach on Mr. Fun!
[5:17 PM] automatic_taglines: I "killed" half of my class with a prop gun I sent to my english teach through the mail.
[5:17 PM] lividhieroglyph left the room.
[5:17 PM] sll03: Nah, I was younger than that and I still loved them, Loki. Granted, I am female.
[5:17 PM] tabernacle: whoa
[5:18 PM] seffina: you should invest in a shoe safe
[5:18 PM] seffina: autotags
[5:18 PM] tabernacle: I still like them in an earworm kind of way
[5:18 PM] sll03: Auto… should we be concerned?
[5:18 PM] tabernacle: lol
[5:19 PM] loki1001: Shall we start the movie?
[5:19 PM] automatic_taglines: It was all in good fun. I also wrote a paper on school shooting that my eng teacher called
[5:19 PM] automatic_taglines: HILARIOUS
[5:19 PM] sll03: Fair enough.
[5:19 PM] tabernacle: degree of diffiulty gets a lot of points
[5:19 PM] loki1001: I love writing weird papers.
[5:19 PM] automatic_taglines: Me too
[5:20 PM] seffina: I hate writing.  :(  
[5:20 PM] sll03: lol
[5:20 PM] automatic_taglines: Start the movie
[5:20 PM] loki1001:
[5:20 PM] eviljeff: WE WANT BLADE
[5:20 PM] sll03: Allllllllllrighty then!
[5:20 PM] automatic_taglines: Seffi, if I an avoid writing I will
[5:20 PM] tabernacle: Stephanie, if you will
[5:20 PM] guest-68569 entered the room.
[5:20 PM] sll03: Everybody, get to the 10 second mark!
[5:20 PM] guest-68569 changed nickname to lividhieroglyph
[5:20 PM] automatic_taglines: There!
[5:20 PM] eviljeff: wait, what's on screen at 10 seconds?! I need moral guidance
[5:21 PM] tabernacle: done
[5:21 PM] seffina: I'll be right back! sorry!  
[5:21 PM] tabernacle: kk
[5:21 PM] sll03: No worries!
[5:21 PM] automatic_taglines: New Line Cinema
[5:21 PM] sll03: The New Line Cinema Logo.
[5:21 PM] tabernacle: kk
[5:21 PM] sll03: So… did you guys hear about that turtle in Japan?
[5:21 PM] automatic_taglines left the room.
[5:22 PM] eviljeff: NO
[5:22 PM] loki1001: Two packs a day.
[5:22 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[5:22 PM] seffina: Back.  Someone who was born in the 80s is using the phone as a phone
[5:22 PM] seffina: was* whatever
[5:22 PM] seffina: I hate wring
[5:22 PM] seffina: writing
[5:22 PM] sll03: Scandal.
[5:22 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[5:22 PM] eviljeff: lol
[5:22 PM] loki1001: As someone who was born in the 80s, I totally related to that joke.
[5:22 PM] sll03: I'm not a fan of it either, seffina. Only for stuff I love. Like Community.
[5:22 PM] automatic_taglines: Writing SUX!
[5:22 PM] tabernacle: hee
[5:22 PM] eviljeff: I like writing, I finished the first chapter of my story last night
[5:22 PM] loki1001: I hope everyone is watching that youtube video I posted.
[5:22 PM] guest-68611 entered the room.
[5:23 PM] sll03: That's great EJ!
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: Loki just force everyone to watch it
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: by opening it on tinychat
[5:23 PM] sll03: Did you end up getting any sleep?
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: like 2-3 hours
[5:23 PM] guest-68611 changed nickname to irvingbizarre
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: then I went to see Cabin in the Woods
[5:23 PM] drawesome: hi guys
[5:23 PM] tabernacle: hi!
[5:23 PM] automatic_taglines: I HI
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: *humblebrag*
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: HI
[5:23 PM] sll03: Hello Irving!
[5:23 PM] drawesome: irvingbizarre is actually Dr Awesome
[5:23 PM] tabernacle: ahh
[5:23 PM] tabernacle: hi!
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: oh good
[5:23 PM] sll03: Hey Doc!
[5:23 PM] loki1001: I don't see the youtube button!
[5:23 PM] eviljeff: HO
[5:23 PM] seffina: I did write a pilot with people on a board once.  It wasn't bad.  We should …
[5:23 PM] drawesome: I shamefully admit I have a tumblr, and it;s the url
[5:24 PM] automatic_taglines: That makes everything easier
[5:24 PM] thefunjustneverends: How do you bold words?
[5:24 PM] seffina: I'm always saying this stuff, but really, y'all would make a great podcast
[5:24 PM] eviljeff: It's where it says "tube" loki at the top right
[5:24 PM] tabernacle: i agree
[5:24 PM] sll03: With stars * text  *
[5:24 PM] automatic_taglines: no spaces
[5:24 PM] tabernacle: i would love to see that pilot
[5:24 PM] drawesome: how does one change their username on here?
[5:24 PM] thefunjustneverends: *Really?*
[5:24 PM] eviljeff: click on your name
[5:24 PM] eviljeff: and you can change it
[5:24 PM] tabernacle: Chang it
[5:24 PM] sll03: For example: sll03 becomes…
[5:24 PM] irvingbizarre changed nickname to drawesome
[5:24 PM] automatictaglines changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[5:24 PM] drawesome: ah, thanks Tabbie
[5:25 PM] seffina: it had pirates and saloons and english people and multiple dimensions.. bit of a deadwood
[5:25 PM] seffina: meet sliders
[5:25 PM] tabernacle: =)
[5:25 PM] tabernacle: oh wow
[5:25 PM] sll03 changed nickname to anniewithagun
[5:25 PM] drawesome: is this a Blade live blog or something? I just saw it and went over here, what's it about?
[5:25 PM] tabernacle: i'm so sold
[5:25 PM] automatic_taglines: I missed my underscore
[5:25 PM] eviljeff: blade
[5:25 PM] eviljeff: liveblog
[5:25 PM] drawesome: I was lucky that the time works out
[5:25 PM] seffina: let's liveblog it!
[5:25 PM] sll03: Everyone ready?
[5:25 PM] drawesome: so it's early evening for yo uguys?
[5:25 PM] drawesome: no!
[5:25 PM] drawesome: where's the link sll03?
[5:25 PM] tabernacle: excellent!
[5:25 PM] loki1001: We're getting started liveblogging it Dr. Awesome.
[5:26 PM] sll03: Do you want to stream it Doc?
[5:26 PM] drawesome: anyone have a stream?
[5:26 PM] drawesome: yea
[5:26 PM] drawesome: i would've downloaded it in high def, preferably
[5:26 PM] drawesome: but alas
[5:26 PM] tabernacle: sll changed her name–awesome!
[5:26 PM] sll03:
[5:26 PM] eviljeff: YOU MONSTER
[5:26 PM] drawesome: sll03, please keep 'sllo3' i get confused
[5:26 PM] drawesome: also, I get lonely in long showers
[5:26 PM] seffina: it's getting hot in here.
[5:26 PM] drawesome: (that sounded like i'm coming onto you)
[5:26 PM] tabernacle: hoo
[5:26 PM] sll03: Changing it now. I just did it for funsies.
[5:26 PM] tabernacle: ::fans self::
[5:26 PM] anniewithagun changed nickname to sll03
[5:27 PM] eviljeff: let's put on our cold-insulated parkas
[5:27 PM] sll03: … and I'm back!
[5:27 PM] automatic_taglines: Really Seff I think it feel just right
[5:27 PM] drawesome: guys wait
[5:27 PM] seffina: Oh I read that has ::fans seff:: either way it works
[5:27 PM] tabernacle: yay!
[5:27 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:27 PM] tabernacle: willing to do that too
[5:27 PM] tabernacle: palm fronds and caramel and wahtnot
[5:27 PM] drawesome: I feel like our discussions work better portioned into individual, carefully thought-out
[5:27 PM] drawesome: comments
[5:27 PM] drawesome: rather than this monkey hotel of a live blog
[5:27 PM] sll03: It's cool, Doc. We're all slightly Brady Bunch-like at some point or another.
[5:27 PM] eviljeff: SHUT MOUTH START MOVIE
[5:27 PM] drawesome: it won't start!!1
[5:27 PM] tabernacle: lol
[5:28 PM] sll03: So are we all good?
[5:28 PM] tabernacle: gd
[5:28 PM] eviljeff: lol that only took us an hour
[5:28 PM] drawesome: no
[5:28 PM] sll03: Dammit Doc!
[5:28 PM] seffina: suck it phillies
[5:28 PM] drawesome: come ooon
[5:28 PM] loki1001: Yes, but I
[5:28 PM] drawesome: yes, suck it phillies
[5:28 PM] loki1001: 'm still watching a Backstreet Boys music video from 1998.
[5:28 PM] eviljeff: turn it off
[5:28 PM] drawesome: maybe I should not have selected high def?
[5:29 PM] tabernacle: time desk ^^^
[5:29 PM] drawesome: considering internet stuff
[5:29 PM] sll03: Nope, just click the free user option.
[5:29 PM] drawesome: yea
[5:29 PM] loki1001 left the room.
[5:29 PM] drawesome: but there's a high def option
[5:29 PM] drawesome: loki left the room!?
[5:29 PM] guest-68737 entered the room.
[5:29 PM] eviljeff: pooooor loki
[5:29 PM] guest-68737 changed nickname to loki1001
[5:29 PM] eviljeff: he sure was stupid
[5:29 PM] tabernacle: lol
[5:29 PM] drawesome: yea
[5:29 PM] tabernacle: ass-gurad joke
[5:29 PM] tabernacle: ass-guard*
[5:29 PM] loki1001: I will cut you Evil Jeff!
[5:30 PM] loki1001: Ohh, hey, I'm purple!
[5:30 PM] sll03: I feel like a rumble is coming.
[5:30 PM] eviljeff: I'll bathe in your blood, man
[5:30 PM] drawesome: I will burn… the heart… out of you
[5:30 PM] lividhieroglyph left the room.
[5:30 PM] sll03: This is getting heated.
[5:30 PM] tabernacle: verily
[5:30 PM] drawesome: it is with you around
[5:30 PM] sll03: Now I'm just gonna turn red.
[5:30 PM] drawesome: by, you, i mean the vodka mix i am consuming
[5:30 PM] guest-68758 entered the room.
[5:30 PM] guest-68758 changed nickname to automatic_taglines1
[5:31 PM] tabernacle: oxidizing!
[5:31 PM] drawesome: but sure, you can get in there
[5:31 PM] loki1001: Do you have a case of the vapers sll?
[5:31 PM] drawesome: vapors
[5:31 PM] drawesome: nerd alert! alert nerd!
[5:31 PM] automatic_taglines1 changed nickname to automatictaglines
[5:31 PM] sll03: I just turn red rather easily.
[5:31 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:31 PM] automatic_taglines left the room.
[5:31 PM] automatictaglines changed nickname to automatic__taglines
[5:31 PM] drawesome: ok, so how are we on vodka, sll03?
[5:31 PM] tabernacle: I'm turning salmon HIN HINT
[5:31 PM] eviljeff: I'm turning red
[5:31 PM] drawesome: shut up jack
[5:31 PM] eviljeff: *blush*
[5:32 PM] tabernacle: hels bels trudy
[5:32 PM] drawesome: whistles need wetting
[5:32 PM] drawesome: wait what? let's get started
[5:32 PM] tabernacle: let's
[5:32 PM] drawesome: drinks need drinking
[5:32 PM] seffina: I took it out already!  Don't worry.  My mom's a chef… so I make out ok.
[5:32 PM] sll03: Is everyone READY?!
[5:32 PM] drawesome: i like punctuation!
[5:32 PM] eviljeff: YES
[5:32 PM] tabernacle: heh. cool!
[5:32 PM] loki1001: Yep.
[5:32 PM] drawesome: it makes it feel much more pro.
[5:32 PM] eviljeff: ALSO I'LL CHANE COLOR
[5:32 PM] sll03: :(
[5:32 PM] drawesome: ok then
[5:32 PM] sll03: You don't want to match me EJ?
[5:32 PM] automatic_taglines: Back with a super underscore
[5:32 PM] eviljeff: NO
[5:33 PM] drawesome: who's EJ?
[5:33 PM] drawesome: ah
[5:33 PM] drawesome: jack
[5:33 PM] eviljeff: you call that a super underscore
[5:33 PM] drawesome: i like Jack
[5:33 PM] sll03: :(, special icon of a downward thumb
[5:33 PM] loki1001: But what about Jill?
[5:33 PM] automatic__taglines changed nickname to automatic___taglines
[5:33 PM] eviljeff changed nickname to evil________jeff
[5:33 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:33 PM] drawesome: birthday cake, etc
[5:33 PM] automatic___taglines changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[5:33 PM] drawesome: shall we get started? can't believe i'm saying this
[5:33 PM] seffina: *changes batteries*  I'm eveready!  
[5:33 PM] tabernacle: hahahaha
[5:33 PM] eviljeff: yeah, you know your place
[5:33 PM] drawesome: it's half eleven here already
[5:33 PM] sll03: Okay, everyone get to the 10 second mark
[5:33 PM] eviljeff: I'm ready
[5:33 PM] tabernacle: i'm Energizered
[5:33 PM] sll03: 3
[5:33 PM] sll03: 2
[5:33 PM] automatic_taglines: Chang'd back to one us
[5:34 PM] drawesome: ok, new line cinema logo
[5:34 PM] sll03: VICKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[5:34 PM] drawesome: eveyrone started?
[5:34 PM] automatic_taglines: ready'
[5:34 PM] loki1001: Yep.
[5:34 PM] tabernacle: started
[5:34 PM] drawesome: also i hate this film
[5:34 PM] drawesome: it's scurry!
[5:34 PM] seffina: I've never seen this film
[5:34 PM] loki1001: You hate everything.
[5:34 PM] drawesome: i don't hate your mother.
[5:34 PM] loki1001: That's bright.
[5:34 PM] seffina: and I don't do well with scary movies
[5:34 PM] tabernacle: it's mostly ice skating
[5:34 PM] seffina: so.. hold me?
[5:34 PM] drawesome: 1967!!!
[5:34 PM] evil________jeff changed nickname to eviljeff
[5:34 PM] drawesome: you guys therE?
[5:34 PM] tabernacle: will do!
[5:34 PM] drawesome: everyone at the 1967 flashback?
[5:34 PM] loki1001: Yep.
[5:34 PM] sll03: Yup.
[5:34 PM] drawesome: oh fuck i paused
[5:35 PM] drawesome: fuck mee
[5:35 PM] automatic_taglines: yep
[5:35 PM] seffina: It's the ORIGINS
[5:35 PM] loki1001: Wesley Snipes
[5:35 PM] eviljeff: is this blade getting born?
[5:35 PM] tabernacle: IRS is the big bad
[5:35 PM] loki1001: Stephen Dorf
[5:35 PM] loki1001: In…
[5:35 PM] drawesome: oh fuck are you guys using separate windows? i need to do that
[5:35 PM] eviljeff: BLADE
[5:35 PM] loki1001: BLADE 2 CRUISE CONTROL!
[5:35 PM] drawesome: imma be afk for like 20 sec
[5:36 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[5:36 PM] seffina: I'm watching on teevee
[5:36 PM] eviljeff: Blade 3: Glacier of Doom
[5:36 PM] guest-68896 entered the room.
[5:36 PM] loki1001: Blade 4: Speed Reading.
[5:36 PM] automatic_taglines: N'Bushe is a odd name
[5:36 PM] eviljeff: Traci Lords? Wha
[5:36 PM] seffina: donal logue is in this?  
[5:36 PM] drawesome left the room.
[5:36 PM] tabernacle: oh wow
[5:36 PM] guest-68896 changed nickname to drawesome
[5:36 PM] tabernacle: and Lem!
[5:36 PM] tabernacle: from THe Shield
[5:36 PM] seffina: ooh lem!
[5:36 PM] sll03: Doc, are you synched up okay?
[5:36 PM] drawesome: well fuck
[5:36 PM] eviljeff: and.. sanaaaaa
[5:36 PM] drawesome: hey i'm red now
[5:36 PM] drawesome: no i'm not synced up at all
[5:37 PM] tabernacle: terriers sniff
[5:37 PM] drawesome: also this is a tiny fucking computer screen, this
[5:37 PM] drawesome: can't even multitask
[5:37 PM] eviljeff: they just went into a club
[5:37 PM] seffina: I'm 3:10
[5:37 PM] thefunjustneverends: Red is for winners
[5:37 PM] sll03: Me too.
[5:37 PM] drawesome: yea
[5:37 PM] drawesome: oh fuck
[5:37 PM] tabernacle: i'm synched with seff
[5:37 PM] seffina: to yuma
[5:37 PM] drawesome: i hate this already
[5:37 PM] drawesome: fuck vampires!
[5:37 PM] tabernacle: hahahaha
[5:37 PM] tabernacle: Russell Crowe!
[5:37 PM] sll03: BAZING! (for seffina)
[5:37 PM] eviljeff: I wonder if they're all vampires
[5:37 PM] loki1001: Only vampires would like this house music.
[5:37 PM] tabernacle: hee
[5:38 PM] drawesome: how are you guys doing the multi window thing?
[5:38 PM] sll03: It is the 90's.
[5:38 PM] drawesome: because this is NOT working out over here
[5:38 PM] eviljeff: have 2 windows open
[5:38 PM] automatic_taglines: Vampire have the worst taste
[5:38 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:38 PM] eviljeff: next to each other
[5:38 PM] seffina: Cause they're brain dead and feel no shame?
[5:38 PM] drawesome: 2 winodws, sure, but i'm at my folks' and i have this shitty 17" monitor
[5:38 PM] tabernacle: hahahaa
[5:38 PM] sll03: I just have them next to each other, yeah.
[5:38 PM] tabernacle: Blade'd!
[5:38 PM] loki1001: That's what I'm doing.
[5:38 PM] drawesome: is it safe to turn the sound back on?
[5:38 PM] sll03: Negatory.
[5:38 PM] loki1001: Oral sex.
[5:38 PM] eviljeff: might plug my HDMI into the TV and watch the film there
[5:38 PM] sll03: Still bad music.
[5:39 PM] automatic_taglines: That is what I'm doingsll
[5:39 PM] drawesome: should've downloaded it beforehand, did any of you guys?
[5:39 PM] eviljeff: *high-five*
[5:39 PM] drawesome: ah fuck! BLOOD
[5:39 PM] loki1001: I did.
[5:39 PM] automatic_taglines: *sll
[5:39 PM] drawesome: he's getting head
[5:39 PM] drawesome: this better not awaken… etcetera
[5:39 PM] tabernacle: This one time, in Ibiza…
[5:39 PM] loki1001: See, this is why you don't go to creepy clubs in meatpacking plants.
[5:39 PM] automatic_taglines: I rented thiis bitch
[5:39 PM] sll03: It's like New York in there!
[5:39 PM] drawesome: this is honestly creeping me the FUCK out, people
[5:39 PM] seffina: @sll03 – Bazing!
[5:39 PM] drawesome: haha
[5:39 PM] drawesome: nice one!
[5:40 PM] drawesome: ok now it's back to being funny
[5:40 PM] drawesome: back to scary…
[5:40 PM] drawesome: funny!
[5:40 PM] drawesome: scary
[5:40 PM] drawesome: scaryyy
[5:40 PM] sll03: I love how there are lion noises.
[5:40 PM] drawesome: they're feral baby!
[5:40 PM] loki1001: There's blood in your eyes.
[5:40 PM] automatic_taglines: Way to ruin perfectly good whites (clothes, not people)
[5:40 PM] seffina: my cat does not approve
[5:40 PM] tabernacle: lol
[5:40 PM] loki1001: HA!
[5:40 PM] sll03: lol
[5:40 PM] tabernacle: cat went into the closet?
[5:40 PM] drawesome: wesley snipes is a beautiful man. if i wasn't actively repressing m ybicuriosity right now
[5:40 PM] eviljeff: * I think he's the black one *
[5:40 PM] drawesome: i'd kiss him right on the beautiful mouth
[5:41 PM] drawesome: lions
[5:41 PM] sll03: He's a handsome fella, I agree.
[5:41 PM] drawesome: he has sort of a batman thing going on doesnt he?
[5:41 PM] loki1001: Panicing vampires.
[5:41 PM] drawesome: hasnt*
[5:41 PM] automatic_taglines: Wesley snipes has a power haircut
[5:41 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:41 PM] drawesome: i know a black guy who used to wear his hair like that
[5:41 PM] eviljeff: does he have friends helping him out? Why are they all running?
[5:41 PM] loki1001: Isn't that how Eddie from Family Matters had his hair?
[5:41 PM] seffina: ooh that was cool
[5:42 PM] drawesome: why are they running? is it the lights?
[5:42 PM] tabernacle: Chang is in this?
[5:42 PM] drawesome: i mena he's not THAT  scary
[5:42 PM] loki1001: That's Donnal Longue.
[5:42 PM] sll03: He's the DAY WALKER.
[5:42 PM] eviljeff: oh, Traci's in this?
[5:42 PM] drawesome: oh, Britta's in this?
[5:42 PM] sll03: Terriers!
[5:42 PM] tabernacle: sniff
[5:42 PM] drawesome: never got into Terriers…
[5:42 PM] loki1001: These vampires suck at the whole not dying thing.
[5:42 PM] seffina: Long Live!  
[5:42 PM] tabernacle: long live!
[5:42 PM] seffina: They're going to Evil Jeff him up
[5:43 PM] drawesome: shh
[5:43 PM] eviljeff: such crappy vampires
[5:43 PM] sll03: That Xena move was kinda cool.
[5:43 PM] tabernacle: nailed it!
[5:43 PM] drawesome: why does that little blade kill em that easily?
[5:43 PM] tabernacle: he's 'armless
[5:43 PM] eviljeff: because BLADE
[5:43 PM] seffina: theyre not sparkly enough for you, evil jeff?
[5:43 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:43 PM] drawesome: look! the arrow didn't even kill HIM right away
[5:43 PM] tabernacle: burn!
[5:43 PM] drawesome: i do need some spark in my life
[5:43 PM] drawesome: shhh you gyys
[5:43 PM] tabernacle: betcha the Dean has been to that sauna
[5:44 PM] tabernacle: turkish bath thing
[5:44 PM] seffina: Two thumbs up!
[5:44 PM] tabernacle: hahahaa
[5:44 PM] drawesome: from Leonard
[5:44 PM] loki1001: Those aren't thumbs.
[5:44 PM] sll03: … those aren't thumbs
[5:44 PM] guest-69040 entered the room.
[5:44 PM] loki1001: JINX
[5:44 PM] drawesome: giant thumb in a turtle neck! whoo- de- doo!
[5:44 PM] sll03: BOO.
[5:44 PM] tabernacle: the good wife the dad detective
[5:44 PM] drawesome: wow, look at that atmosphere!
[5:44 PM] drawesome: liking the lighting
[5:44 PM] eviljeff: Blade the comic, is it stull published?
[5:44 PM] drawesome: he's coming alive right?
[5:45 PM] loki1001: Occasionally.
[5:45 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:45 PM] drawesome: i cannot deal with crazy moments where dead pieople come alive
[5:45 PM] drawesome: is there one? i'm not looking
[5:45 PM] sll03: Nope.
[5:45 PM] loki1001: Every so often they do a new Blade series.
[5:45 PM] sll03: You can look, Doc.
[5:45 PM] tabernacle: he was good with the dracula arc
[5:46 PM] tabernacle: Soap! Soap with a prize inside!
[5:46 PM] sll03: Maybe now you should look away, though, just to be safe.
[5:46 PM] drawesome: minimised window
[5:46 PM] drawesome: yea
[5:46 PM] drawesome: i figured
[5:46 PM] drawesome: why am i unable to watch horror films and the ilk guys?
[5:46 PM] drawesome: i mean i don't have heart problems THAT serious
[5:47 PM] drawesome: ha i actually caught that!
[5:47 PM] drawesome: without sound.
[5:47 PM] sll03: Yeah, it's a good thing you minimized.
[5:47 PM] drawesome: this is hilarious
[5:47 PM] eviljeff: loooool
[5:47 PM] drawesome: look at his pretty blue eyes!
[5:47 PM] tabernacle: it's good he landed in an ambulance
[5:47 PM] loki1001: Oh Donnal….
[5:47 PM] drawesome: they outta their damn minds?
[5:48 PM] drawesome: bam
[5:48 PM] drawesome: that oughta break his fall
[5:48 PM] drawesome: is that his mum?
[5:48 PM] drawesome: no, the math doesn't work out
[5:48 PM] loki1001: No, she just looks like his mommy.
[5:48 PM] sll03: So edible.
[5:48 PM] eviljeff: JUST BECAUSE SHE'S BLACK
[5:48 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:48 PM] eviljeff: *racist prover*
[5:48 PM] drawesome: oh yes, i am blatantly racist
[5:48 PM] loki1001: Really? He just threw her out the window?
[5:48 PM] drawesome: hahaha
[5:49 PM] seffina: you're not densensitized like the current generation with their violdent video games and
[5:49 PM] tabernacle: Long Kiss Goodnight
[5:49 PM] drawesome: you guys are like 6 seconds ahead of me at this point.
[5:49 PM] sll03: And she's totally fine!
[5:49 PM] seffina: tinychat cut me off
[5:49 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:49 PM] seffina: before I Britta'd it
[5:49 PM] drawesome: either that or the overseas internets are insufficiently fast
[5:49 PM] tabernacle: twas jack black
[5:49 PM] loki1001: Such dramatic music.
[5:49 PM] tabernacle: No taxes will be paid during this movie.
[5:49 PM] drawesome: i´m liking it
[5:50 PM] eviljeff: hang on guys
[5:50 PM] sll03: That's how you know he's being serious.
[5:50 PM] eviljeff: getting into bed
[5:50 PM] sll03: He wears sunglasses. You can't see his eyes.
[5:50 PM] drawesome: why does a stache like that look porny on non black guys… i want one.
[5:50 PM] loki1001: I wear my sunglasses at night
[5:50 PM] drawesome: at the red door
[5:50 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:50 PM] tabernacle: i pop my collar
[5:50 PM] sll03: How Hipster-ish!
[5:50 PM] drawesome: L street
[5:50 PM] drawesome: typical Welsh nonsense!
[5:51 PM] tabernacle: laplanders, amirite?
[5:51 PM] drawesome: basically Fins.
[5:51 PM] tabernacle: lol
[5:51 PM] sll03: Dp you add a drop of warm water to your scotch, Loki?
[5:51 PM] drawesome: no, he uses Whiskey Disks
[5:51 PM] guest-69208 entered the room.
[5:51 PM] automatic_taglines left the room.
[5:51 PM] loki1001: I'm classy as fuck like that.
[5:51 PM] tabernacle: Whistler's mom!
[5:51 PM] drawesome: where do i know this guy from
[5:51 PM] guest-69208 changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[5:51 PM] seffina: WALL-E was great.  
[5:51 PM] drawesome: hi Autie
[5:51 PM] tabernacle: a star is born
[5:51 PM] tabernacle: WALL-E!
[5:52 PM] drawesome: ah i remember the entire plot
[5:52 PM] drawesome: it´s only been like two or three years since i saw this people.
[5:52 PM] loki1001: Should we add WALL-E to the list?
[5:52 PM] sll03: Done.
[5:52 PM] drawesome: ive also seen the sequels i think
[5:52 PM] automatic_taglines: I got super kicked off
[5:52 PM] tabernacle: i do love that movie
[5:52 PM] seffina: is it really live bloggable?
[5:52 PM] drawesome: neh
[5:52 PM] drawesome: i like wall/e but not for liveblogging purposes.
[5:52 PM] sll03: But, but… it's WALL-E!
[5:52 PM] sll03: I love that little guy.
[5:52 PM] loki1001: Let's sit around a conference table oh so seriously.
[5:52 PM] drawesome: put on something nice and meat me after lunch, sll03, and we can figure it out
[5:53 PM] sll03: *turns red… again*
[5:53 PM] tabernacle: Lotta Stallone and Arnie movies still to be covered
[5:53 PM] sll03: Auto, what happened?
[5:53 PM] tabernacle: udo!
[5:53 PM] loki1001: Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooo Stephen Dorff.
[5:53 PM] drawesome: Rocky and Rambo are both great
[5:53 PM] drawesome: for liveblogging
[5:53 PM] drawesome: and all around
[5:53 PM] tabernacle: aye
[5:54 PM] drawesome: is he speaking Krogg=
[5:54 PM] drawesome: or what´s the startrek language called
[5:54 PM] drawesome: Krimorr
[5:54 PM] loki1001: Klingon.
[5:54 PM] drawesome: yea
[5:54 PM] drawesome: i like this guy´s three pronged beard
[5:54 PM] automatic_taglines: I using a hotspot and my dad receives all kinds of phone calls
[5:54 PM] sll03: Aww, that sucks.
[5:54 PM] drawesome: ah
[5:54 PM] tabernacle: ah
[5:54 PM] seffina: why hello frost
[5:54 PM] drawesome: his lady friends=
[5:54 PM] sll03: Are you good now, though, Auto?
[5:54 PM] drawesome: ah fuck my quesiton mark ain´t working right
[5:55 PM] drawesome: ah i'm good
[5:55 PM] automatic_taglines: Yeah, I hope so.
[5:55 PM] drawesome: hey, we're the same colour now, auto
[5:55 PM] sll03: All this pure blood talk is giving me serious Harry Potter flashbacks.
[5:55 PM] tabernacle: heh
[5:55 PM] seffina: they're just benders
[5:55 PM] loki1001: It's just like Harry Potter… if Harry Potter was a huge black man with a sword.
[5:55 PM] drawesome: ozzer bizniz?
[5:55 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[5:55 PM] sll03: So practically identical, really.
[5:56 PM] drawesome: that's going on the fridge
[5:56 PM] drawesome: is that blade's brother?
[5:56 PM] sll03: Brother, or Brotha?
[5:56 PM] loki1001: Everyone in this film has crazy '90s har.
[5:56 PM] seffina: can't we share the world?
[5:56 PM] tabernacle: no bloodbending allowed!
[5:56 PM] loki1001: hair.
[5:56 PM] seffina: imagine…
[5:56 PM] automatic_taglines: Leather jacket emo, Frost, I think, hair is horrible
[5:56 PM] drawesome: are we on the same page here?
[5:56 PM] eviljeff: I'm back
[5:56 PM] tabernacle: Vee are not so different, you an I. Join me!
[5:56 PM] seffina: I had bangs in the 90s
[5:56 PM] drawesome: he's dealing some sort of heroin right now
[5:56 PM] tabernacle: oh man
[5:57 PM] loki1001: I have long hair at the moment.
[5:57 PM] drawesome: bed
[5:57 PM] drawesome: really?
[5:57 PM] automatic_taglines: Wilkommen! EJ
[5:57 PM] drawesome: comb your hair, you look Greek!
[5:57 PM] sll03: How long, Loki?
[5:57 PM] loki1001: Shoulder length.
[5:57 PM] tabernacle: nice
[5:57 PM] drawesome: how long is everyone's hair?
[5:57 PM] seffina: I've a tiny forehead… like two of mine could fit in on winger's fivehead
[5:57 PM] drawesome: eww
[5:57 PM] seffina: so bangs were a mistake
[5:57 PM] tabernacle: heehee
[5:57 PM] drawesome: what are you, mongolian?
[5:58 PM] seffina: no……. Nepali, though
[5:58 PM] automatic_taglines: Same with my seffi.  I  have a tiny forehead like shirley.
[5:58 PM] drawesome: i knew it!
[5:58 PM] sll03: I'm sure youer hair looks as cute as your voice sounds, seffina.
[5:58 PM] drawesome: my racism pays off
[5:58 PM] loki1001: I like how they just leave her to walk around the room with all the weapons.
[5:58 PM] sll03: your*
[5:58 PM] tabernacle: cool
[5:58 PM] drawesome: like cartman's trapper keeper!!!
[5:59 PM] seffina: Trust her, loki, she's a doctor
[5:59 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[5:59 PM] drawesome: who is?
[5:59 PM] automatic_taglines: I am not Napili, though
[5:59 PM] drawesome: i knew that
[5:59 PM] drawesome: shows your picture at the music site
[5:59 PM] drawesome: same for jackie boy
[5:59 PM] automatic_taglines: *Nepali
[5:59 PM] seffina: I'm technically half Irish.
[5:59 PM] drawesome: that's pretty hot!
[5:59 PM] seffina: but physically I don't look very Irish
[6:00 PM] drawesome: ok thats not even recognisable as a troy quote now
[6:00 PM] seffina: (read not at all)
[6:00 PM] drawesome: whats an "irish look" then?
[6:00 PM] drawesome: my irish teacher is ugly as sin, that what you mean?
[6:00 PM] drawesome: abe whistle!
[6:00 PM] guest-69040 left the room.
[6:00 PM] automatic_taglines: Seffm I'm Czech, Norwegian, Poarch Creek Indian, Irish, French and German.
[6:00 PM] seffina: mouthguards
[6:00 PM] seffina: am I right?
[6:00 PM] tabernacle: hahahaha
[6:00 PM] drawesome: I'm Dutch, Hungarian and Jewish
[6:01 PM] drawesome: what's it like to be part of a non-white minority though?
[6:01 PM] seffina: cool @autotags
[6:01 PM] sll03: Heh.
[6:01 PM] drawesome: blade's swagger has swagger
[6:01 PM] loki1001: Blade speaks so dramatically.
[6:01 PM] sll03: You're so big.
[6:01 PM] drawesome: thanks!
[6:02 PM] drawesome: i like his coat, by the way
[6:02 PM] loki1001: I think Whistler was talking about Blade's penis.
[6:02 PM] automatic_taglines: By Czech, I mean bohemian gypsy and  by Irish, I mean Irish Traveller.
[6:02 PM] tabernacle: as one does
[6:02 PM] tabernacle: Brad Pitt would have a field day
[6:02 PM] drawesome: ah, the travellers are a menace, i hear, is that right jack?
[6:02 PM] loki1001: but not as much of a menace as the vampires.
[6:02 PM] seffina: so big
[6:02 PM] drawesome: and they're not getting any leeway!
[6:02 PM] loki1001: THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!
[6:03 PM] drawesome: wiat there are no vamps in this shot
[6:03 PM] drawesome: where you guys at?
[6:03 PM] drawesome: also: where the white women at?
[6:03 PM] loki1001: I'm at 29:30.
[6:03 PM] sll03: He's suggesting she off herself.
[6:03 PM] seffina: 29:30
[6:03 PM] drawesome: 29:19 fuck
[6:03 PM] tabernacle: =
[6:03 PM] drawesome: i'm skipping ahead a teens ybit then
[6:03 PM] loki1001: That guy walks weird.
[6:03 PM] automatic_taglines: 29:35 now
[6:03 PM] drawesome: oh fuck
[6:03 PM] drawesome: you guys
[6:03 PM] drawesome: you're killing me.
[6:03 PM] guest-69418 entered the room.
[6:04 PM] drawesome: 39:05
[6:04 PM] drawesome: 20:05
[6:04 PM] drawesome: 30:10 now
[6:04 PM] automatic_taglines: That us accurate.
[6:04 PM] tabernacle: Stephen Dorff is poor man's ___
[6:04 PM] seffina: doesn't he look a bit llike Sheldon?
[6:04 PM] tabernacle: but hose?
[6:04 PM] seffina: @loki
[6:04 PM] drawesome: yea, sheldon's lost dad
[6:04 PM] seffina: or am I projecting
[6:04 PM] drawesome: bitch. slap,.
[6:04 PM] loki1001: He has Beiber bangs!
[6:04 PM] drawesome: 30:55
[6:04 PM] sll03: Ouch,
[6:04 PM] tabernacle: ouch
[6:04 PM] drawesome: no fang
[6:04 PM] guest-69418 changed nickname to unguyericnamedregistered
[6:05 PM] seffina: UGENE!
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: could it be?
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: is it he?
[6:05 PM] drawesome: calling it, sheldon's father
[6:05 PM] sll03: Hey there!
[6:05 PM] seffina: It's a unicorn!
[6:05 PM] drawesome: what?
[6:05 PM] seffina: I must have his blood
[6:05 PM] drawesome: you guys i am not seeing the same thing you are
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:05 PM] drawesome: 31:35?
[6:05 PM] seffina: send our virgins to get it
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: it smells so sweet
[6:05 PM] loki1001: 31:50.
[6:05 PM] drawesome: auto…
[6:05 PM] sll03: Tabernacle, did you just make a Beauty and the Beast reference?
[6:05 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: what's up guys?
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: i did!
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: yay!
[6:05 PM] sll03: You. Are. Awesome.
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: ty!
[6:05 PM] automatic_taglines: no.
[6:05 PM] tabernacle: blush
[6:05 PM] sll03: I cannot stress this enough.
[6:05 PM] sll03: lol
[6:06 PM] tabernacle: (sacre bleu)
[6:06 PM] sll03: INVADERS!
[6:06 PM] seffina: this music…
[6:06 PM] drawesome: cant i get any of that charm coming my way?
[6:06 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[6:06 PM] drawesome: as shirley said
[6:06 PM] drawesome: botched the quote
[6:06 PM] tabernacle: hi eric!
[6:06 PM] loki1001: Vampire tattoos…
[6:06 PM] automatic_taglines: Frost looks cross-eyed
[6:06 PM] drawesome: craab peope
[6:06 PM] drawesome: craab people
[6:06 PM] sll03: I love you, too, Doc.
[6:06 PM] eviljeff: okay I'm going to leave now because I'm really tired and I feel sick
[6:06 PM] drawesome: thanks.
[6:06 PM] loki1001: Bye EJ!
[6:06 PM] drawesome: whats wrong jack?
[6:06 PM] seffina: you should sleep
[6:06 PM] tabernacle: fell beter evil jeff
[6:06 PM] seffina: EJ
[6:06 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Evil weighs on a man, Jeff…
[6:06 PM] eviljeff: stephers you take over logging the blogging
[6:06 PM] seffina: you've been not sleeping much
[6:06 PM] tabernacle: feel better
[6:06 PM] sll03: That sucks.
[6:06 PM] drawesome: no sleep
[6:07 PM] drawesome: as wiz khalifa sang
[6:07 PM] sll03: Feel better EJ!
[6:07 PM] automatic_taglines: Bye Evil Jeff
[6:07 PM] seffina: feel better
[6:07 PM] drawesome: feel better though.
[6:07 PM] seffina: I'll save this one
[6:07 PM] eviljeff: goood byyyyeeeeeee
[6:07 PM] eviljeff left the room.
[6:07 PM] drawesome: see ya jack
[6:07 PM] drawesome: am i the leader now? jeff is gone
[6:07 PM] tabernacle: Have you seen this movie before, UGNE?
[6:07 PM] automatic_taglines: no.
[6:07 PM] drawesome: ….
[6:07 PM] sll03: lol
[6:07 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: no. I'm just kind of stowaway-ing.
[6:07 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:08 PM] tabernacle: so glad you're here
[6:08 PM] drawesome: are vamps going to break in?
[6:08 PM] sll03: That's cool, UGENE.
[6:08 PM] drawesome: i have abad feel
[6:08 PM] seffina: how you livin, Ugene?
[6:08 PM] drawesome: who's ugene?
[6:08 PM] automatic_taglines: pew
[6:08 PM] tabernacle: pew pew
[6:08 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Large, Seffina. Large and on the edge.
[6:08 PM] tabernacle: calling it: this guy is a familiar
[6:08 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[6:08 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: But not in any way literally
[6:08 PM] drawesome: stop talking about my penis and tell me who eugene is
[6:08 PM] sll03: Yup, saw that coming.
[6:09 PM] seffina: Fat Eugene's an unregistered guy
[6:09 PM] seffina: whose name might be Eric
[6:09 PM] loki1001: Nobody!
[6:09 PM] drawesome: it's the vodka talking, sll03, please don't think badly of me
[6:09 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I have a large liver
[6:09 PM] tabernacle: or… just eugene
[6:09 PM] drawesome: my liver is probably quite sizeable
[6:09 PM] tabernacle: all good livers have bad ones
[6:09 PM] loki1001: Blade's a little bit of a badass.
[6:09 PM] drawesome: get over it, girlfriend!
[6:09 PM] tabernacle: tinsy bit
[6:09 PM] sll03: UGENE is Unregistered Guy Named Eric, Doc.
[6:09 PM] drawesome: i feel dumb now
[6:09 PM] sll03: And I do hope your liver is good.
[6:10 PM] drawesome: thanks sweeti
[6:10 PM] drawesome: sweetie
[6:10 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: It is. But my pancreas is downright spectacular.
[6:10 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[6:10 PM] sll03: Very welcome!
[6:10 PM] automatic_taglines: works either way.
[6:10 PM] tabernacle: My kidneys are fabulous!
[6:10 PM] sll03: Yay for the pancreas!
[6:10 PM] sll03: Yay for kidneys!
[6:10 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:10 PM] drawesome: are you leaving out my liver sll03? i feel neglected
[6:11 PM] tabernacle: what's an appendix?
[6:11 PM] sll03: Yay for liver!
[6:11 PM] seffina: I'm going to go get a glass of wine… can anyone tell me when an unnecessary part is
[6:11 PM] seffina: coming
[6:11 PM] seffina: March of Dimes
[6:11 PM] tabernacle: we can pause
[6:11 PM] drawesome: there is another world!
[6:11 PM] drawesome: i can pause
[6:11 PM] sll03: And may the record show that I do not own any of those "yays".
[6:11 PM] loki1001: You're useless.
[6:11 PM] drawesome: i'm down with that
[6:11 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Seffina, the appendix is the unecessary part
[6:11 PM] tabernacle: paused
[6:11 PM] drawesome: ive gotta go grab another vodka anyway, the bottle's downstiars
[6:11 PM] tabernacle: at there is no cure
[6:11 PM] sll03: There is no cure.
[6:11 PM] tabernacle: kk
[6:11 PM] sll03: SO serious!
[6:11 PM] tabernacle: hah
[6:11 PM] drawesome: Why… so… serious?
[6:12 PM] sll03: Are we pausing, 'nac?
[6:12 PM] tabernacle: aye
[6:12 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: So….Wesely Snipes killin' vamps?
[6:12 PM] drawesome: Yes we are.
[6:12 PM] sll03: He be kiling, yo.
[6:12 PM] tabernacle: not michael sheen though
[6:12 PM] sll03: killing*
[6:12 PM] drawesome: And I'm liking the way you're properly capitalising, sll03.
[6:12 PM] automatic_taglines: ha
[6:12 PM] sll03: It's habit.
[6:12 PM] drawesome: A shining beacon.
[6:12 PM] tabernacle: Loved that joked about naming kids Underworld
[6:12 PM] sll03: *turns red for the THIRD TIMIE*
[6:12 PM] sll03: tiime*
[6:12 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:12 PM] sll03: TIME*
[6:12 PM] drawesome: Oh I'm really sensing a connection here.
[6:13 PM] sll03: *and now a fourth*
[6:13 PM] drawesome: May I inquire as to how you are living?
[6:13 PM] loki1001: So many vampires.
[6:13 PM] drawesome: Hey, we paused didn't we?
[6:13 PM] sll03: Loki, did you pause?
[6:13 PM] tabernacle: aye
[6:13 PM] drawesome: Stop talking about non existant vampires.
[6:13 PM] loki1001: No, I missed that.
[6:13 PM] drawesome: Back to how sll03 was living.
[6:13 PM] sll03: We have all paused.
[6:13 PM] drawesome: We all farted.
[6:13 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Thx Nac. *mutual appreciation*
[6:13 PM] automatic_taglines: I pause
[6:13 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:13 PM] drawesome: I far-ted
[6:13 PM] tabernacle: salute?
[6:13 PM] loki1001: Okay, I am paused, but I'll have to resynch.
[6:14 PM] sll03: I'm at 38:00 exactly.
[6:14 PM] drawesome: I'm at 37:42, how about the resT?
[6:14 PM] tabernacle: is there a military rank called appreciation??
[6:14 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Hey it *bolded* automatically. That's pretty cool.
[6:14 PM] automatic_taglines: Where did we pause?
[6:14 PM] drawesome: Let's sync our clocks at 38 sharp.
[6:14 PM] drawesome: 28
[6:14 PM] drawesome: 38!
[6:14 PM] tabernacle: 38:00
[6:14 PM] guest-69622 entered the room.
[6:14 PM] sll03: I don't know if there is a rank called appreciation.
[6:14 PM] automatic_taglines: 39:30
[6:14 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:14 PM] sll03: But that would be a major shock if there was.
[6:14 PM] drawesome: Nah, let's all go back to 38:00 for uniformity's sake.
[6:14 PM] loki1001: 38:00
[6:14 PM] sll03: Major Shock *salute*
[6:15 PM] tabernacle: salute!
[6:15 PM] guest-69622 left the room.
[6:15 PM] thefunjustneverends left the room.
[6:15 PM] drawesome: Vampiri te salutant.
[6:15 PM] loki1001: Major Shock *Salute*
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: test…
[6:16 PM] sll03: 1-2-3
[6:16 PM] drawesome: How do you bold things? I'm going to ask sll03. I want to emphasise my blushing as well
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: ty
[6:16 PM] sll03: * text *
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: ha
[6:16 PM] sll03: *  text  *
[6:16 PM] drawesome: that… isn't helpi
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: *bold*
[6:16 PM] sll03: what the heck.
[6:16 PM] drawesome: TEXT?
[6:16 PM] drawesome: BOLD TEXT.
[6:16 PM] drawesome: CALL… MOTHER.
[6:16 PM] loki1001: * text *
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: just *bold*
[6:16 PM] sll03: You need to use the stars
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:16 PM] loki1001: (star) text (star)
[6:16 PM] tabernacle: pray
[6:16 PM] sll03: But it was bolding it even though I put in spaces.
[6:16 PM] drawesome: I minimised this window into oblivion.
[6:17 PM] drawesome: I can hardly see the text here, people, I told you guys this is a 17" screen.
[6:17 PM] tabernacle: (TWSS)
[6:17 PM] drawesome: <b>bold</i>
[6:17 PM] sll03: lol
[6:17 PM] tabernacle: haha
[6:17 PM] drawesome: That didn't even make sense.
[6:17 PM] sll03: *      text          *
[6:17 PM] tabernacle: use the force
[6:17 PM] drawesome: Stop judging me!
[6:17 PM] loki1001: *
[6:17 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: that doesn't even make allergic sense
[6:17 PM] loki1001: text
[6:17 PM] loki1001: *
[6:17 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[6:17 PM] automatic_taglines: Tell when everyone is at 39:16 my play won't let me seek for some reason.
[6:17 PM] sll03: Yeah, what Loki said, lol.
[6:17 PM] drawesome: *hi*
[6:18 PM] tabernacle: kk tags
[6:18 PM] drawesome: Stop lol'ing people.
[6:18 PM] drawesome: Sll03, I thought you were better than mockery.
[6:18 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol
[6:18 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[6:18 PM] drawesome: Do I have to mention our connection again!?
[6:18 PM] sll03: Hee, nicely played UGENE.
[6:18 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Sl0l3?
[6:18 PM] sll03: And Tabernacle!
[6:18 PM] automatic_taglines: Thx NAC
[6:18 PM] drawesome: Just change your name to UGENE altoghter.
[6:18 PM] tabernacle: you bet
[6:18 PM] drawesome: Let's keep this mother paused for a bit longer.
[6:18 PM] tabernacle: TWSS
[6:19 PM] sll03: Where did seffina go?
[6:19 PM] tabernacle: wine
[6:19 PM] drawesome: To get wine.
[6:19 PM] tabernacle: comparative
[6:19 PM] seffina: I brougth the whole bottle.  
[6:19 PM] tabernacle: yay!
[6:19 PM] sll03: Hey there!
[6:19 PM] drawesome: Should I get more vodka?
[6:19 PM] seffina: I'm ready!
[6:19 PM] drawesome: I don't have the bottle here.
[6:19 PM] seffina: sorry
[6:19 PM] drawesome: The coke should be somewhere around here…
[6:19 PM] sll03: No worries: wine is important.
[6:19 PM] seffina: I couldn't decide
[6:19 PM] drawesome: It is.
[6:19 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I don't have liquor or the movie….but I am a unicorn vampire
[6:19 PM] loki1001: Seffi is basically one of the characters from Cougar Town.
[6:19 PM] drawesome: Aren't you underage sll03?
[6:19 PM] drawesome: In that backwards country of yours, at least
[6:19 PM] sll03: I'm not.
[6:20 PM] sll03: And HEY!
[6:20 PM] sll03: Canada is NOT backwards!
[6:20 PM] drawesome: Not the US?
[6:20 PM] drawesome: Ah, what's the drinking age in America's Hat?
[6:20 PM] sll03: Nope. I'm Canadian.
[6:20 PM] drawesome: That's pretty hot!
[6:20 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: In Canada, you're an adult at 9
[6:20 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:20 PM] sll03: It's 19.
[6:20 PM] automatic_taglines: hee
[6:20 PM] drawesome: I hear you slaughter a moose when you become a man or woman.
[6:20 PM] sll03: Nah.
[6:20 PM] drawesome: Or you ride one, either's fine.
[6:20 PM] sll03: It's a beaver.
[6:20 PM] seffina: press play?
[6:20 PM] tabernacle: it's a mitzvah
[6:20 PM] automatic_taglines: Same age, Sll02
[6:20 PM] drawesome: I wouldn't slaughter any Canadian beaver, sll03.
[6:20 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: In Soviet Quebec, moose slaughters you
[6:20 PM] automatic_taglines: 803
[6:21 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:21 PM] drawesome: I would be very gentle with Canadian beaver
[6:21 PM] sll03: Oh, I'm 21, but the drinking age is 19.
[6:21 PM] automatic_taglines: *03
[6:21 PM] loki1001: In Canada you're given a shotgun and an axe at 7 and expected to make a go of it.
[6:21 PM] sll03: I've got a couple years on you Auto!
[6:21 PM] tabernacle: you're at 39:16, tags?
[6:21 PM] drawesome: Don't leave out the moose!
[6:21 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Yeah Canada has lower ages for everything, I think
[6:21 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I dunno about voting
[6:21 PM] seffina: @loki, I don't drink that much wine!  I do spend more money on it than I do
[6:21 PM] automatic_taglines: yes.
[6:21 PM] drawesome: No, we are at 38:00
[6:21 PM] tabernacle: kk
[6:21 PM] seffina: on anything else…
[6:21 PM] sll03: Voting is 18, just like the US.
[6:21 PM] drawesome: Ah
[6:21 PM] drawesome: What about cannabis?
[6:21 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol @ loki
[6:21 PM] automatic_taglines: I'm the youngest now, aren't I?
[6:21 PM] drawesome: Yes, you probably are.
[6:21 PM] drawesome: Jack's gone now.
[6:21 PM] sll03: Yup.
[6:22 PM] sll03: You're the youngster!
[6:22 PM] drawesome: I'm actually 20 but that's ok sll03, I'm all about older women
[6:22 PM] loki1001: Jack Donaghy?
[6:22 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Is Jack Jeff?
[6:22 PM] loki1001: He's still going to be on one more season.
[6:22 PM] tabernacle: y
[6:22 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: or somethi
[6:22 PM] drawesome: Yes.
[6:22 PM] automatic_taglines: yess
[6:22 PM] seffina: am I the oldest?
[6:22 PM] automatic_taglines: too many s's
[6:22 PM] tabernacle: n
[6:22 PM] loki1001: I'm 28.
[6:22 PM] drawesome: Also we are at 38:00, let's get that straight
[6:22 PM] seffina: I'm 29
[6:22 PM] loki1001: Yes, I'm at 38.
[6:22 PM] drawesome: Everyone get back to 38 minutes in, no exceptions allowed.
[6:22 PM] tabernacle: 36
[6:22 PM] automatic_taglines: Dr I can't seek
[6:22 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I'm a vampire unicorn, I'm 322
[6:23 PM] drawesome: Doctooor… I've got this feeling, deep in side of me..
[6:23 PM] drawesome: dum dum dum dum dum dum dum
[6:23 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:23 PM] drawesome: Dr Beat
[6:23 PM] seffina: I look 15 and sound 12.. so it's hard to act my age
[6:23 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:23 PM] drawesome: I occassionaly sound 48
[6:23 PM] drawesome: In the morning
[6:23 PM] seffina: lol
[6:23 PM] sll03: Seffina, seriously, your voice is adorable.
[6:23 PM] tabernacle: truth
[6:24 PM] drawesome: Did she do a Radiobed song, sll03?
[6:24 PM] drawesome: I musta missed that one.
[6:24 PM] loki1001: I wish I looked 15 still.
[6:24 PM] sll03: Nope, it was a dare to repeat a movie quote.
[6:24 PM] loki1001: I remember when I was thin…
[6:24 PM] drawesome: Ah
[6:24 PM] automatic_taglines: I look like a young 35. Sound 14.
[6:24 PM] drawesome: I keep getting left out of things!
[6:24 PM] sll03: Loki, I bet you are very dapper!
[6:24 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:24 PM] drawesome: Doesn't dapper refer to style?
[6:25 PM] sll03: Dapper is a way of life.
[6:25 PM] sll03: And Loki is dapper.
[6:25 PM] seffina: thank you for the voice compliments… my mock trial teacher used to say I sounded like I
[6:25 PM] drawesome: His dapper has a swagger of its own.
[6:25 PM] seffina: smoked 20 packs a day
[6:25 PM] drawesome: Hahaha
[6:25 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[6:25 PM] drawesome: Just like the turtle in China!
[6:25 PM] tabernacle: hehe
[6:25 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: F that guy. He can't even teach a real trial.
[6:25 PM] sll03: Hehe!
[6:25 PM] tabernacle: hahahah
[6:25 PM] tabernacle: BURN
[6:25 PM] sll03: I'm with UGENE!
[6:25 PM] guest-69745 entered the room.
[6:25 PM] seffina: heh
[6:25 PM] drawesome: What?
[6:25 PM] automatic_taglines: I was in speech class from K-5th grade
[6:25 PM] guest-69745 changed nickname to semibored_torontonian
[6:25 PM] drawesome: You're with Ugene?
[6:25 PM] seffina: ooh fresh meat
[6:25 PM] sll03: 'Sup SBT!?
[6:25 PM] drawesome: Excuse me while I stab my hand with a fork.
[6:25 PM] semibored_torontonian: hey wazzup?
[6:25 PM] tabernacle: SBT!
[6:25 PM] seffina: let's give her a blood bath
[6:26 PM] semibored_torontonian: just chacking in.
[6:26 PM] drawesome: Hey! it's SBT
[6:26 PM] tabernacle: heee
[6:26 PM] seffina: or some wine
[6:26 PM] drawesome: 38 minutes in, SBT
[6:26 PM] semibored_torontonian: are you all behaving nicely?
[6:26 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Hey, semibored
[6:26 PM] seffina: whatever you prefer SBT
[6:26 PM] loki1001: We're all drunk and rowdy SBT.
[6:26 PM] automatic_taglines: Now, I sound like somene who takes French for fun and to look cool.
[6:26 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:26 PM] sll03: I said it once and I'll say it again: SBT is a good Dean!
[6:26 PM] semibored_torontonian: Please don't run away with a carnie!
[6:26 PM] tabernacle: indeed!
[6:26 PM] sll03: But not of the pansexual imp variety,
[6:26 PM] drawesome: Who isn't drinking right now?
[6:26 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: All my rowdy friends are here on Tiny Chat
[6:26 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:26 PM] semibored_torontonian: Imma good Dean????!!!???
[6:27 PM] drawesome: If you're not, you're doing something wrong people!!
[6:27 PM] sll03: *group hug*
[6:27 PM] semibored_torontonian: I'm watching Sherlock.
[6:27 PM] tabernacle: group hug
[6:27 PM] tabernacle: nice
[6:27 PM] drawesome: That might get inappropriate, sll03
[6:27 PM] drawesome: Let's keep it at googly eyes
[6:27 PM] sll03: Doc, you are sneaky bugger.
[6:27 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Oh shit, I could be watching Sherlock? =-P
[6:27 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:27 PM] automatic_taglines: we aren't watching blade, are we?
[6:27 PM] semibored_torontonian: Lates!
[6:27 PM] drawesome: No, fuck Blade
[6:27 PM] loki1001: With Benedict Cumberbundtcake?
[6:27 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:27 PM] drawesome: I like that guy
[6:27 PM] sll03: Bye SBT!
[6:27 PM] semibored_torontonian: His very self
[6:27 PM] drawesome: Bye!
[6:27 PM] tabernacle: Sebotoro!
[6:27 PM] semibored_torontonian: cheerio, toodles, and so forth
[6:27 PM] seffina: *group fondles*
[6:27 PM] loki1001: Bye bye.
[6:27 PM] drawesome: I am liking the little colours in this chat window.
[6:28 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:28 PM] drawesome: Why are ya leaving sbt?
[6:28 PM] sll03: Alrighty, let's get on with this, shall we?
[6:28 PM] sll03: Are we all at 38 minutes?
[6:28 PM] tabernacle: aye
[6:28 PM] loki1001: Yes. Let's.
[6:28 PM] loki1001: I am .
[6:28 PM] drawesome: I'm not done group-fondling
[6:28 PM] semibored_torontonian: I'm watching The Reichenbach Falls. Much more exciting
[6:28 PM] drawesome: I agree!
[6:28 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Jokes I saved up for 6 months and never got to use Part 1:
[6:28 PM] drawesome: What do you think?
[6:28 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:28 PM] seffina: I'm ready to get vamp'd
[6:28 PM] automatic_taglines: NOw say when you are a 39:19 I can't seek for some reason.
[6:28 PM] drawesome: I fucking love the episode, and I've been theorising for a month now
[6:28 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Of course SBT doesn't like The Big Bang Theory, she's the opposite of TBS!
[6:28 PM] tabernacle: will do
[6:28 PM] sll03: I am starting in 3-2-1…
[6:28 PM] drawesome: No
[6:29 PM] semibored_torontonian: Not bad so far, looking forward to the rest. Ask me more in an hour or so.
[6:29 PM] drawesome: Yes
[6:29 PM] drawesome: At the board
[6:29 PM] semibored_torontonian left the room.
[6:29 PM] drawesome: Official board?
[6:29 PM] drawesome: Ok we started from 38:00 didn't we?
[6:29 PM] sll03: Will do Auto, we'll let you know.
[6:29 PM] sll03: Yup, 38:00.
[6:29 PM] drawesome: Shut up sll03, that was a private conversation
[6:29 PM] tabernacle: get ready…
[6:29 PM] automatic_taglines: thanks
[6:29 PM] loki1001: Such manaic cinematography.
[6:29 PM] seffina: Annie already learned to pull the trigger
[6:29 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:29 PM] drawesome: Annie can pull my trigger
[6:29 PM] sll03: hee
[6:29 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lolz
[6:29 PM] drawesome: Does that even make sense.
[6:30 PM] tabernacle: almost
[6:30 PM] sll03: Yeah. So I'm just officially all red.
[6:30 PM] loki1001: Go auto!
[6:30 PM] tabernacle: now!
[6:30 PM] sll03: NOW!
[6:30 PM] seffina: lololol
[6:30 PM] drawesome: Wait sll03
[6:30 PM] seffina: at the blade smile
[6:30 PM] tabernacle: you got some stored Sherlock jokes, Eric?
[6:30 PM] automatic_taglines: The sky changes quick
[6:30 PM] drawesome: I do
[6:30 PM] loki1001: Blade… what with the one liners.
[6:30 PM] drawesome: but I'm not comfortable sharing
[6:30 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:31 PM] drawesome: Do any of you have red hair
[6:31 PM] tabernacle: neg
[6:31 PM] drawesome: I'm asking because of… reasons
[6:31 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I *detect* a certain reticence
[6:31 PM] sll03: awkward turtle
[6:31 PM] drawesome: Haha japanese girl from crazy study group
[6:31 PM] loki1001: What the hell is with vampires and terrible music?
[6:31 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:31 PM] seffina: only my nipple hair
[6:31 PM] tabernacle: hahahaha
[6:31 PM] sll03: AHA!
[6:31 PM] automatic_taglines: Heee
[6:31 PM] sll03: Nicely played, seffina.
[6:31 PM] sll03: By the way UGENE, that CBS/SBT joke made me chuckle.
[6:32 PM] automatic_taglines: Dr I have Blue hair,
[6:32 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: thx
[6:32 PM] tabernacle: did i miss it?
[6:32 PM] drawesome: Why can't I be a successful jokester.
[6:32 PM] drawesome: I missed it too
[6:32 PM] seffina: we need to get you back to the right tabline
[6:32 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[6:32 PM] drawesome: You have blue hair? Truly the darkest time line
[6:32 PM] loki1001: That's a crazy tatttoo on the back of Balde's head.
[6:32 PM] drawesome: Seriously though what moves a sane person into dying their hair blue?
[6:32 PM] sll03: That's cuz Blade is crazy!
[6:32 PM] loki1001: I dyed my hair blue.
[6:32 PM] drawesome: Correct spelling would be "cray"
[6:32 PM] drawesome: I'm asking after reasons
[6:33 PM] loki1001: She looks like she just had sex.
[6:33 PM] drawesome: Who does?
[6:33 PM] automatic_taglines: It is more like turquoise
[6:33 PM] sll03: Bow chicka wow wow
[6:33 PM] guest-69835 entered the room.
[6:33 PM] drawesome: Why, auto?
[6:33 PM] loki1001: Black woman whose name I don't remember.
[6:33 PM] tabernacle: lol at the music
[6:33 PM] seffina: *writes down info to use in uture I've never game*
[6:33 PM] drawesome: I like this lair.
[6:33 PM] tabernacle: hahaha
[6:33 PM] guest-69835 left the room.
[6:33 PM] drawesome: Never have I ever… *dyed my hair blue*, that could be one.
[6:33 PM] loki1001: Wait… is this LA?
[6:33 PM] drawesome: I think it might be
[6:34 PM] seffina: I don't see any buses
[6:34 PM] drawesome: Shitty enough town for it
[6:34 PM] sll03: Duckies!
[6:34 PM] tabernacle: isn't it always Prague
[6:34 PM] drawesome: Shhh
[6:34 PM] seffina: btw Jef sould've said Meg Ryan movies
[6:34 PM] loki1001: Why hello Stephan Dorff.
[6:34 PM] seffina: rather than Sandra movies
[6:34 PM] drawesome: Look at that fox
[6:34 PM] seffina: why he be mean to old Annie?
[6:34 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:34 PM] automatic_taglines: I was platinum blond for a while (I have naturally black hair) and was bored, so now it's
[6:34 PM] automatic_taglines: Blue
[6:34 PM] sll03: Agreed. Meg Ryan would've made more sense.
[6:34 PM] drawesome: Black is best
[6:34 PM] automatic_taglines: Also, I'm not sane.
[6:34 PM] drawesome: Please go back to black like Amy winehouse's song
[6:35 PM] loki1001: So it turns out LA is infested with Vampires in addition to being destroyed regularly.
[6:35 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:35 PM] drawesome: Plus it stinks there
[6:35 PM] automatic_taglines: I will when college comes around
[6:35 PM] drawesome: of BLOOD and PUS
[6:35 PM] seffina: I've only been to LA once
[6:35 PM] drawesome: Me too
[6:35 PM] tabernacle: me too
[6:35 PM] sll03: Never been.
[6:35 PM] drawesome: Good on you.
[6:35 PM] sll03: Is it really that bad?
[6:35 PM] drawesome: Holland is pretty cool though, sll03!
[6:35 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Me neither
[6:36 PM] automatic_taglines: I used to live in Boston. I haven't een to the West Coast.
[6:36 PM] drawesome: Lodging's taken care of
[6:36 PM] loki1001: I've never been to Europe or the West Coast.
[6:36 PM] drawesome: HURR HURR BLOOD
[6:36 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Yeah, I've been out of the USA, but never off the East Coast in the country
[6:36 PM] drawesome: Europe is the best, Jerry, the best!
[6:36 PM] loki1001: Isn't he a vampire now.
[6:36 PM] loki1001: ?
[6:36 PM] seffina: where are you, @loki?
[6:36 PM] sll03: No idea.
[6:36 PM] automatic_taglines: I have been out of the US.
[6:36 PM] loki1001: Ohio.
[6:36 PM] drawesome: My sympathies
[6:36 PM] loki1001: I've been to Texas and Washington DC.
[6:37 PM] loki1001: Well that's just gross.
[6:37 PM] seffina: I've been everywhere man
[6:37 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:37 PM] sll03: They're a bit fuzzy on what actually makes someone become a vampire.
[6:37 PM] drawesome: Holland?
[6:37 PM] sll03: That is a very, very, VERY large vampire.
[6:37 PM] tabernacle: jabba the hut
[6:37 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Yes, even the briefest exposure to the Dutch is enough to make one a vampire
[6:37 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[6:37 PM] drawesome: I am pasty, I readily admit
[6:37 PM] drawesome: kind of like Annie
[6:37 PM] tabernacle: van der BIT
[6:37 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol
[6:38 PM] drawesome: ya got BIT!
[6:38 PM] drawesome: YA BIT!
[6:38 PM] automatic_taglines: lol
[6:38 PM] seffina: No, not Holland.  Well, I've been to the airport but that doesn't count
[6:38 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I really like Dennbis Bergkamp and Edgar avids and that is the extent of my knowledge of
[6:38 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Holland
[6:38 PM] drawesome: They're pretty good
[6:38 PM] drawesome: Used to be, anyway
[6:39 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Davids
[6:39 PM] drawesome: you into football Auto?
[6:39 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: yeah
[6:39 PM] drawesome: Oh wait
[6:39 PM] drawesome: UGENE
[6:39 PM] drawesome: I like that
[6:39 PM] seffina: ooh I love 20 Qs
[6:39 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: heh yes I am
[6:39 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:39 PM] drawesome: Who's gonna win the Euro Cup, Ugene?
[6:39 PM] loki1001: I suppose it is harder to kill a grotesquely fat vampire than a thin one.
[6:39 PM] automatic_taglines: Which one?
[6:39 PM] drawesome: Can it, blue-hair.
[6:39 PM] automatic_taglines: Because neither
[6:39 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I was thinking about that today…I'm gonna guess Germany
[6:39 PM] sll03: That did not look like a nice way to die. Poor Pearl.
[6:39 PM] tabernacle: harder to find the heart
[6:39 PM] seffina: (I love games in general as y'all have probably surmised.)  
[6:39 PM] drawesome: Football, not Hand Egg.
[6:39 PM] sll03: Buffy could do it no problem,
[6:39 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Unless it's some crazy Greece/Denmark type underdog
[6:40 PM] drawesome: Fuck Germany.
[6:40 PM] tabernacle: Buffy is the best
[6:40 PM] sll03: BUFFY = EPIC
[6:40 PM] drawesome: I could deal with Spain beating us, they're World Champions, fair enough…
[6:40 PM] tabernacle: For this
[6:40 PM] tabernacle: wait for it
[6:40 PM] tabernacle: she'd be a RINGER
[6:40 PM] drawesome: Ain't no Kraut Eater beating our obys
[6:40 PM] drawesome: boys
[6:40 PM] automatic_taglines: My female cousin was the first woman on her hand egg team in high school
[6:40 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Speaking of general sportiness, seffina, how;s the arm?
[6:40 PM] sll03: BAZING!!
[6:40 PM] loki1001: Remember that one time that Buffy said something witty?
[6:40 PM] drawesome: except 1974
[6:40 PM] tabernacle: =)
[6:40 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Ha
[6:40 PM] sll03: Heh, Loki.
[6:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I can't see Spain winning *another* tourney
[6:41 PM] seffina: the arm's fine.. the ankle's still coming along.  I'm going to try driving this week
[6:41 PM] loki1001: Ha! She got punched in the face.
[6:41 PM] drawesome: Spain's got talent
[6:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: good to hear, s
[6:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: ef
[6:41 PM] tabernacle: good to hear
[6:41 PM] sll03: Glad to hear it, seffina.
[6:41 PM] seffina: if by talent you mean… PEDs
[6:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: also good to hear that a woman got punched in the face
[6:41 PM] tabernacle: aces in no time
[6:41 PM] drawesome: Holland's gonna win
[6:41 PM] drawesome: Why wouldn't we, Ugene?
[6:41 PM] loki1001: That had to heart.
[6:41 PM] drawesome: Gimme one good reason.
[6:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: they do have crazy talent right now, dr.
[6:42 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: cause hollnand never wins freakin anything, man
[6:42 PM] drawesome: Did you see us att the 2008 world cup
[6:42 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Yeah
[6:42 PM] drawesome: wait, that would be Euro cup.
[6:42 PM] seffina: Thanks for asking everyone!
[6:42 PM] drawesome: No… 2006 World Cup.
[6:42 PM] drawesome: We beat Brazil like nobody's business!
[6:42 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: No you misswed the 06 world cup
[6:42 PM] drawesome: Plus Italy, who were at the top of their game, then
[6:43 PM] drawesome: Long story short, Holland's gonna win this year
[6:43 PM] automatic_taglines: This convo is lost on me.
[6:43 PM] drawesome: I'll hear no more about it.
[6:43 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: or wait that was 02
[6:43 PM] drawesome: Can it, Boobs.
[6:43 PM] loki1001: Michael Bay presents…
[6:43 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol
[6:43 PM] drawesome: No… 2006
[6:43 PM] loki1001: EXPLOSIONS!
[6:43 PM] sll03: KABLOOEY!
[6:43 PM] tabernacle: this is godfather part iii
[6:43 PM] drawesome: Did you hear the audible punch noise?
[6:43 PM] sll03: Heh, that was actually kind of a good line.
[6:43 PM] drawesome: Which one?
[6:43 PM] automatic_taglines: Boom  Boom
[6:44 PM] sll03: "Catch you f***ers at a bad time?"
[6:44 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:44 PM] drawesome: Come on, don't tell me you're PC like that.
[6:44 PM] loki1001: EXPLOSIONS!
[6:44 PM] drawesome: This is a drunkish chat box.
[6:44 PM] sll03: KABLOOEY (part 2)!!!
[6:44 PM] drawesome: I thought you were cray, sll03!!
[6:44 PM] tabernacle: the revenge
[6:44 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: this time it's person…*boom*
[6:44 PM] loki1001: Staring Emily Throne.
[6:44 PM] loki1001: Err… Thorne.
[6:44 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[6:44 PM] sll03: Doc, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm kinda timid.
[6:44 PM] tabernacle: I'm into trains now
[6:44 PM] tabernacle: geddit?
[6:44 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Hey yeah remember *Revenge*?
[6:45 PM] drawesome: Really sll03?
[6:45 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Game of Thornes
[6:45 PM] sll03: REVEEEEEEEEEENGE!!!!
[6:45 PM] tabernacle: REVENGE!!!
[6:45 PM] sll03: When is REVEEEEEEEEEEEENGE!!!! coming back?
[6:45 PM] drawesome: Was it any good?
[6:45 PM] loki1001: I love REVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGE!
[6:45 PM] sll03: So good!
[6:45 PM] tabernacle: ::shakes fist at sky::
[6:45 PM] drawesome: I like shouting REVENGE, but I havne't seen it
[6:45 PM] sll03: I miss it.
[6:45 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: UGEEEEEENE!
[6:45 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[6:45 PM] drawesome: Please tell me what's good about it sll03
[6:45 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: This coming Wednesday, I believe
[6:45 PM] seffina: REEVEEEEEEEENGE is coming
[6:45 PM] sll03: It's just soapy fun.
[6:45 PM] loki1001: Bitch! You can't outrun a train?
[6:45 PM] drawesome: Also please use suggestive words
[6:46 PM] drawesome: Soapy? That's doing it for me.
[6:46 PM] seffina: this movie's kind of…
[6:46 PM] loki1001: Did she not see Speed?
[6:46 PM] tabernacle: Dude: "timid"
[6:46 PM] drawesome: What rhymes with timid?
[6:46 PM] sll03: Obviously she doesn't have cool live-blogging parties like we do, Loki.
[6:46 PM] seffina: why would they make a second one
[6:46 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:46 PM] drawesome: Rambo: First Blood Part Two
[6:46 PM] loki1001: Stupid vampires wouldn't have cool liveblogging parties.
[6:47 PM] seffina: or listen to 90s boybands
[6:47 PM] seffina: like they should
[6:47 PM] tabernacle: while REVENGING!!
[6:47 PM] sll03: Psht.
[6:47 PM] sll03: Stupid vampires.
[6:47 PM] drawesome: They're explaining the PLOT
[6:47 PM] drawesome: Can it, Boobs
[6:47 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:47 PM] seffina: y'all should liveblog REEEEEVEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEE
[6:47 PM] sll03: Major plot information!
[6:47 PM] tabernacle: salute!
[6:47 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Unless they're kinda like the vampires on South Park
[6:47 PM] drawesome: Shhh Boobs
[6:47 PM] seffina: *salute*
[6:47 PM] sll03: Major Plot Information *alute*
[6:47 PM] loki1001: Major Plot Information *Salute*
[6:47 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Are you guys speaking French now?
[6:47 PM] drawesome: Come on sll03's Boobs, silence.
[6:48 PM] tabernacle: ba oui bien sure
[6:48 PM] seffina: they bond through mutual dislocated shoulders
[6:48 PM] seffina: it's sweet
[6:48 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:48 PM] drawesome: This chat sound is killing me
[6:48 PM] loki1001: Oh, the exposition fairy.
[6:48 PM] drawesome: can I disable it?
[6:48 PM] seffina: yes
[6:48 PM] sll03: Unclick the "sounds" box.
[6:48 PM] loki1001: Yeah, unclick the box next to "Sounds"
[6:48 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Dislocated? It's next to his neck (I am Pierce, apparently)
[6:48 PM] drawesome: Thanks sll03's Boobs
[6:48 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:49 PM] automatic_taglines: my copy of blade is messing up. I going to head out. :(
[6:49 PM] sll03: Auto!
[6:49 PM] tabernacle: aw man
[6:49 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: that sux
[6:49 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: My copy doesn't even exist,. You can stay and hang.
[6:49 PM] tabernacle: aye!
[6:49 PM] sll03: Would you like the stream link?
[6:49 PM] sll03: Or yeah, just hang out!
[6:49 PM] automatic_taglines: I could talk w/o watching.
[6:49 PM] tabernacle: i'm kinda mostly just listening to it!
[6:50 PM] seffina: I'm mostly drinking
[6:50 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:50 PM] automatic_taglines: The movie isn't very good .
[6:50 PM] sll03: They're having a moment right now. Look at the emotion on Blade's face.
[6:50 PM] tabernacle: i'm not fallin g for that
[6:50 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I imagine the cast/crew was mostly just drinking, t
[6:50 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: oo
[6:50 PM] tabernacle: BLOOD!
[6:50 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: (another Pierce joke)
[6:50 PM] seffina: where's loki?
[6:50 PM] loki1001: I'm here.
[6:50 PM] tabernacle: Ton Lok
[6:50 PM] drawesome: I'm just listening, too
[6:50 PM] tabernacle: cool
[6:51 PM] sll03: Cool, cool, cool.
[6:51 PM] tabernacle: pew pew
[6:51 PM] automatic_taglines: I'm the only one allowed to make Pierce joke, as my name is Pierce.
[6:51 PM] drawesome: PUT YOUR TONGUE IN HER EAR!
[6:51 PM] tabernacle: the Fierce!
[6:51 PM] loki1001: Oh Stephen Dorff, getting it on.
[6:51 PM] tabernacle: he's such a dweeb
[6:51 PM] sll03: What is she putting on his face?
[6:51 PM] automatic_taglines: No one want to see that.
[6:51 PM] drawesome: I'll tell you
[6:52 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: brb
[6:52 PM] tabernacle: kk
[6:52 PM] sll03: Roger that, UGENE.
[6:52 PM] tabernacle: is he shooting for early christian slater?
[6:52 PM] loki1001: His bangs are so crazy.
[6:52 PM] tabernacle: Gleaming the Cube!
[6:52 PM] seffina: bring back some Let's
[6:52 PM] automatic_taglines: Sll03 I wouldn't mind the stream link just to listen to it,
[6:52 PM] seffina: Ugene
[6:52 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:52 PM] sll03: No problem, Auto.
[6:52 PM] sll03:
[6:52 PM] seffina: we're only half way
[6:52 PM] seffina: Hmm
[6:52 PM] drawesome: Listen to that guy moaning
[6:53 PM] sll03: Click the free user option.
[6:53 PM] tabernacle: careful link
[6:53 PM] drawesome: Don't click HD!
[6:53 PM] drawesome: TEARING SOUND
[6:53 PM] automatic_taglines: Loki his hair really bothers me
[6:53 PM] loki1001: Wait, so Vampres can stand around in the sun if their wearing bike helmets?
[6:53 PM] drawesome: Look, Blade has another brother!
[6:53 PM] tabernacle: I guess…
[6:53 PM] sll03: Yup. Remember Spiker?
[6:53 PM] automatic_taglines: It doesn't work so I forget it.
[6:53 PM] sll03: Spike*****
[6:54 PM] seffina: It''s just dawn
[6:54 PM] drawesome: That smells like a vampire wiped his arse with it!
[6:54 PM] seffina: that's  a movie to watch
[6:54 PM] seffina: together
[6:54 PM] seffina: :)
[6:54 PM] drawesome: no smileys please.
[6:54 PM] sll03: Which one, seffina>
[6:54 PM] drawesome: This is a FANCY liveblog.
[6:54 PM] drawesome: No, you can use 'em, sll03.
[6:55 PM] seffina: from dusk till dawn
[6:55 PM] tabernacle: for sure
[6:55 PM] sll03: Good one!
[6:55 PM] sll03: Adding it to the list!
[6:55 PM] tabernacle: what was salma hayek's name in that?
[6:55 PM] loki1001: I love From Dusk till Dawn.
[6:55 PM] drawesome: 4:25 everyone?
[6:55 PM] loki1001: Slutty Vampire Stripper.
[6:55 PM] automatic_taglines: Yay! I love that one
[6:55 PM] tabernacle: heh
[6:55 PM] drawesome: 4:38
[6:55 PM] tabernacle: maybe all danny trejo movies
[6:55 PM] loki1001: Portentious Cough.
[6:55 PM] drawesome: I liked From Dusk Till Dawn
[6:55 PM] sll03: as in 1:04:38, Doc?
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:56 PM] seffina: @tabby – Boobs
[6:56 PM] drawesome: I remember lots of Panerais
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: movie cough = TB
[6:56 PM] drawesome: Yes, sll03
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: hahahahaha
[6:56 PM] sll03: Yup, I'm around that point too.
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: coincidentally, same name in desperado
[6:56 PM] drawesome: You don't look so good.
[6:56 PM] sll03: Every time someone says Desperado, I think of the song, not the movie.
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: come to your senses
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: been out riding fences
[6:56 PM] drawesome: Or the nasty beer tequila stuff.
[6:56 PM] tabernacle: for so long now
[6:57 PM] tabernacle: and freedom
[6:57 PM] tabernacle: o freedom
[6:57 PM] drawesome: By who?
[6:57 PM] seffina: And you get all moody and melancholic?  
[6:57 PM] sll03: well that's just some people talkin'
[6:57 PM] seffina: That might just be me
[6:57 PM] tabernacle: :nods::
[6:57 PM] tabernacle: me too
[6:57 PM] loki1001: Vampires can't take our…. FREEDOM!
[6:57 PM] sll03: Nope, I get melancholy too.
[6:57 PM] sll03: The Eagles, Doc.
[6:57 PM] seffina: Never surrender,
[6:57 PM] tabernacle: never give up!
[6:57 PM] loki1001: And now he's just standing around in the sun.
[6:57 PM] seffina: *handshake*
[6:58 PM] tabernacle: *tap tap*
[6:58 PM] drawesome: Thanks sll03
[6:58 PM] loki1001: Really? Sunblock?
[6:58 PM] loki1001: REALLY?
[6:58 PM] tabernacle: SPF 50
[6:58 PM] drawesome: Listening to a Cash version though
[6:58 PM] tabernacle: thousand!
[6:58 PM] drawesome: the sunblock is a brillaint touch.
[6:58 PM] sll03: That's just dumb.
[6:58 PM] sll03: Like, Twilight dumb.
[6:58 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:58 PM] sll03: I don't like it.
[6:58 PM] drawesome: Can it, Boobs, it is brilliant
[6:58 PM] sll03: I'm sorry Doc, but he might as well be sparkling.
[6:59 PM] tabernacle: aye
[6:59 PM] tabernacle: they're not even in alaska
[6:59 PM] seffina: I use SPF 100 myself.. because I've the worst skin in the world
[6:59 PM] drawesome: He kind of is, Boobs, look at how white he is
[6:59 PM] loki1001: I just don't go outside.
[6:59 PM] tabernacle: i use the highest i can find too
[6:59 PM] tabernacle: lol
[6:59 PM] drawesome: I am pale as shit but I tan in a day
[6:59 PM] drawesome: Hungarian genes maybe
[6:59 PM] sll03: But you walked to the library today, right Loki?
[6:59 PM] seffina: I'm not pale at all, but I burn easily… and I've freckles.  I'm a weirdo
[7:00 PM] loki1001: Yes, but I live in NE Ohio, so there's never sunlight.
[7:00 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:00 PM] drawesome: matrix!!!
[7:00 PM] sll03: Not much sunlight in Toronto, either.
[7:00 PM] loki1001: Wow, look at that CGI.
[7:00 PM] drawesome: Sll03, are you pale like Brie and Jacobs?
[7:00 PM] drawesome: Beat you to it!
[7:00 PM] tabernacle: Young Seff!
[7:00 PM] sll03: Darnit!
[7:00 PM] drawesome: Damnit*
[7:01 PM] loki1001: I'm right on Lake Erie, so we get a near constant cloud cover.
[7:01 PM] automatic_taglines: I really pale, but in a yellowy way. I don't burn but I freckle and tan to a raw sienna co
[7:01 PM] drawesome: Ugh, you're the worst, Auto
[7:01 PM] automatic_taglines: *I'm
[7:01 PM] sll03: I'm pretty pale, but I can tan, I think it's my Greek heritage.
[7:01 PM] loki1001: Oh no! Not the Vampires!
[7:01 PM] sll03: You're the BEST, Auto.
[7:01 PM] automatic_taglines: *color
[7:02 PM] tabernacle: nods
[7:02 PM] drawesome: Historically, the Hungarians and the Greeks have intermarried for ages, sll03!
[7:02 PM] loki1001: Was that a Willhelm Scream I heard?
[7:02 PM] tabernacle: i can never hear them!
[7:02 PM] automatic_taglines: Thank you Steph-anie's got a gun!
[7:02 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:02 PM] drawesome: Is your name Stephanie, sll03?
[7:02 PM] sll03: It is indeed, Doc.
[7:02 PM] sll03: And you are welcoome, Auto!
[7:02 PM] automatic_taglines: Oh no the Dr know now.
[7:02 PM] loki1001: I like how Stephen Dorff's hair is short and spikey in the back.
[7:02 PM] automatic_taglines: *knows
[7:03 PM] drawesome: Where do I know that from Auto?
[7:03 PM] loki1001: That certainly doesn't look weird.
[7:03 PM] drawesome: the "Dr know no" thing
[7:03 PM] drawesome: know now
[7:03 PM] automatic_taglines: I don't know that is just how I talk.
[7:03 PM] loki1001: DRAMATIC MUSIC!
[7:03 PM] sll03: I feel like a major scene is about to transpire.
[7:03 PM] tabernacle: aye
[7:04 PM] loki1001: Major Scene *Salute*
[7:04 PM] tabernacle: salute
[7:04 PM] sll03: Major Scene *salute*!
[7:04 PM] drawesome: I hate HIMYM
[7:04 PM] automatic_taglines: *salute*
[7:04 PM] seffina: Major Scene *salute*
[7:04 PM] seffina: It's generally pretty good
[7:05 PM] drawesome: Am I in a situation where I am the only straight guy around? Ah, you had to go ruin it
[7:05 PM] tabernacle: salute the generally!
[7:05 PM] seffina: ><
[7:05 PM] tabernacle: O
[7:05 PM] tabernacle: (hug)
[7:05 PM] sll03: General Pretty Good *salute*!
[7:05 PM] drawesome: is Dave here?
[7:06 PM] tabernacle: salute!
[7:06 PM] drawesome: he isn't is he
[7:06 PM] automatic_taglines: *salute*
[7:06 PM] sll03: Nope, Dave's not here.
[7:06 PM] automatic_taglines: If he was I wounld be the youngest
[7:06 PM] sll03: Aw. That was sad. He died.
[7:07 PM] sll03: I forgot that happened.
[7:07 PM] tabernacle: aye
[7:07 PM] drawesome: Oh, he getting cray now
[7:07 PM] drawesome: meth?
[7:07 PM] loki1001: Time for Blade to be crazy badass.
[7:07 PM] tabernacle: roger
[7:07 PM] drawesome: i love the stak
[7:07 PM] drawesome: stakes
[7:07 PM] drawesome: is that the word?
[7:08 PM] tabernacle: aye!
[7:08 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:08 PM] loki1001: Vampires… hanging out… relaxing all cool
[7:08 PM] tabernacle: when a couple of guys
[7:08 PM] sll03: Doig vampire-y things.
[7:08 PM] tabernacle: who were up to no good
[7:08 PM] sll03: DOing*
[7:08 PM] loki1001: Now all they have to do is shoot some b-ball outside the school.
[7:08 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:08 PM] sll03: Started making trouble in my neighbourhood!
[7:09 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:09 PM] tabernacle: wow
[7:09 PM] loki1001: Vampires would make trouble in my neighborhood.
[7:09 PM] sll03: Mine, too,
[7:09 PM] drawesome: an STD gave him vampriism?
[7:09 PM] loki1001: So what eats vampires?
[7:09 PM] drawesome: Am i getting this right?
[7:10 PM] loki1001: More or less.
[7:10 PM] sll03: STD! They should have had it at the STD Fair.
[7:10 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:10 PM] drawesome: You will get AIDS>
[7:10 PM] drawesome: turn it around!
[7:10 PM] drawesome: …Unless you go to the STD awaraness fair.
[7:10 PM] sll03: Congratu-HORRIBLE
[7:10 PM] drawesome: Thanks sll03.
[7:10 PM] sll03: :)
[7:10 PM] tabernacle: =)
[7:10 PM] drawesome: Our ship-o-meter is off the charts
[7:10 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[7:10 PM] loki1001: In the movie American Vampires it actually is an STD. You get turned by fucking a vampire.
[7:10 PM] sll03: Where is NFET when you need him?
[7:10 PM] drawesome: Wow.
[7:10 PM] drawesome: Yes
[7:11 PM] loki1001: Which is kind of funny because it means the main character is bisexual
[7:11 PM] automatic_taglines: where i am going to attend school next year there is a STD Flea Market. I like to clap
[7:11 PM] seffina: my best friends were gymnasts until senior year!  They're also curly redhead twins.  
[7:11 PM] loki1001: Or at least had sex with a guy in wheelchair once.
[7:11 PM] automatic_taglines: when I pass it.
[7:11 PM] drawesome: Tell me more about these twins.
[7:11 PM] tabernacle: nicely done
[7:11 PM] tabernacle: "clap"
[7:11 PM] sll03: I've never seen American Vampires. I am now fascinated by it.
[7:11 PM] automatic_taglines: I have twin brothers
[7:11 PM] drawesome: IMDB link?
[7:11 PM] loki1001: It's so bad it is amazing.
[7:11 PM] drawesome: I've no time for searching
[7:11 PM] drawesome: Can it, Auto
[7:11 PM] tabernacle: You were BFFs with both, Seff?
[7:12 PM] drawesome: This looks like live action Tekken
[7:12 PM] drawesome: "Hey, I needed that eye!"
[7:12 PM] automatic_taglines: can it, awesomes
[7:12 PM] drawesome: Haha
[7:12 PM] drawesome: Someone ate shellfish
[7:12 PM] loki1001:
[7:12 PM] sll03: They exploded just like the vampires in True Blood.
[7:12 PM] seffina: @taba, yes.  They're still my best friends.
[7:12 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I'm back
[7:13 PM] sll03: Hey UGENE!
[7:13 PM] seffina: WB, Eric
[7:13 PM] tabernacle: WB!
[7:13 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: thx…best friends w/ 2 gymnasts? That's a *stretch*
[7:13 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I h8 myself
[7:13 PM] tabernacle: cool @ BFFs
[7:13 PM] automatic_taglines: That looks horrible Loki
[7:13 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[7:13 PM] loki1001: Oh, it is.
[7:13 PM] tabernacle: @ stretch
[7:13 PM] loki1001: It stars Casper Van Dien and Crieg Furguson.
[7:13 PM] sll03: MAJOR PLOT TWIST!!!!
[7:13 PM] automatic_taglines: *Salute*
[7:13 PM] sll03: Major Plot Twist *salutes*!
[7:14 PM] tabernacle: salute!
[7:14 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Craig Ferguson acting is almost as weird as Jon Stewart's acting
[7:14 PM] drawesome: You just go-girled yourself, basically
[7:14 PM] loki1001: Major Plot Twist *Salute*
[7:14 PM] drawesome: Getting old folks
[7:14 PM] seffina: and my third best friend's Ukranian. We made quite the fouresome in HS.
[7:14 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:14 PM] seffina: and now they all have babies. Boo babies
[7:14 PM] tabernacle: hee hee
[7:14 PM] drawesome: Dumb babies.
[7:14 PM] tabernacle: dumb babies
[7:14 PM] loki1001: todd and his stupid baby.
[7:14 PM] seffina: they won't shut up about it
[7:15 PM] tabernacle: nope, you can have it
[7:15 PM] drawesome: Boob bump!
[7:15 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:15 PM] seffina: them… whatever.  anb baby walt's too happy
[7:15 PM] drawesome: Bring it in for a boob bump!
[7:15 PM] sll03: Aw seffina.
[7:15 PM] sll03: Hug?
[7:15 PM] drawesome: YES!
[7:15 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: we'll get there
[7:15 PM] sll03: For seffina, Doc.
[7:15 PM] drawesome: Sorry, I'll reel it back
[7:15 PM] automatic_taglines: My best friend was a wiccan (her families religion) who converted to atheism junior year.
[7:15 PM] seffina: *hugs sll03*  
[7:15 PM] sll03: *hugs seffina*
[7:15 PM] drawesome: *squeezes in*
[7:15 PM] loki1001: How many vampires does it take to capture a day walker?
[7:15 PM] loki1001: 50.
[7:16 PM] seffina: use NRR's formula
[7:16 PM] automatic_taglines: *family's
[7:16 PM] loki1001: 1 to capture him and 49 to die trying.
[7:16 PM] sll03: Something about screwing in a lightbulb?
[7:16 PM] drawesome: ….
[7:16 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: but it's hot and there's so little room
[7:16 PM] drawesome: Was my squeeze attempt unsuccesful?
[7:16 PM] sll03: Wait, Auto, you know someone who is a Wiccan?
[7:16 PM] seffina: Eric?
[7:16 PM] drawesome: Pagans
[7:16 PM] loki1001: Oh Donnel Lougne… hamming it up.
[7:16 PM] seffina: his name is Eric?
[7:16 PM] loki1001: Apparently.
[7:16 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: …yes?
[7:17 PM] sll03: Sorry Doc, seffina and I left little room for squeezing in.
[7:17 PM] drawesome: I'm liking Cute Afro Guy in this
[7:17 PM] drawesome: Dreadlocks Guy*
[7:17 PM] drawesome: Does that mean you guys are fat?
[7:18 PM] seffina: mmm… wine so good
[7:18 PM] tabernacle: share?
[7:18 PM] seffina: …
[7:18 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: so what did I miss while I was gone?
[7:18 PM] seffina: …
[7:18 PM] loki1001: I wish I could get drunk in the library.
[7:18 PM] tabernacle: thank you!
[7:18 PM] automatic_taglines: Sll03– was a wiccan and now believes in nothing.
[7:18 PM] tabernacle: lol
[7:18 PM] sll03: That's nifty.
[7:19 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Loki, are you periodically shouting out "*BOOKS*"?
[7:19 PM] seffina: I believe in the friendship and wine and liking things
[7:19 PM] tabernacle: lol
[7:19 PM] sll03: And pretending to be asleep?
[7:19 PM] drawesome: Then pretending he's asleep
[7:19 PM] loki1001: I would if there is a hot librarian.
[7:19 PM] drawesome: Come on, Steph
[7:19 PM] drawesome: Are you a librarian Steph?
[7:19 PM] sll03: HA! I beat YOU this time.
[7:19 PM] sll03: Nope.
[7:19 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I believe in friendship, wine, liking things, and his lord & master Satan
[7:19 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:19 PM] sll03: *awkard turtle*
[7:19 PM] tabernacle: good thing you brought htis to me then
[7:20 PM] sll03: Tehe.
[7:20 PM] sll03: Well played, 'nac.
[7:20 PM] seffina: If Satan had been female
[7:20 PM] tabernacle: ty!
[7:20 PM] seffina: I could get in on this
[7:20 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:20 PM] loki1001: This is actually a reference to 'Salem's Lot.
[7:20 PM] sll03: What's that?
[7:21 PM] loki1001: A Stephen King book.
[7:21 PM] tabernacle: how so?
[7:21 PM] tabernacle: i read it a million yrs ago
[7:21 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I read that! Unfortunately I can't get the ref as I'm not watching the movie
[7:21 PM] sll03: It is very handy having you here to educate us all about vampire lore.
[7:21 PM] tabernacle: aye
[7:21 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Loki is like Giles
[7:21 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:21 PM] tabernacle: Wathcer!
[7:21 PM] tabernacle: watcher*
[7:21 PM] sll03: He IS!
[7:21 PM] seffina: is he Close?
[7:21 PM] loki1001: When they go down in basement to kill the head vampire….
[7:21 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol @ Close
[7:21 PM] sll03: Loki, for the rest of this film, I am calling you Giles.
[7:21 PM] sll03: Cool?
[7:22 PM] loki1001: I'm fine with that.
[7:22 PM] drawesome: So why did Abed love this movie, gang?
[7:22 PM] tabernacle: Giles! Giles! Giles!
[7:22 PM] sll03: Giles!
[7:22 PM] loki1001: Because it is fantastic.
[7:22 PM] drawesome: Shut it, Pecs.
[7:22 PM] sll03: Because it is fantastically *horrible*.
[7:22 PM] drawesome: Who's Giles?
[7:22 PM] tabernacle: Do we have a Wesley?
[7:22 PM] loki1001: BOOO-URNS! Sll.
[7:22 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Well, Abed does like some movies ironically…but he also probably likes semi-gerneric
[7:22 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: pop culture action films
[7:22 PM] tabernacle: aye
[7:23 PM] drawesome: That's too easy
[7:23 PM] sll03: Well said, UGENE.
[7:23 PM] seffina: I'll be Cordelia.  
[7:23 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Giles is one of seffin'a twin friends
[7:23 PM] tabernacle: ooh good choice
[7:23 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:23 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: generic, sorry
[7:23 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: thx
[7:23 PM] sll03: But then you'd leave half-way through the series!
[7:23 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:23 PM] automatic_taglines: I'm I do not know, pick for me.
[7:23 PM] seffina: Before it gets bad
[7:23 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:23 PM] seffina: aaw my cat's sneezing up a storm
[7:23 PM] drawesome: You just won't let me go to sleep, will you sll03?
[7:23 PM] tabernacle: bless cat!
[7:23 PM] drawesome: I have to get up early!
[7:23 PM] sll03: Aw. If The Tuna heard that, he'd be sad, seffina.
[7:24 PM] drawesome: Where he at?
[7:24 PM] sll03: Wait, who in the what now, DOC?
[7:24 PM] loki1001: Blood!
[7:24 PM] drawesome: You guys won't let me go to sleep
[7:24 PM] seffina: why isn't everyone here watching with us!
[7:24 PM] loki1001: Always the blood with vampires.
[7:24 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:24 PM] drawesome: Just specically mentioning you because of our connection
[7:24 PM] seffina: why doesn't anyone want our mucus?
[7:24 PM] tabernacle: Tags, do you want to be Dark Willow?
[7:24 PM] tabernacle: lol
[7:24 PM] drawesome: Honestly there wasnt that much blood in the movie
[7:25 PM] drawesome: save for the showers at the club
[7:25 PM] sll03: Willow is a Wicca, Auto,
[7:25 PM] automatic_taglines: I'm not that veiny
[7:25 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:25 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I'm Xander. Not necessarily by choice.
[7:25 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:25 PM] automatic_taglines: I was't Wiccan
[7:25 PM] tabernacle: eyepatch Xander
[7:25 PM] drawesome: Your name is xander? thought it was eric
[7:25 PM] automatic_taglines: Do you have one eye Eric
[7:25 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: DrA are you fucking with us?
[7:25 PM] drawesome: You guys have to admit, Cute Dreadlock Guy is pretty good in this.
[7:25 PM] loki1001: That's a fast moving cloud.
[7:25 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: at least one, aut
[7:25 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: o
[7:25 PM] sll03: I know, it was your friend, right? But Willow still had cool powers.
[7:26 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:26 PM] sll03: And she had mad pop-culture reference skills.
[7:26 PM] tabernacle: true!
[7:26 PM] seffina: and cute
[7:26 PM] drawesome: It's time you fucks contributed something
[7:26 PM] automatic_taglines: I'd rather be regualar willow not dark willow
[7:26 PM] drawesome: !!!
[7:26 PM] tabernacle: sah kyiit
[7:26 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I ,3 Willow
[7:26 PM] drawesome: STAB
[7:26 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: That should've ben a heart there
[7:26 PM] drawesome: Why so stabby?
[7:26 PM] tabernacle: sah kyuut*
[7:26 PM] sll03: It's settled then: Auto is regular Willow.
[7:26 PM] automatic_taglines: Willow was my fav
[7:27 PM] drawesome: It's really annoying that Auto and Ugene have the same colour
[7:27 PM] loki1001: I like how they had velcrow in the ancheint vampire temple.
[7:27 PM] tabernacle: i saw the heart, mah man
[7:27 PM] automatic_taglines: I'll chang mine
[7:27 PM] sll03: It has so many uses!
[7:27 PM] drawesome: Naughty Vampire Gods unite!!
[7:27 PM] guest-70588 entered the room.
[7:27 PM] automatic_taglines: Chang'd
[7:27 PM] drawesome: Please do chang it
[7:27 PM] loki1001: Who wouldn't want to be a naughty vamprie god?
[7:27 PM] drawesome: Thanks Auto
[7:27 PM] guest-70588 changed nickname to armondwhite2930
[7:27 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I didn't know we picked our own colors
[7:27 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I was born blue
[7:27 PM] drawesome: She just reconnnected
[7:27 PM] drawesome: Can't change your oclou
[7:28 PM] drawesome: colours
[7:28 PM] drawesome: Jesus
[7:28 PM] loki1001: Oh hey! Armond White is here to give us his opinion of this movie!
[7:28 PM] tabernacle: you didn't blue yourself? wait…
[7:28 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol
[7:28 PM] drawesome: So, has everyone here accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour?
[7:28 PM] tabernacle: armond!
[7:28 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: LOL
[7:28 PM] davethedouche: I have accepted Jesus
[7:28 PM] loki1001: Can't, I'm a vampire.
[7:28 PM] sll03: GILES! How could you?!
[7:28 PM] automatic_taglines: I didn'y click the gear –> go to app settings—> change color
[7:28 PM] seffina: If I was a Vampire God, they would all just sit and night and watch movies and liveblog
[7:28 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:28 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Well I did just say I worship Satan, biut under that condition yes I accept Jesus
[7:28 PM] tabernacle: hey!
[7:28 PM] tabernacle: lol
[7:29 PM] automatic_taglines: Fiuck armond now I have to change again
[7:29 PM] drawesome: I hope you're all very fucking thirstly, cause it's time for Jagerbombs!
[7:29 PM] seffina: you so smart, auto
[7:29 PM] loki1001: More Stephen Dorff gratutious shirtlessness.
[7:29 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: what's up armond white?
[7:29 PM] tabernacle: how's the life contrary?
[7:29 PM] drawesome: I thought Dave wasn't here
[7:29 PM] drawesome: His roomie
[7:29 PM] sll03: He isn't: Armond is.
[7:29 PM] drawesome: Sounds like they're boning
[7:29 PM] automatic_taglines: True green work?
[7:30 PM] tabernacle: oooh
[7:30 PM] loki1001: Look at that CGI!
[7:30 PM] sll03: SO snazzy!
[7:30 PM] tabernacle: i have color-envy
[7:30 PM] tabernacle: i'm not-green with envy
[7:30 PM] sll03: Again with the lion growls.
[7:30 PM] tabernacle: IF YOU WILL
[7:30 PM] loki1001: It's mommy dearest.
[7:30 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: heh
[7:30 PM] sll03: BAZING for tabernacle!
[7:30 PM] tabernacle: ::bows::
[7:30 PM] armondwhite2930 changed nickname to davethedouche
[7:30 PM] drawesome: Does everyone hate me now?
[7:30 PM] automatic_taglines: ::slow clap for Taba::
[7:30 PM] tabernacle: ty ty
[7:31 PM] tabernacle: ::Queen wave::
[7:31 PM] sll03: No one hates you, Doc.
[7:31 PM] drawesome: Oh, then I haven't done my job yet
[7:31 PM] sll03: lol, 'nac, for the "queen wave".
[7:31 PM] automatic_taglines: I hate doc
[7:31 PM] drawesome: Rather, Vodka hasn't done it
[7:31 PM] automatic_taglines: Not really
[7:31 PM] drawesome: RAWRRR
[7:31 PM] tabernacle: =)
[7:31 PM] tabernacle: where are the lions!
[7:31 PM] drawesome: where the white lions at
[7:31 PM] seffina: with the white women
[7:31 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[7:31 PM] loki1001: INCESTY!
[7:31 PM] sll03: Tehe!
[7:31 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I like Doc as a person but he's a terrible surgeon
[7:31 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:31 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol
[7:32 PM] tabernacle: and his head is nice and catlike
[7:32 PM] seffina: okay y'all
[7:32 PM] loki1001: Wow, that's some CGI
[7:32 PM] drawesome: I may not be Asian but I'm Jewish, that qualifies me
[7:32 PM] seffina: blood types
[7:32 PM] tabernacle: AB+
[7:32 PM] tabernacle: yes!
[7:32 PM] drawesome: Hahahahhaa
[7:32 PM] automatic_taglines: Rememer when Doc was a dog
[7:32 PM] seffina: we can't watcha vampire movie w/o asking this
[7:32 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: ha
[7:32 PM] loki1001: B+
[7:32 PM] drawesome: Yea
[7:32 PM] davethedouche: For some reason it changed Armonds posts to mine
[7:32 PM] drawesome: I'm just a puuuuuppy
[7:32 PM] seffina: B+ for me as well
[7:32 PM] drawesome: Hey Snitzer!
[7:32 PM] tabernacle: be positive
[7:32 PM] automatic_taglines: B+
[7:32 PM] drawesome: Snitzer and Gergoski go at it again!
[7:32 PM] seffina: oh.. the rangers game started
[7:32 PM] davethedouche: Hey Gergoski!
[7:32 PM] automatic_taglines: ::High five Loki::
[7:32 PM] sll03: Wow, I feel left out: I'm O-.
[7:33 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:33 PM] tabernacle: DONOR!!!!
[7:33 PM] drawesome: I have no idea what blood type I am
[7:33 PM] drawesome: Is that bad?
[7:33 PM] loki1001: Oh, the CGWhy!
[7:33 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:33 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I don't get it why B+? Your blood was way funnier than A- blood! Be consistent, jeez!
[7:33 PM] drawesome: Also donating blood just makes coorporations shitloads of money, apparently
[7:33 PM] tabernacle: hahahaah
[7:33 PM] tabernacle: Todd!!: GRADES!?>!(&&)&
[7:33 PM] automatic_taglines: Sll03 you give blood to everyone.
[7:33 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: =-)
[7:33 PM] sll03: I do indeed.
[7:33 PM] drawesome: But she won't give me any
[7:33 PM] drawesome: I'll settle for some mouth juice
[7:34 PM] drawesome: Wait
[7:34 PM] loki1001: Finaly Donnell Longue died.
[7:34 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: sll plz just make out with doc so he can go to sleep
[7:34 PM] sll03: UGENE!
[7:34 PM] tabernacle: ill take it for the team
[7:34 PM] automatic_taglines: plz hes driving us mad.
[7:34 PM] davethedouche left the room.
[7:34 PM] drawesome: I'll take Taba
[7:34 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: multiple lols
[7:34 PM] drawesome: Where's Snitzer?
[7:34 PM] tabernacle: yep
[7:34 PM] drawesome: *passionately embraces tabernacle*
[7:34 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Taba is a really cool name
[7:35 PM] tabernacle: ty =)
[7:35 PM] seffina: what does it mean?
[7:35 PM] sll03: I'm sure you two will be very happy together.
[7:35 PM] tabernacle: He Who IS ISolated From teh Village
[7:35 PM] tabernacle: (no joke)
[7:35 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: wow!
[7:35 PM] drawesome: It's an open relationship, sll03
[7:35 PM] automatic_taglines: you're a loner
[7:35 PM] sll03: That is a very specific meaning.
[7:35 PM] tabernacle: I don;t thinkn my parents knew the meaning
[7:35 PM] drawesome: Hahahah
[7:35 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: But you're already accepted
[7:35 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: ha
[7:35 PM] tabernacle: heh ty
[7:36 PM] drawesome: It's funny cause they're foreign !
[7:36 PM] tabernacle: hubby!
[7:36 PM] loki1001: Bladey Bladey McBladerson.
[7:36 PM] tabernacle: but our child!
[7:36 PM] automatic_taglines: My full name means Lion of God Victorious Rock!
[7:36 PM] drawesome: Hubby? Stop smoethering meee
[7:36 PM] tabernacle: ring pls
[7:36 PM] drawesome: Well Mat means Gift from God or something
[7:36 PM] sll03: That is a badass name, Ariel!
[7:36 PM] tabernacle: aye
[7:36 PM] loki1001: Shirtless sword fight.
[7:36 PM] automatic_taglines: My name is like a metal band
[7:36 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: yeah
[7:36 PM] sll03: That's a lot of pressure on you with that name, Doc.
[7:36 PM] drawesome: Might as well be Gravy Jones, Auto
[7:36 PM] drawesome: You'll find out
[7:37 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Not as much as Doctor Awesome, sll03
[7:37 PM] drawesome: sll03
[7:37 PM] drawesome: This movie is from the same year as The Big Lebowski.
[7:37 PM] sll03: Good point, UGENE.
[7:37 PM] drawesome: ZWOOSH
[7:37 PM] seffina: what's the name origin? @taga
[7:37 PM] drawesome: You guys saying I haven't proven myself Awesome?
[7:37 PM] seffina: @taba
[7:37 PM] sll03: So the general idea is that he can't die now, right?
[7:37 PM] loki1001: All this sword fighting is more than a touch homoerotic.
[7:38 PM] loki1001: General Idea *Salute*
[7:38 PM] tabernacle: it's (Amerian) INdian, from uruguay i think
[7:38 PM] seffina: General Idea *salute*
[7:38 PM] tabernacle: salute!
[7:38 PM] drawesome: "kick your butt, own your butt, eat your butt"
[7:38 PM] sll03: General Idea *salute*!
[7:38 PM] drawesome: Fuck that
[7:38 PM] automatic_taglines: *salute*
[7:38 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Private Joke *salute*
[7:38 PM] drawesome: I'll not have HIMYM references in my community livebogs
[7:38 PM] loki1001: WHAT WAS THAT LEAP?
[7:38 PM] tabernacle: the whole thing is Tabare.
[7:38 PM] loki1001: Like a little kitty cat.
[7:38 PM] drawesome: Some motherfuckers always trying to iceskate uphill.
[7:38 PM] automatic_taglines: Can it, Mats
[7:38 PM] tabernacle: salute
[7:39 PM] drawesome: Sorry Gravy
[7:39 PM] loki1001: That's not an attractive look on Stephen Dorff.
[7:39 PM] drawesome: Imma start using Some motherfuckers always trying to iceskate uphill.
[7:39 PM] drawesome: from now on
[7:39 PM] sll03: I'm inclined to agree, Giles.
[7:39 PM] drawesome: Who's Giles? Loki?
[7:39 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol dra
[7:39 PM] automatic_taglines: That is to most cool of name Tabare. That is a poorly constructed sentence
[7:40 PM] drawesome: Look! The light ain't killing em
[7:40 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:40 PM] loki1001: It's morning in LA.
[7:40 PM] drawesome: That's actually quite offensive
[7:40 PM] seffina: woo pp goal rangers
[7:40 PM] sll03: It's not over… DUN DUN DUN.
[7:40 PM] drawesome: to people familiar with "Morning in LA" as a sexual position.
[7:40 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: LOL
[7:40 PM] sll03: Heh.
[7:40 PM] loki1001: Morning in LA is not as dirty as Mexican Haloween.
[7:40 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: If the light don't get em, wait for the smog to roll in
[7:40 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:41 PM] automatic_taglines: eric is eric your real name? /dumb question
[7:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: yes
[7:41 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:41 PM] drawesome: TRANSSYVANIa
[7:41 PM] tabernacle: he mumbles
[7:41 PM] seffina: Stupid Answers for 400
[7:41 PM] automatic_taglines: Eriic means?
[7:41 PM] drawesome: COMRADE
[7:41 PM] drawesome: Ugh, glad THAT's over with
[7:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: well.
[7:41 PM] seffina: Watcher
[7:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Eric means well
[7:41 PM] drawesome: Let's return to our lairs, by which I mean the normal comment board
[7:41 PM] automatic_taglines: too many i's
[7:41 PM] tabernacle: well?
[7:41 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: he swears
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: lol
[7:42 PM] sll03: Ooh, Blade was all badass at the end there.
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: well-watcher?
[7:42 PM] loki1001: Great movie… or the Greatest movie?
[7:42 PM] seffina: Bladest Movie
[7:42 PM] sll03: Great Movie for Live-Blogging?
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: GREATEST live-blog
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[7:42 PM] automatic_taglines: I missed most of the movie.
[7:42 PM] sll03: Jinx 'nac!
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: me too really
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: jinx!!
[7:42 PM] drawesome: It was ok
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: pinky swear
[7:42 PM] drawesome: But it was my first rodeo
[7:42 PM] guest-70753 entered the room.
[7:42 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: I'm really enjoying not seeing this movie
[7:42 PM] drawesome: Am I allowed back for the next one?
[7:42 PM] tabernacle: heh
[7:42 PM] drawesome: Or was I too rapey
[7:43 PM] tabernacle: alimony sir
[7:43 PM] drawesome: (My mum keeps saying that)
[7:43 PM] guest-70753 changed nickname to davethedouche
[7:43 PM] tabernacle: child support
[7:43 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: ha
[7:43 PM] automatic_taglines: too rapey by a half but you can come back
[7:43 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Dave's back!
[7:43 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: Hi, Dave
[7:43 PM] sll03: I feel tabernacle may be a little scorned with you, Doc.
[7:43 PM] drawesome: Like I said: open relationship
[7:43 PM] tabernacle: hell hath etc
[7:43 PM] seffina: I don't really remember our blog last night.  Jeffey needs to put it up
[7:43 PM] davethedouche: I'm just here to watch you guys
[7:43 PM] drawesome: Tab is the female
[7:43 PM] tabernacle: …
[7:43 PM] sll03: Jeff saved it seffina, no worries.
[7:43 PM] davethedouche: Hi UGENE
[7:44 PM] drawesome: Who's the bottom?
[7:44 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: and also perhaps…*Blade?*
[7:44 PM] sll03: Hey Dave!
[7:44 PM] drawesome: What? Someone's saying this? When I'm sober I don't want to remember this
[7:44 PM] drawesome: saving this Jesus H Christ
[7:44 PM] tabernacle: This is why you always leave a note
[7:44 PM] sll03: It's going up on the website, Doc.
[7:44 PM] seffina: How is it fun being top or bottom all the time?
[7:44 PM] unguyericnamedregistered: lol
[7:44 PM] loki1001: Our next liveblog is Dazed and Confused right?
[7:44 PM] sll03: For posterity.