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[9:09 PM] automatic_taglines: I'm paused at twenty?
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[9:10 PM] lloydtraven: wait for sll03
[9:10 PM] guest-22120 changed nickname to loki1001
[9:10 PM] loki1001: Hey everyone.
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[9:10 PM] eviljeff: SUP
[9:10 PM] mustard_trousers: Hello guys. We made it!
[9:10 PM] lloydtraven: *like*
[9:10 PM] tabernacle: *like*
[9:10 PM] loki1001: Leonard Likes This… chatroom?
[9:10 PM] automatic_taglines: like
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[9:11 PM] guest-22144 changed nickname to sll03
[9:11 PM] lloydtraven: *like*
[9:11 PM] lloydtraven: SLL!! lead the way
[9:11 PM] sll03: Everybody ready?
[9:11 PM] loki1001: At 20:00?
[9:11 PM] tabernacle: rdyplsspecify timestamp
[9:11 PM] lloydtraven: yes
[9:11 PM] guest-22165 changed nickname to seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[9:11 PM] mustard_trousers: Indeed!
[9:11 PM] automatic_taglines: yep
[9:11 PM] eviljeff: 20:00 is good just a second though
[9:11 PM] lloydtraven: like* seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[9:11 PM] loki1001: I'm good.
[9:11 PM] sll03: Okay, so everyone get to 20:00 and tell me when you're ready.
[9:11 PM] lloydtraven: ready
[9:11 PM] tabernacle: at 20, and rdy!
[9:11 PM] loki1001: I am at 20:00 exactly.
[9:12 PM] loki1001: DOWN TO THE SECOND!
[9:12 PM] mustard_trousers: I am there, and ready and excited
[9:12 PM] eviljeff: Am at 20 too
[9:12 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I'm ready
[9:12 PM] lloydtraven: unfortunately this will be not saved for posterity. anyone know one that keeps the log?
[9:13 PM] loki1001: I feel bad for Dave, being in LA and all.
[9:13 PM] sll03: Negatory. This is the first time I've ever been in a chat room, sorry Lloyd.
[9:13 PM] lloydtraven: lol
[9:13 PM] lloydtraven: yea, what happened to chat rooms
[9:13 PM] automatic_taglines: Chat newbie.
[9:13 PM] loki1001: You just know he's going to have to live through a terroist attack and two alien invasions
[9:13 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I can text save it
[9:13 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: and then like you know
[9:13 PM] automatic_taglines: good idea
[9:13 PM] lloydtraven: seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii comin through
[9:13 PM] sll03: As a side note, I'm glad I'm losing my chat room virginity to all of you!
[9:13 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: do stuff with it
[9:13 PM] loki1001: Or as LA refers to it: a dull weekend.
[9:14 PM] tabernacle: sploosh
[9:14 PM] loki1001: Oh, Pam.
[9:14 PM] sll03: In a non-sexual way, obviously.
[9:14 PM] automatic_taglines: now? niw!
[9:14 PM] lloydtraven: speaking of virginity…
[9:14 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I've always wanted to take someone's virginity.
[9:14 PM] sll03: *turns red*
[9:14 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: In a non-sexual way
[9:14 PM] loki1001: I have.
[9:14 PM] loki1001: Oh, not in a non-sexual way.
[9:14 PM] eviljeff: So THIS is why chatrooms went out of fasion
[9:14 PM] eviljeff: *that's fashion
[9:14 PM] lloydtraven: i lost my Speed virginity IN LA. it was the first R rated movie i saw in the theaters
[9:14 PM] sll03: Loki, you dog, you!
[9:15 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Hmm.. I've never done that in a sexual way.  Damn people with more experience than me. 
[9:15 PM] loki1001: The stories I could tell…
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[9:15 PM] lloydtraven: 1994, good times. world cup, nba finals, OJ trial…
[9:15 PM] sll03: Okay, so are we going to find another one where we can save this, or can I give the order?
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[9:15 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: hmmph
[9:15 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: it turns out
[9:15 PM] loki1001: Copy and paste text is the only way I can think of.
[9:15 PM] automatic_taglines: I'm still a real <b>done nothing</b> virgin
[9:15 PM] loki1001: To save it.
[9:15 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: yeah, but it starts auto cutting off
[9:15 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: at the top, right?
[9:15 PM] loki1001: Crappers.
[9:16 PM] lloydtraven: maybe
[9:16 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: no, it hasn't yet.
[9:16 PM] lloydtraven: cant remember from last time
[9:16 PM] eviljeff: Paste it into notepad
[9:16 PM] eviljeff: notepad works for me
[9:16 PM] eviljeff: nothing gets cut off
[9:16 PM] automatic_taglines: Hi
[9:16 PM] eviljeff: sup
[9:16 PM] mustard_trousers: yo
[9:16 PM] sll03: How you livin'?
[9:17 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: pew
[9:17 PM] automatic_taglines: pew
[9:17 PM] loki1001: EVIL JEFF IS PURPLE!
[9:17 PM] tabernacle: pew!
[9:17 PM] mustard_trousers: …pew
[9:17 PM] loki1001: *Points and laughs* Ha Ha!
[9:17 PM] tabernacle: paperball
[9:17 PM] automatic_taglines: have we strted yet?
[9:17 PM] loki1001: I don't think so.
[9:17 PM] tabernacle: nay
[9:17 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I'm like a beige praying mantis 
[9:17 PM] mustard_trousers: not to my knowledge
[9:17 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: except not really beige
[9:17 PM] lloydtraven: i'm ron burgandy?
[9:17 PM] loki1001: I'm puke green.
[9:17 PM] sll03: Nope, I'm waiting to see if we're moving to another chat so we can save the discussion.
[9:17 PM] automatic_taglines: Sefi me too
[9:17 PM] sll03: I'm Ron Burgundy too!
[9:18 PM] eviljeff: Go f*** yourself San Diego
[9:18 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: you're more olive-ish
[9:18 PM] tabernacle: Posterity will OWE us!
[9:18 PM] lloydtraven left the room.
[9:18 PM] eviljeff: bye lloyd
[9:18 PM] sll03: Which makes sense, because I'm kind of a big deal… 
[9:18 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: if you were in a bathroom
[9:18 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I would eat you
[9:18 PM] automatic_taglines: fncy toilet olive
[9:18 PM] tabernacle: lol at ROn Burgundy
[9:18 PM] tabernacle: lol at olive!
[9:18 PM] eviljeff: Screw speed
[9:18 PM] eviljeff: let's just watch Ron Burgundy?
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[9:18 PM] guest-22360 changed nickname to lloydtraven
[9:19 PM] eviljeff: I'm kidding by the way
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: whoa
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: i got kicked out
[9:19 PM] sll03: Evil Jeff, I will add Anchorman to our list. 
[9:19 PM] automatic_taglines: maybe we could take screencaps
[9:19 PM] loki1001: Keanu? Are you here?
[9:19 PM] eviljeff: paste the text into notepad
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: whoa
[9:19 PM] tabernacle: Whoa.
[9:19 PM] loki1001: And posting as Lloyd Braun?
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: that means yes
[9:19 PM] tabernacle: jinx
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: whoa
[9:19 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I'll show some Whoa
[9:19 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: YOU*
[9:19 PM] sll03: Okay guys, I am going to give the go-ahead in 3-2-1……..
[9:19 PM] automatic_taglines: anchorman on list=yes
[9:19 PM] tabernacle: kk
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: what you guys dont know at home is that i'm saying it like joey lawrence
[9:19 PM] lloydtraven: HA!
[9:20 PM] mustard_trousers: Woo!
[9:20 PM] lloydtraven: speeeeeeeeeeeed
[9:20 PM] eviljeff: I'll try and log it using notepad
[9:20 PM] tabernacle: hopper shotgun was the image
[9:20 PM] loki1001: Such language!
[9:20 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: poop poop poop
[9:20 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: seffified
[9:20 PM] mustard_trousers: Pop pop quiz
[9:20 PM] loki1001: Magnitude?
[9:21 PM] tabernacle: keanu jumped
[9:21 PM] lloydtraven: whoa
[9:21 PM] tabernacle: misfire
[9:21 PM] sll03: Y'know, he really should've invested in an automatic. More rounds.
[9:21 PM] tabernacle: TWD
[9:21 PM] tabernacle: Herschel unlimited ammo
[9:21 PM] automatic_taglines: Even I know tht
[9:21 PM] loki1001: Keanu is sweating a lot.
[9:22 PM] loki1001: Wow, so many mustaches.
[9:22 PM] sll03: I kinda like it when he sweats….
[9:22 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: that mustache is doing it for me
[9:22 PM] tabernacle: Can Auto_Dads comment too? ;)
[9:22 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: gotta say
[9:22 PM] lloydtraven: me too
[9:22 PM] mustard_trousers: So Jeff Daniels' name is Harry in this film too? How did I not notice that?
[9:22 PM] lloydtraven: no, its hairy temple
[9:22 PM] automatic_taglines: I'll see
[9:23 PM] lloydtraven: whoa
[9:23 PM] tabernacle: I did not remember "Shoot the hostage" being this prevalent
[9:23 PM] loki1001: You know, that would probibly kill him.
[9:23 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: why didn't he shoot
[9:23 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: he had like four hours
[9:23 PM] loki1001: There's a major artery right there.
[9:23 PM] tabernacle: Major Artery < Colonel Mustard
[9:23 PM] automatic_taglines: precurser to Neo 
[9:23 PM] loki1001: And boom goes the dynomite.
[9:23 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: dyn-O-mite
[9:23 PM] mustard_trousers: Tabby, you are so sweet.
[9:23 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: htbs
[9:23 PM] loki1001: That guy seems like he's painfully bored.
[9:23 PM] tabernacle: :)
[9:24 PM] sll03: I just did a salute for Majoy Artery a la HIMYM.
[9:24 PM] tabernacle: lol
[9:24 PM] eviljeff: *salutes*
[9:24 PM] mustard_trousers: good call
[9:24 PM] mustard_trousers: *salutes*
[9:24 PM] tabernacle: cake cake woman's shoe
[9:24 PM] lloydtraven: i thought of fawlty towers
[9:24 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Tabby Cat just really doesn't like pants.  If you didn't have them on…
[9:24 PM] tabernacle: erm
[9:24 PM] lloydtraven: major…what was it?
[9:24 PM] automatic_taglines: red women's pantsuit so sweet
[9:25 PM] tabernacle: I'm wearing a suit all the time like Barney
[9:25 PM] lloydtraven: great jeff daniels line coming up
[9:25 PM] tabernacle: never-never-nude
[9:25 PM] loki1001: That one woman has crazy hair.
[9:25 PM] mustard_trousers: the guts one? That is a great damn line.
[9:25 PM] tabernacle: mazel tov!
[9:25 PM] eviljeff: I hope you all don't mind me asking but what time are you at? Your text isn't making any s
[9:25 PM] eviljeff: *sense
[9:25 PM] lloydtraven: the one as he leaves
[9:25 PM] sll03: Seriously, the guy got a medal for non-self-inflicted friendly fire.
[9:25 PM] automatic_taglines: loki her hir is wesome
[9:25 PM] loki1001: 25:30.
[9:25 PM] tabernacle: the mustaches…
[9:26 PM] mustard_trousers: I'm pretty much the same as loki
[9:26 PM] eviljeff: Ah cool, well I'm probably just an idiot
[9:26 PM] lloydtraven: 25:50
[9:26 PM] sll03: 25:50
[9:26 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: sameeeee
[9:26 PM] tabernacle: 25.50
[9:26 PM] lloydtraven: WHOA
[9:26 PM] automatic_taglines: same
[9:26 PM] sll03: That's awesome. We are all so in sych…. LITERALLY!
[9:26 PM] loki1001: Keanu looks awkward in a tie.
[9:26 PM] sll03: *crickets*
[9:26 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: what's playing in the background?
[9:26 PM] lloydtraven: here it is
[9:26 PM] tabernacle: [nature sounds]
[9:26 PM] automatic_taglines: that was the line  "luck runs out"
[9:27 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Guys, it's the star of the movie
[9:27 PM] automatic_taglines: bus
[9:27 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: The BUS
[9:27 PM] lloydtraven: ANNIEEEEEEE
[9:27 PM] loki1001: Every movie should have a bus in it.
[9:27 PM] lloydtraven: oh, not yet
[9:27 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: well not this one.
[9:27 PM] automatic_taglines: nice bike shorts
[9:27 PM] tabernacle: This bus was typecast and never got much work again.
[9:27 PM] loki1001: Do you think they got a cool new bus drver after this movie was over?
[9:27 PM] automatic_taglines: keanu jcket is huge'
[9:27 PM] loki1001: What is up with that jacket? It was eye searing.
[9:28 PM] eviljeff: the bus just blew up, so i think I'm ahead of you all. Please tell me the exact moment the
[9:28 PM] tabernacle: Much Ado About Bussing
[9:28 PM] eviljeff: bus blows up so I can sync
[9:28 PM] sll03: it just happened.
[9:28 PM] tabernacle: aye
[9:28 PM] tabernacle: bus blows up as you said it
[9:28 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: bus just blue myself up
[9:28 PM] loki1001: Boom goes more dynmote.
[9:28 PM] tabernacle: phrasing
[9:28 PM] lloydtraven: what is keanu doing in AC's bronco?
[9:28 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: well a few seconds ago
[9:28 PM] automatic_taglines: splode splode splode
[9:28 PM] eviljeff: Ah rihhht, ok them, i think my copy started out a little late
[9:28 PM] sll03: Guys, remember pay phones?!
[9:28 PM] tabernacle: how does one umlaut here?
[9:28 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: he can hear that phone… come on LANA
[9:28 PM] tabernacle: i want to Funke
[9:28 PM] loki1001: EXPLOSIONS!
[9:29 PM] automatic_taglines: I miss pay phones
[9:29 PM] eviljeff: I just think of Phone Booth when I think of Pay Phones. I'm terrified of them
[9:29 PM] tabernacle: pay or chatroom
[9:29 PM] tabernacle: payphone*
[9:29 PM] tabernacle: which is more obsolete
[9:29 PM] lloydtraven: i like lamp
[9:29 PM] mustard_trousers: what's a pay phone?
[9:29 PM] loki1001: I like how Keanu is like "a bus just exploded>? Meh, oh well."
[9:29 PM] sll03: You know they're like 50 cents now? I just found that out last week.
[9:29 PM] automatic_taglines: is he from Minnesot
[9:30 PM] automatic_taglines: a
[9:30 PM] tabernacle: they are??
[9:30 PM] automatic_taglines: my a is sticking
[9:30 PM] tabernacle: what about stamps?
[9:30 PM] loki1001: I liked the zoom close up on his watch.
[9:30 PM] guest-22774 entered the room.
[9:31 PM] guest-22774 changed nickname to semibored_torontonian
[9:31 PM] sll03: SBT! What's shakin'?
[9:31 PM] tabernacle: (I'm getting antsy being unable to Like things.)
[9:31 PM] eviljeff: Semi Bored T? What a twist!
[9:31 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: sam sam
[9:31 PM] tabernacle: SBT!
[9:31 PM] lloydtraven: theres my tag team partner
[9:31 PM] automatic_taglines: keanu looks like he is smelt something horrid
[9:31 PM] lloydtraven: oh and there's our annie too
[9:31 PM] loki1001: SANDRA!
[9:31 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Like me, like me , please!
[9:31 PM] tabernacle: bullock!
[9:31 PM] sll03: sll03 likes tabernacles last comment.
[9:31 PM] lloydtraven: in a very annie edison outfit
[9:31 PM] mustard_trousers: Sandra Bullock has used that gum move before. What a pesky shrew.
[9:31 PM] tabernacle: LIKED
[9:31 PM] semibored_torontonian: I like everybody.
[9:31 PM] automatic_taglines: I like her hir like that
[9:32 PM] sll03: CAMERON!!!
[9:32 PM] eviljeff: He looks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business
[9:32 PM] automatic_taglines: camer
[9:32 PM] automatic_taglines: you beat me 
[9:32 PM] tabernacle: Evil Jeff, is her name a swear word?
[9:32 PM] tabernacle: Like Connery in Frnace?
[9:32 PM] tabernacle: france*
[9:32 PM] loki1001: Everyone is chewing gum this whole movie.
[9:32 PM] loki1001: He's totally hitting on her.
[9:32 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I got gum
[9:32 PM] automatic_taglines: that suit is ah-mah-zing
[9:32 PM] lloydtraven: gum…GUM
[9:32 PM] automatic_taglines: gum
[9:32 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: In memory of @close watcher
[9:32 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: speeeeeeeeeeeed music
[9:32 PM] sll03: I must say, it's a very inventive way of getting away from him.
[9:33 PM] lloydtraven: community should totes do a speed spoof
[9:33 PM] loki1001: Most dramatic shot of rutine trafic.
[9:33 PM] lloydtraven: jack and annie/jeff and annie
[9:33 PM] automatic_taglines: dad said got cum on my seat cum
[9:33 PM] eviljeff: tabbers, Nah, I just didn't want to type out Torontonian. Time is of the essence
[9:33 PM] eviljeff: cum?
[9:33 PM] eviljeff: ew
[9:33 PM] semibored_torontonian: with that sexy new bus driver!
[9:33 PM] mustard_trousers: I love your dad already
[9:33 PM] tabernacle: HA!
[9:33 PM] sll03: Your dad is a sick man. I like him.
[9:33 PM] lloydtraven: annie is already great at driving wide load vehicles
[9:33 PM] tabernacle: roger
[9:33 PM] tabernacle: loving the dad so far
[9:33 PM] lloydtraven: like me
[9:33 PM] lloydtraven: boom
[9:33 PM] loki1001: Ha! Wide load!
[9:34 PM] mustard_trousers: did Keanu just crack a bus window with his bare fist? 
[9:34 PM] loki1001: Hey it's Fred (from Angel)'s Mom!
[9:34 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: seffina LIKES lloydtraven's witty comment
[9:34 PM] mustard_trousers: also am I the only one who sees the irony of a white man hijacking a black man's car?
[9:34 PM] automatic_taglines: the bus driver looks like a caveman
[9:34 PM] tabernacle: What about Fred's dad? BANG!
[9:34 PM] lloydtraven: mustard you are way ahead
[9:34 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: your pants are ahead of my mustard
[9:34 PM] lloydtraven: im at 34:40 NOW
[9:34 PM] mustard_trousers: I'm sorry, it came up organically
[9:34 PM] sll03: Yeah, Colonel, where are you at?
[9:34 PM] mustard_trousers: also I will slow down!
[9:35 PM] lloydtraven: 35:00
[9:35 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: see
[9:35 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: keanus's telling us to stop
[9:35 PM] automatic_taglines: LA traffic its faster to walk
[9:35 PM] mustard_trousers: now I am about a second behind Lloyd, we are good now
[9:35 PM] tabernacle: This is so much easier to re-synch here. great idea.
[9:35 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: we're better than good
[9:35 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: good enough!
[9:35 PM] sll03: Yeah, good call Lloyd. The real-time updating was being a schmuck. 
[9:36 PM] semibored_torontonian: hmm for some reason this is loading too slowly for me
[9:36 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: A total Pierce
[9:36 PM] semibored_torontonian: also, it's hard to answer to people
[9:36 PM] mustard_trousers: ok, is the man writing the "BOMB ON BUS" note now?
[9:36 PM] automatic_taglines: I can't help it
[9:36 PM] eviljeff: Why is every black man in LA some sort of Marley-esque look a like
[9:36 PM] sll03: Nope. You're still ahead Colonel.
[9:37 PM] semibored_torontonian: sorry, guys
[9:37 PM] semibored_torontonian: toodles
[9:37 PM] sll03: Shall we pause and re-synch?
[9:37 PM] loki1001: BOMB IS ARMED!
[9:37 PM] mustard_trousers: aw maaaan
[9:37 PM] tabernacle: bye SBT
[9:37 PM] semibored_torontonian left the room.
[9:37 PM] sll03: Aw, bye SBT!
[9:37 PM] automatic_taglines: it only traffic had been horrilble forever
[9:37 PM] eviljeff: I hope that bus doesn't slow down
[9:37 PM] tabernacle: i am atminute 38 almost
[9:37 PM] eviljeff: I'm now at 37:15
[9:37 PM] mustard_trousers: I am just on 37:40 NOW
[9:38 PM] tabernacle: good enough!
[9:38 PM] loki1001: 37:52
[9:38 PM] lloydtraven: 38:00
[9:38 PM] lloydtraven: i guess its the different frame rates in our all copies
[9:38 PM] eviljeff: Using winamp makes syncing up the movie really easy
[9:38 PM] mustard_trousers: yeah I'd say I'm still pretty synched with you guys…
[9:38 PM] eviljeff: so everything's cool
[9:38 PM] mustard_trousers: oh well
[9:38 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I'm hungry
[9:38 PM] guest-23053 entered the room.
[9:38 PM] loki1001: I'm Loki.
[9:38 PM] sll03: Okay, so we're all good then?
[9:39 PM] tabernacle: Speed food is…
[9:39 PM] tabernacle: aye
[9:39 PM] eviljeff: No way
[9:39 PM] tabernacle: AMA
[9:39 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: poor door
[9:39 PM] sll03: We're not doing Truth or Dare in the middle of Speed are we?
[9:39 PM] eviljeff: no
[9:39 PM] lloydtraven: he's insured
[9:39 PM] tabernacle: heh
[9:39 PM] automatic_taglines: 5
[9:39 PM] guest-23053 changed nickname to ra
[9:39 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Truth or Dare sll03
[9:40 PM] sll03: But sefina, we're watching SPEED!
[9:40 PM] automatic_taglines: ow
[9:40 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I'lll make it fast
[9:40 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[9:40 PM] sll03: That's what he said.
[9:40 PM] sll03: tehe
[9:40 PM] sll03: sorry
[9:40 PM] tabernacle: well played!
[9:40 PM] eviljeff: It's a SERIOUS ISSUE
[9:40 PM] tabernacle: I think Aaron the Aardvark, the fiance, commandeered seff's PC.
[9:41 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Annie will not take this seating down
[9:41 PM] lloydtraven: troy guy can be the jaguar guy in the speed spoof. i guess he shares ONE physical trait
[9:41 PM] lloydtraven: in my eyes
[9:41 PM] loki1001: I don't know you, man.
[9:41 PM] guest-23140 entered the room.
[9:41 PM] loki1001: Such a total Keanu line.
[9:41 PM] lloydtraven: STOP THE BUS
[9:41 PM] automatic_taglines:  guns on a bus with  a bomb
[9:41 PM] eviljeff: Sandra Bullock reminds me of Charisma Carpenter for some reason
[9:41 PM] eviljeff: at least in this film
[9:41 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: no way
[9:41 PM] sll03: …now I can't stop seeing that.
[9:41 PM] automatic_taglines: its the bob
[9:41 PM] tabernacle: =)
[9:41 PM] guest-23140 changed nickname to fezdispenser
[9:42 PM] eviljeff: yo fez
[9:42 PM] sll03: yeah, it's definitely the bob.
[9:42 PM] eviljeff: what's shakin
[9:42 PM] tabernacle: fez!
[9:42 PM] lloydtraven left the room.
[9:42 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: But Sandra's sooooo sweet
[9:42 PM] loki1001: Oh noez! not the bus driver!
[9:42 PM] sll03: plot twist!
[9:42 PM] fezdispenser: so this is what the next level feels like
[9:42 PM] ra left the room.
[9:42 PM] loki1001: This movie is so '90s.
[9:42 PM] automatic_taglines: brother said you can hear the bill and ted in his voice
[9:42 PM] sll03: Yo Jango!
[9:42 PM] eviljeff: that's because it was made in the 90's, maaan
[9:42 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: It's like LA out there
[9:43 PM] tabernacle: Dennis Hopper is permanently in "Mannnn!" mode too
[9:43 PM] loki1001: Keanu is totally making a eupahmism for his penis.
[9:43 PM] fezdispenser: hello y'all. got here too late for the film but will happily enjoy your monkeyshines
[9:43 PM] loki1001: "Can you handle this bus?"
[9:43 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I was 12 when this came out…
[9:43 PM] loki1001: "And by bus I mean my penis."
[9:43 PM] eviljeff: I was -2
[9:44 PM] sll03: We're at 44 minutes if you wanna join fez!
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: or 11
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: wait, let me THINK
[9:44 PM] sll03: Evil Jeff wins.
[9:44 PM] mustard_trousers: I was 1! 
[9:44 PM] automatic_taglines: I was one
[9:44 PM] tabernacle: I was told there'd be no math.
[9:44 PM] mustard_trousers: oh yeah, he does win
[9:44 PM] loki1001: I wasn't concieved yet.
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: it's funny 
[9:44 PM] loki1001: (I'm lying)
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: cause this was the same summer with all the OJ stuff
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: and the Olympics
[9:44 PM] loki1001: I remember watching to OJ verdict in school.
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: no.. world cup
[9:44 PM] loki1001: Life was so much simpler in the '90s.
[9:44 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: whatever, there was soccer involved 
[9:45 PM] sll03: That OJ stuff went totally over my head. I had no idea how messed up it was until later.
[9:45 PM] loki1001: A total combination of race, money, and politics.
[9:45 PM] fezdispenser: thanks for that sll03, but im not well versed enough with the film, sadly, to jump in
[9:45 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: pretty big wad
[9:45 PM] tabernacle: I wish there was a word for the enjoyment in other people's misery that I witnessed during
[9:45 PM] sll03: lol
[9:45 PM] tabernacle: the OJ trials
[9:45 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: he seffified that
[9:45 PM] sll03: ….oh darn!
[9:46 PM] tabernacle: Phrasing!
[9:46 PM] sll03: I love that part.
[9:46 PM] automatic_taglines: d: hey, can I look up your shirt?…. I always knew had a clean hoo-ha.
[9:46 PM] automatic_taglines: d=dd
[9:46 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: is lloyd back
[9:46 PM] automatic_taglines: *dad
[9:46 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[9:46 PM] sll03: I was just gonna ask: where's Lloyd?
[9:46 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: should we pause for him?
[9:46 PM] sll03: Is everyone cool with pausiing for Lloyd?
[9:46 PM] mustard_trousers: he wouldn't want us to pause
[9:47 PM] mustard_trousers: but I'm cool with it
[9:47 PM] automatic_taglines: no Im too invested
[9:47 PM] guest-23428 entered the room.
[9:47 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[9:47 PM] sll03: wait for it….
[9:47 PM] loki1001: Why are there just barrols of liquid on the highway?
[9:47 PM] guest-23428 changed nickname to lloydtraven
[9:47 PM] fezdispenser: would keanu pause the bus?…
[9:47 PM] tabernacle: like the steam 
[9:47 PM] sll03: And he's back!
[9:47 PM] mustard_trousers: Lloyd, can you hear me?!
[9:47 PM] tabernacle: in die hard
[9:47 PM] lloydtraven: internet is being LAME today
[9:47 PM] loki1001: I'm at Starbucks.
[9:47 PM] tabernacle: = gratuitous
[9:47 PM] sll03: We were gonna pause for you, but then realized Speed is bigger than all of us.
[9:47 PM] lloydtraven: im at 47:40….now
[9:48 PM] tabernacle: THE BUS CAN"T BE STOPPED!
[9:48 PM] loki1001: That's where we are.
[9:48 PM] mustard_trousers: I'm right with ya Lloydster
[9:48 PM] eviljeff: okay so what just happened for everyone? 
[9:48 PM] sll03: That's about right.
[9:48 PM] tabernacle: me too
[9:48 PM] mustard_trousers: Keanu is talking to a chopper
[9:48 PM] mustard_trousers: for me anyway…
[9:48 PM] loki1001: Dennis Hopper was being excited.
[9:48 PM] loki1001: "This guy has no MO."
[9:48 PM] automatic_taglines: there water to protect road worker from ppl who can't drive
[9:48 PM] loki1001: Was the line I just heard.
[9:48 PM] sll03: I'm with Loki.
[9:48 PM] lloydtraven left the room.
[9:48 PM] fezdispenser: im at the bit where the boat had just went off cruise control
[9:48 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[9:48 PM] mustard_trousers: man, I'm really ahead! the baby stroller full of cans just got run over.
[9:48 PM] tabernacle: Leonard  Pierce!
[9:48 PM] automatic_taglines: encloypedia of bomb
[9:49 PM] sll03: Oh wow, yeah Colonel, you're streets ahead.
[9:49 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: never seen speed 2
[9:49 PM] tabernacle: leeches!
[9:49 PM] eviljeff: Speed 3: Glacier of Doom
[9:49 PM] tabernacle: dafoe!
[9:49 PM] automatic_taglines: 'Nac his name is Randy
[9:49 PM] sll03: seffina: DON'T WATCH SPEED 2.
[9:49 PM] loki1001: Speed 3: Speed Reading.
[9:49 PM] tabernacle: Randy!
[9:49 PM] automatic_taglines: loki, my fv speed
[9:49 PM] mustard_trousers: I'm pausing to wait for you guys, obviously my time is different from yours :(
[9:50 PM] tabernacle: "I'm Randy."
[9:50 PM] tabernacle: "Why?"
[9:50 PM] eviljeff: so the lesbians just pecked each other on the cheek and the bus killed a baby, antone else
[9:50 PM] tabernacle: I think that's from INscrutable Americans
[9:50 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Speed 4:  Paint Dry
[9:50 PM] sll03: The stroller just got run over for me.
[9:50 PM] loki1001: Now the bus just hit the baby carrage for me.
[9:50 PM] tabernacle: Speed 5: REquiem
[9:50 PM] eviljeff: I backed up a bit
[9:51 PM] loki1001: Speed 6: Nursing Home Races.
[9:51 PM] tabernacle: 4Speed: My Bike
[9:51 PM] automatic_taglines: those are my cans!!!!!1
[9:51 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[9:51 PM] sll03: ZING!
[9:51 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: Speed 8:  Todd without a Screener
[9:51 PM] tabernacle: hsahhahahha
[9:51 PM] mustard_trousers: To this day I still don't know why that crazy woman had cans
[9:51 PM] sll03: WHY AREN'T YOU IN SCHOOL?!
[9:51 PM] automatic_taglines: d: the bby had  drinking problem
[9:51 PM] mustard_trousers: I mean, she had nice cans but still
[9:51 PM] tabernacle: Go Dad
[9:51 PM] tabernacle: Piercing it!
[9:51 PM] loki1001: 5eepd 5: The Tortise and the Hare.
[9:51 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: see 
[9:51 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: look at how much LA we're seeing
[9:51 PM] tabernacle: Keeping Up with THe Pierces!
[9:51 PM] eviljeff: is heaven missing an angel? cos you got niceee caaans
[9:52 PM] tabernacle: lol
[9:52 PM] eviljeff: why is bullock driving like she's giving birth
[9:52 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I be right back
[9:52 PM] seffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii left the room.
[9:52 PM] automatic_taglines: fighting will not help keep that bomb from blowing up
[9:52 PM] eviljeff: but it is entertaining forthe viewer
[9:52 PM] automatic_taglines: PUSH!!!
[9:52 PM] tabernacle: I live for the GIgantor lines.
[9:52 PM] guest-23662 entered the room.
[9:52 PM] sll03: Gigantor is the man.
[9:53 PM] tabernacle: Heh.
[9:53 PM] fezdispenser: Speed 9: A Be-nine Threat
[9:53 PM] guest-23662 changed nickname to seffi
[9:53 PM] loki1001: HA!
[9:53 PM] sll03: ZING!
[9:53 PM] tabernacle: paperball
[9:53 PM] mustard_trousers: Niiice
[9:53 PM] seffi: Crap, I forgot I was keeping copy/paste record
[9:53 PM] loki1001: Ewww, vomit!
[9:53 PM] tabernacle: OOH
[9:53 PM] tabernacle: color
[9:53 PM] eviljeff: I'll do it
[9:53 PM] tabernacle: I want seffina's aqua
[9:53 PM] automatic_taglines: d: why the black man have to be on the other side of the bus? that's racist!!!!
[9:53 PM] tabernacle: HAHAHAH
[9:54 PM] mustard_trousers: Is it wrong that I'm becoming slightly flustered by Keanu calling Sandra "mam"? 
[9:54 PM] seffi: I’ve until  [4:36 PM] mustard_trousers: ok, is the man writing the "BOMB ON BUS" note now?
[9:54 PM] mustard_trousers: It's just too damn charming
[9:54 PM] tabernacle: That's… positionist!
[9:54 PM] loki1001: Ohhh… Keanu….
[9:54 PM] seffi: It's very charming
[9:54 PM] seffi: I wish you all would call me mam
[9:54 PM] sll03: It definitey is.
[9:54 PM] tabernacle: Don
[9:54 PM] loki1001: Allow me to swoon in your muscular pecs.
[9:54 PM] tabernacle: done
[9:54 PM] eviljeff: I have everything
[9:54 PM] sll03: I think this is awakening something in seffina…
[9:54 PM] mustard_trousers: Will do, mam!
[9:54 PM] eviljeff: ON NOTEPAD, COME ONNNN
[9:54 PM] tabernacle: Mam!
[9:54 PM] loki1001: You can't, you are driving the bus!
[9:54 PM] seffi: She says Annie all charming-ly
[9:55 PM] mustard_trousers: Annie? As opposed to Mam?
[9:55 PM] tabernacle: I can never remember where the apostrophe and the As go in ma'am.
[9:55 PM] eviljeff: Miladay?
[9:55 PM] loki1001: ma'am.
[9:55 PM] automatic_taglines: well if we bomb 'merica then yes
[9:55 PM] sll03: Milord.
[9:55 PM] tabernacle: ty
[9:55 PM] seffi: come on keanu
[9:55 PM] tabernacle: ACT!
[9:55 PM] seffi: you're supposed to give a smirk
[9:55 PM] seffi: at that
[9:55 PM] automatictaglines changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[9:55 PM] tabernacle: Underscored!
[9:55 PM] tabernacle: DISQUSed!
[9:55 PM] eviljeff: aw yeah, you specify that username
[9:56 PM] sll03: You and your fancy underscores!
[9:56 PM] tabernacle: If I see Auto_Dads log in I'll be tickled.
[9:56 PM] automatic_taglines: I looks better tht w/ it
[9:56 PM] seffi: I hope Auto_Mom doesn't .. she might spoil me for the end of this movie
[9:56 PM] fezdispenser: lucky there are no non-speed fans here, this would all probably just be gibberish to them
[9:56 PM] seffi: :P
[9:56 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[9:56 PM] eviljeff: You're maiking me thing the whole family are robots
[9:56 PM] tabernacle: Game of Thrones!
[9:56 PM] sll03: ha!
[9:56 PM] automatic_taglines left the room.
[9:56 PM] fezdispenser: ha seffi
[9:57 PM] guest-23812 entered the room.
[9:57 PM] guest-23812 changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[9:57 PM] tabernacle: This. Man. Has. No. Time.
[9:57 PM] eviljeff: back in a few. Need a smoothie.
[9:57 PM] sll03: Wildcat.
[9:57 PM] sll03: Take note.
[9:57 PM] tabernacle: kk
[9:57 PM] seffi: not from Kentucky!
[9:57 PM] seffi: funny you just slipped baddie
[9:57 PM] tabernacle: My name is Ortiz!
[9:57 PM] guest-23872 entered the room.
[9:58 PM] guest-23872 changed nickname to lloydtraven
[9:58 PM] tabernacle: (to appeal to the Latino voters)
[9:58 PM] lloydtraven: LAME
[9:58 PM] sll03: lol
[9:58 PM] automatic_taglines: what about the rest of us
[9:58 PM] automatic_taglines: like this color better
[9:58 PM] tabernacle: me too
[9:58 PM] seffi: little closer, little closer
[9:58 PM] seffi: oh yes
[9:58 PM] tabernacle: fuschia>
[9:58 PM] tabernacle: ?
[9:58 PM] seffi: too close too close
[9:58 PM] loki1001: This movie is so dirty.
[9:58 PM] seffi: one more time
[9:58 PM] seffi: little more, steady
[9:58 PM] seffi: steady
[9:58 PM] tabernacle: -na
[9:58 PM] sll03: I think it's us who are dirty.
[9:59 PM] seffi: geez, he's a talker
[9:59 PM] mustard_trousers: I have always hated this bitch. HELEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? 
[9:59 PM] loki1001: So many lines sound like comercials for 900 numbers.
[9:59 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[9:59 PM] lloydtraven: fucking helen
[9:59 PM] mustard_trousers: (I hope I'm vaguely at the same point as you guys)
[9:59 PM] sll03: I'm with you Colonel.
[9:59 PM] tabernacle: helen!
[9:59 PM] sll03: She's an idiot.
[9:59 PM] seffi: where else have I seen helen?
[9:59 PM] automatic_taglines: she terrifies me mustrd trous
[9:59 PM] sll03: But to be fair, what the hell are those cops doing encouraging her? 
[9:59 PM] mustard_trousers: she's been in lots of things, that I can't remember
[9:59 PM] tabernacle: another kerfufuffle started by he
[9:59 PM] loki1001: No! Not Fred's mommy!
[9:59 PM] tabernacle: len
[9:59 PM] mustard_trousers: yeah, those cops are silly billys
[9:59 PM] loki1001: She was Fred's mom in Angel.
[10:00 PM] eviljeff: Asian. Can't act, can't drive
[10:00 PM] tabernacle: OMG
[10:00 PM] mustard_trousers: I never saw Angel (sorry)
[10:00 PM] automatic_taglines: that's racist 
[10:00 PM] loki1001: And she played one of Jaye's neighbors on Wonderfalls, and later on Pushing Dasies.
[10:00 PM] mustard_trousers: but I see an angel in you, ma'am!
[10:00 PM] lloydtraven: they didnt hear jack the first time. there are no holes in this movie
[10:00 PM] lloydtraven left the room.
[10:00 PM] seffi: if you only knew how interactive the future would be
[10:00 PM] tabernacle: Violinists everywhere are pissed at you, EIL JEFF!
[10:00 PM] automatic_taglines: she was in Donnie Darko
[10:00 PM] seffi: look at us all interacting while watching you
[10:00 PM] eviljeff: did you guys just pass "interactive tv"?
[10:00 PM] loki1001: Oh, that's right, she was the Gym teacher who never taught Gym.
[10:01 PM] seffi: yes, eviljeff, I GOTTA WIFE
[10:01 PM] tabernacle: lol
[10:01 PM] automatic_taglines changed nickname to automatic_dads
[10:01 PM] tabernacle: YAY!
[10:01 PM] tabernacle: idnot
[10:01 PM] eviljeff: yes
[10:01 PM] seffi: What are these BRICKS
[10:01 PM] automatic_taglines: shut up you crackhead
[10:01 PM] tabernacle: HAHAHAHA
[10:01 PM] loki1001: Poor Sandra.
[10:01 PM] eviljeff: what?!
[10:01 PM] eviljeff: hahahaha
[10:01 PM] sll03: Aw. All Annie's look so sad/cute when they cry.
[10:01 PM] mustard_trousers: this is amazing hahaha
[10:02 PM] loki1001: Look at Keanu.
[10:02 PM] loki1001: LOOK AT HIM EMOTE!
[10:02 PM] seffi: I remember in mid 90s
[10:02 PM] eviljeff: I'm looking!
[10:02 PM] seffi: kids in school would argue about if meg ryan or sandra was cuter
[10:02 PM] tabernacle: This is too awesome
[10:02 PM] loki1001: Feel the acting radiating off him.
[10:02 PM] tabernacle: we got Auto_Dads
[10:02 PM] seffi: Look how cutely she says Big Asshole
[10:02 PM] automatic_taglines: Annie its your fault that woman died
[10:02 PM] sll03: I vote Sandra.
[10:02 PM] loki1001: I'm team Sandra.
[10:02 PM] guest-24064 entered the room.
[10:03 PM] guest-24064 changed nickname to lloydtraven
[10:03 PM] lloydtraven: sigh
[10:03 PM] tabernacle: puce!
[10:03 PM] seffi: I'm pretty
[10:03 PM] eviljeff: poor lloyd, trapped in a perputual cycle of shitty internets
[10:03 PM] loki1001: But are you witty and wise?
[10:03 PM] automatic_taglines: what a section it's not the map
[10:03 PM] sll03: How big?
[10:03 PM] sll03: *raises eyebrows*
[10:03 PM] tabernacle: We're thisclose to sectionals.
[10:03 PM] seffi: HOW BIG? Truth or DARE
[10:04 PM] sll03: seffina, we are dirty people. 
[10:04 PM] sll03: It's awesome.
[10:04 PM] tabernacle: how big is the gap?!
[10:04 PM] automatic_taglines: he said we're gonna die
[10:04 PM] mustard_trousers: how big is a GAP?!
[10:04 PM] mustard_trousers: jinx, Tabby!
[10:04 PM] tabernacle: jinx!
[10:04 PM] loki1001: So dirty.
[10:04 PM] mustard_trousers: no no, you can't talk now
[10:04 PM] eviljeff: heads down as you penetrate the gap
[10:04 PM] seffi: Floor
[10:04 PM] seffi: ?
[10:04 PM] seffi: It?
[10:04 PM] eviljeff: ewww
[10:04 PM] automatic_dads changed nickname to automatic_taglines
[10:04 PM] sll03: tablernacle, tabernacle, tabernacle. Now you can talk!
[10:04 PM] lloydtraven: give that passenger an oscar
[10:04 PM] mustard_trousers: didn't Mythbusters bust this shit? I wish they didn't, because I love the bridge jump
[10:05 PM] fezdispenser: whoooo's gonnnna die?
[10:05 PM] seffi: heads down, y'all
[10:05 PM] tabernacle: heh
[10:05 PM] sll03: tehe
[10:05 PM] tabernacle: I was holding it in
[10:05 PM] automatic_taglines: half the dialog is the same four phrases
[10:05 PM] lloydtraven: its hilarious how the bus lifts itself before jumping
[10:05 PM] mustard_trousers: SLL you are a hero, I'm glad you are in my army
[10:05 PM] tabernacle: SCully!
[10:05 PM] eviljeff: "make bus go fast"
[10:05 PM] tabernacle: Mulder!
[10:05 PM] seffi: It's the 90s
[10:05 PM] seffi: they jused a lot of hairspray
[10:05 PM] lloydtraven: the dialouge is perfect
[10:05 PM] sll03: Does this mean I'm your private?
[10:05 PM] sll03: tehe
[10:06 PM] sll03: again, sorry!
[10:06 PM] tabernacle: I actually went to see this movie with  a physics professor
[10:06 PM] mustard_trousers: don't apologise for being saucy, EVER
[10:06 PM] tabernacle: he did not enjoy the jumping bus thing
[10:06 PM] automatic_taglines: how do you bunny hop a bus
[10:06 PM] seffi: I saw it with my cousin
[10:06 PM] eviljeff: private private *salute*
[10:06 PM] sll03: Duly noted, Colonel! *salutes*
[10:06 PM] seffi: it only goes up to 70?
[10:06 PM] eviljeff: my cat is literally clawing at the bus
[10:06 PM] lloydtraven: hahaha
[10:06 PM] loki1001: GO BUS GO!
[10:06 PM] eviljeff: what a twist that would be
[10:07 PM] mustard_trousers: that was a ridiculous jump
[10:07 PM] lloydtraven: BIRDS EYES VIEW OF LACROSSE
[10:07 PM] tabernacle: aye
[10:07 PM] mustard_trousers: but amazing
[10:07 PM] sll03: Lloyd, you're totally right: the bus goes up! Never noticed that before.
[10:07 PM] seffi: That's the general idea
[10:07 PM] loki1001: There's no incline on the long shots.
[10:07 PM] mustard_trousers: General Idea *salutes*
[10:07 PM] automatic_taglines: I call shenanigins
[10:07 PM] sll03: I always wondered if when the chief says 'let's go' he means 'let's go over the gap'.
[10:07 PM] tabernacle: shenanigans!
[10:07 PM] eviljeff: General Idea *salutes*
[10:07 PM] loki1001: Awww, he's cleaning her up.
[10:08 PM] tabernacle: Loki is my color-brother.
[10:08 PM] guest-24226 entered the room.
[10:08 PM] sll03: General Idea *salutes*
[10:08 PM] lloydtraven: i like how annie has to ask twice. its hard to tell with keanu
[10:08 PM] loki1001: Kick ass.
[10:08 PM] automatic_taglines: you scratched you head annie 
[10:08 PM] tabernacle: bravo tango!
[10:08 PM] tabernacle: bravo bravo tango tango
[10:08 PM] tabernacle: bazing!
[10:09 PM] automatic_taglines: 'nac thanks for the spell check
[10:09 PM] tabernacle: * tango bravo bravo tango
[10:09 PM] loki1001: Ha, tourist guy.
[10:09 PM] eviljeff: what a card
[10:09 PM] seffi: where are we at? scene wise? my cat turned it off by mistake
[10:09 PM] mustard_trousers: tourist guy is classic, he gets all the laughs
[10:09 PM] tabernacle: ah wasn't meant as such — i'm not even sure of the spelling
[10:09 PM] guest-24226 left the room.
[10:09 PM] lloydtraven: 1:09:20
[10:09 PM] sll03: Me too, Lloyd.
[10:09 PM] automatic_taglines: did he say fairy
[10:10 PM] sll03: Why doesn't he just hold the phone to his other ear?
[10:10 PM] tabernacle: this is my thought
[10:10 PM] mustard_trousers: YES, SLL! I always wondered that
[10:10 PM] eviljeff: keeps him on his toes
[10:10 PM] eviljeff: or something
[10:11 PM] automatic_taglines: that is so awkward (the phone thing)
[10:11 PM] sll03: Right?
[10:11 PM] tabernacle: aye
[10:11 PM] tabernacle: switch ears!
[10:11 PM] sll03: Maybe he has a bad ear.
[10:11 PM] tabernacle: wut?
[10:11 PM] mustard_trousers: Sandra Bullock is so pretty in this film
[10:11 PM] loki1001: Do you think that's a good idea?
[10:11 PM] loki1001: Remember when she was a major star?
[10:11 PM] mustard_trousers: Major Star *salutes*
[10:11 PM] lloydtraven: mustard, I AGREE. *slow claps*
[10:11 PM] sll03: Major Star *salutes*
[10:11 PM] loki1001: What was the last big thing she did? The Blind Side?
[10:12 PM] eviljeff: Major Star *salutes*
[10:12 PM] automatic_taglines: quit it with the fuck me eyes you have a bus to drive
[10:12 PM] tabernacle: lol
[10:12 PM] sll03: Also Extremely Bad And Incredibly Annoying.
[10:12 PM] lloydtraven: my penis
[10:12 PM] mustard_trousers: hahaha "I'm telling you honey, he's somewhere jerking off!" 
[10:12 PM] tabernacle: loud and close
[10:12 PM] sll03: But I still love Sandra. She's a great lady.
[10:12 PM] loki1001: She keeps people in check.
[10:12 PM] tabernacle: i'm not spellchecking this either just agreeing
[10:13 PM] loki1001: So they won't cross the yellow line.
[10:13 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:13 PM] eviljeff: hark at the human go kart
[10:13 PM] lloydtraven: don't get dead
[10:13 PM] automatic_taglines: sorry 'NAC I'm such a bitch
[10:13 PM] automatic_taglines: …sometimes
[10:13 PM] seffi: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:13 PM] tabernacle: "In a world
[10:13 PM] tabernacle: where buses don't stop
[10:13 PM] loki1001: DRAMATIC MUSIC!
[10:13 PM] sll03: Have faith sister!
[10:13 PM] tabernacle: nah not at all!
[10:14 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:14 PM] tabernacle: i just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was
[10:14 PM] loki1001: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:14 PM] sll03: What is this 'group whiteboard' business?
[10:14 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:14 PM] loki1001: I think it's so we can draw pretty pictures.
[10:14 PM] eviljeff: top right of the chatroom window
[10:14 PM] mustard_trousers: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:14 PM] sll03: Pictures?!?
[10:15 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:15 PM] tabernacle: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:15 PM] sll03: YAY! I do not own this.
[10:15 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:15 PM] lloydtraven: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:15 PM] eviljeff: it's not loading for me :(
[10:15 PM] loki1001: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:15 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:16 PM] lloydtraven: i just drew an i with a liddle widdy bitty circle
[10:16 PM] sll03: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:16 PM] seffi: sorry
[10:16 PM] seffi: I ruined it all
[10:16 PM] eviljeff: started a YouTube-video: leonard likes this post
[10:16 PM] tabernacle: hee
[10:17 PM] mustard_trousers: hahaha eviljeff
[10:17 PM] seffi: lol
[10:17 PM] loki1001: OH no! Poor Keanu!
[10:17 PM] mustard_trousers: well played
[10:17 PM] tabernacle: lol
[10:17 PM] eviljeff: started a YouTube-video: Community – Annie – Yay
[10:17 PM] lloydtraven: keanu just needed another challenge
[10:17 PM] seffi: no wonder he couldn't do anything
[10:17 PM] eviljeff: ha
[10:17 PM] sll03: I made a smiley face.
[10:17 PM] seffi: after this movie
[10:17 PM] automatic_taglines: started a YouTube-video: Community – Annie – Yay
[10:17 PM] seffi: he got hit pretty hard
[10:17 PM] lloydtraven: whoa IDNOT
[10:17 PM] tabernacle: TWSS!
[10:18 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:18 PM] loki1001: Good Keanu is okay.
[10:18 PM] sll03: HOLD HIS LEGS!!
[10:18 PM] loki1001: "Hold my legs"
[10:18 PM] loki1001: So many dirty lines.
[10:18 PM] mustard_trousers: Sandra Bullock calling Keanu a jerk is still so sweet
[10:18 PM] loki1001: It couldn't be unintentional.
[10:18 PM] sll03: It really is.
[10:18 PM] tabernacle: complete jerk = 
[10:18 PM] tabernacle: annie line
[10:18 PM] mustard_trousers: whoah, true that
[10:18 PM] tabernacle: cojones!
[10:18 PM] mustard_trousers: that's….really gross
[10:19 PM] seffi: cojones are gross?
[10:19 PM] mustard_trousers: oh no, I can't handle this scene coming up
[10:19 PM] lloydtraven: that dress and hair is annie too
[10:19 PM] eviljeff: the soldiers are snooping around suburbia like perverts for me now
[10:19 PM] tabernacle: Is anyone losing gas?
[10:19 PM] tabernacle: or loosing?
[10:19 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:19 PM] sll03: We're just gonna call her Annie 2, from Earth 2, circa 1994.
[10:19 PM] seffi: *holds mustard_trousers hands*
[10:20 PM] mustard_trousers: *grasps tightly*
[10:20 PM] mustard_trousers: HARRY NO
[10:20 PM] tabernacle: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:20 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:20 PM] mustard_trousers: :(
[10:20 PM] loki1001: Sneaking around. Stepping on people's flowers.
[10:20 PM] sll03: :(
[10:20 PM] sll03: Are you okay Colonel?
[10:21 PM] automatic_taglines: started a YouTube-video: Nuclear Explosion
[10:21 PM] sll03: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:21 PM] mustard_trousers: I just…I…how are they gonna make Dumb and Dumber 2?
[10:21 PM] loki1001: EXPLOSIONS!
[10:21 PM] automatic_taglines: Noooooo……………
[10:21 PM] tabernacle: nuclear. BOMBS!
[10:21 PM] mustard_trousers: CRISIS ALERT
[10:21 PM] eviljeff: NUCLEAR FAMILIES
[10:21 PM] tabernacle: heh
[10:22 PM] seffi: *kisses someone*
[10:22 PM] eviljeff: APU FROM THE SIMPSONS
[10:22 PM] tabernacle: all tomato
[10:22 PM] seffi: I thought I would get tot he end
[10:22 PM] loki1001: The Wildcat!
[10:22 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:22 PM] sll03: NUCLEAR BOMBS.
[10:22 PM] eviljeff: okay I'll try one more time
[10:23 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:23 PM] tabernacle: rorshack!
[10:23 PM] sll03: angst, angst, angst….
[10:23 PM] lloydtraven: jack is so hot when hes changry
[10:23 PM] loki1001: Oh Keanu!
[10:23 PM] tabernacle: Changst!
[10:23 PM] sll03: Nice one, 'nac!
[10:23 PM] loki1001: And then he smiles and you just melt.
[10:23 PM] tabernacle: anyone know how to spell rorschackchchc?
[10:23 PM] eviljeff: rorschach
[10:23 PM] loki1001: Why is that one woman dressed like it is 1952?
[10:23 PM] eviljeff: I think
[10:23 PM] tabernacle: ty
[10:24 PM] tabernacle: =)
[10:24 PM] lloydtraven: when has arizona ever had a good football team? ONLY inaccuracy in the movie
[10:24 PM] mustard_trousers: haha, cold blooded Lloyd
[10:24 PM] automatic_taglines: I wonder what a flood of spam would look like
[10:24 PM] tabernacle: Needs more Swayze.
[10:24 PM] mustard_trousers: too soon, Tabby!
[10:24 PM] tabernacle: ::nods::
[10:25 PM] sll03: It's weird, because then him having a camera on the bus would've been crazy.
[10:25 PM] sll03: But now, it's like the first thing the cops would think to check.
[10:25 PM] mustard_trousers: Homer Simpson perfected this video technique
[10:25 PM] seffi: damn it feels good to be a gangsta
[10:25 PM] automatic_taglines: only mad men own manniquins (sp) ex. chang
[10:25 PM] eviljeff: That sounds like the start of a Jeff Winger post-911 speech
[10:25 PM] loki1001: Frell, now busses have wireless internet.
[10:26 PM] tabernacle: the board is looking like art now
[10:26 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:26 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:26 PM] loki1001: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:26 PM] seffi: we're totally playing pictionary
[10:26 PM] lloydtraven: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:26 PM] tabernacle: rem i cheat
[10:26 PM] mustard_trousers: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:26 PM] seffi: Oh, I remember.  It makes the stakes even lower
[10:26 PM] automatic_taglines: started a YouTube-video: Office Space Gangsta
[10:26 PM] seffi: and you know me
[10:26 PM] tabernacle: heh
[10:26 PM] seffi: I low it low
[10:27 PM] eviljeff: closed the YouTube-video.
[10:27 PM] eviljeff: SCREW YOU AUTO TAGS
[10:27 PM] eviljeff: MWAHAHA
[10:27 PM] fezdispenser: love that song…in an ironic way?
[10:27 PM] tabernacle: Evil Jeff has gone evil!
[10:27 PM] automatic_taglines: You suck Evil Jeff
[10:27 PM] seffi: General Statement
[10:27 PM] fezdispenser: nah just normal way
[10:27 PM] sll03: General Statement *salutes*
[10:27 PM] fezdispenser: *salutes* General Statement
[10:27 PM] loki1001: *salute*
[10:27 PM] tabernacle: heh!
[10:28 PM] eviljeff: *salutes*
[10:28 PM] mustard_trousers: General Statement *salutes*
[10:28 PM] automatic_taglines: you you and you look like prostitutes
[10:28 PM] sll03: I feel like that may become our new meme.
[10:28 PM] loki1001: 1950s lady!
[10:28 PM] tabernacle: on the DL
[10:28 PM] lloydtraven: watch your step cameron
[10:28 PM] tabernacle: on t
[10:28 PM] sll03: Even though it's kinda stolen.
[10:28 PM] tabernacle: on the dean low
[10:28 PM] fezdispenser: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:28 PM] seffi: Liked
[10:28 PM] sll03: Poor Cameron. It's just not his day.
[10:29 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:29 PM] tabernacle: more ppl should be named UTah
[10:29 PM] seffi: He's not in Egypt
[10:29 PM] loki1001: He got a nice hug though~
[10:29 PM] automatic_taglines: his knees
[10:29 PM] tabernacle: ouch
[10:29 PM] eviljeff: they're the bees knees
[10:29 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:29 PM] tabernacle: there will be miracles
[10:29 PM] tabernacle: if you believe!
[10:29 PM] tabernacle: tho hope is frell
[10:29 PM] sll03: Aw. Whitney Houston.
[10:29 PM] tabernacle: r.i.p.
[10:30 PM] lloydtraven: this is so hot
[10:30 PM] sll03: Guys, guys: they have some sparks between them!
[10:30 PM] sll03: Tehe.
[10:30 PM] eviljeff: AIRPLANE SPLOSION
[10:30 PM] tabernacle: lol
[10:30 PM] mustard_trousers: wow
[10:30 PM] eviljeff: from like 10 different agles
[10:30 PM] tabernacle: Walt White and Pinkman have chemistry. FA
[10:30 PM] loki1001: SO ROMANTIC!
[10:30 PM] eviljeff: HAHAHA
[10:30 PM] tabernacle: face!
[10:30 PM] lloydtraven: 1:30:30?
[10:30 PM] seffi: seee movie should end now lloyd
[10:30 PM] seffi: but nooooooooooooooooooooo
[10:30 PM] seffi: just kiddean
[10:30 PM] tabernacle: 89 minutes!
[10:30 PM] lloydtraven: yup
[10:30 PM] loki1001: Who has a craapy black plane?
[10:31 PM] lloydtraven: deathblows are not over yet
[10:31 PM] loki1001: EXPLOSIONS!
[10:31 PM] fezdispenser: go get 'em deathblow!
[10:31 PM] sll03: You'd think they would've moved all those pesky planes away from the death bus.
[10:31 PM] eviljeff: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:31 PM] mustard_trousers: this just in: Sandra Bullock hates the airport
[10:31 PM] lloydtraven: the producers bought that plane for 80k just to blow it up
[10:31 PM] lloydtraven: i learned that from AMC
[10:31 PM] automatic_taglines: joined the group whiteboard.
[10:31 PM] loki1001: It's like a Michael Bay movie but not completely shitty.
[10:31 PM] sll03: Snap!
[10:31 PM] tabernacle: and less midriff
[10:31 PM] lloydtraven: that hurts, shirley
[10:31 PM] seffi: don't cry annie
[10:31 PM] eviljeff: If it were a michael bay movie there would be a stereotype dancing in the background
[10:31 PM] tabernacle: watchoo talkin bout
[10:32 PM] seffi: and I just nod my head like a dummy
[10:32 PM] sll03: ….Willis?
[10:32 PM] automatic_taglines: started a YouTube-video: BIG Explosions
[10:32 PM] tabernacle: heh
[10:32 PM] sll03: closed the YouTube-video.
[10:32 PM] eviljeff: HA
[10:32 PM] mustard_trousers: dammit Taglines!
[10:32 PM] tabernacle: = YOU WILL NOT BE IN 
[10:32 PM] tabernacle: THE SEQUEL
[10:32 PM] loki1001: Keanu raised just one eyebrow there.
[10:32 PM] eviljeff: talented
[10:32 PM] mustard_trousers: he's like The Rock
[10:33 PM] mustard_trousers: do you smell what Keanu is cooking?
[10:33 PM] tabernacle: geology jokes!
[10:33 PM] automatic_taglines: the sky is so blue it looks like a chlorine pool
[10:33 PM] tabernacle: lol
[10:33 PM] eviljeff: like The Rock Johnson or an actual rock? [CHEAPJOKE]oh well, they're the same thing[/CHEAP
[10:33 PM] eviljeff: JOKE]
[10:33 PM] loki1001: Oh LA skyline.
[10:33 PM] sll03: Well played, Evil Jeff.
[10:34 PM] mustard_trousers: oh Evil Jeff
[10:34 PM] seffi: Ididn't know you could see the sky in LA
[10:34 PM] loki1001: This movie has made me want to live the glamerous and exicting life of bus driving when I
[10:34 PM] loki1001: grow up.
[10:34 PM] tabernacle: Chipped Rocks: Starring Eric Strata
[10:34 PM] sll03: ZING!
[10:34 PM] lloydtraven: this is the same barbershop the used in Coming to America
[10:34 PM] automatic_taglines: no more bus but still more movie
[10:34 PM] lloydtraven: that's not true
[10:34 PM] eviljeff: so baddie just went NO, NOOO
[10:35 PM] mustard_trousers: Sandra Bullock is actually played by Eddie Murphy
[10:35 PM] tabernacle: The busless portions of this movie are less good.
[10:35 PM] sll03: Agreed.
[10:35 PM] loki1001: He's so talented.
[10:35 PM] tabernacle: But this is more fun to snark on than DIE HArd
[10:35 PM] loki1001: Speaking of which, remember that movie White Chicks?
[10:35 PM] sll03: Unfortunately, yes, I do.
[10:35 PM] eviljeff: guys Remedial Chaos Theory got nominated for a hugo
[10:35 PM] mustard_trousers: I never saw it, but yes
[10:35 PM] lloydtraven: die hard reminds you of other terrible movies?
[10:35 PM] automatic_taglines: yep.
[10:35 PM] sll03: Only good part was Busy Phillips had a job.
[10:36 PM] loki1001: Dennis Hopper: NO NOOOOOOOO
[10:36 PM] seffi: Really?
[10:36 PM] seffi: Really?
[10:36 PM] lloydtraven: white chicks is a lot like die hard now that i think about it
[10:36 PM] tabernacle: rly?
[10:36 PM] seffi: on the hugo thing
[10:36 PM] eviljeff: yes
[10:36 PM] tabernacle: !
[10:36 PM] sll03: Damn Lloyd, you really hate Die Hard, eh?
[10:36 PM] loki1001: Of course he's late. His watch exploded on the bus.
[10:36 PM] mustard_trousers: what is wrong with Die Hard, Lloyd? Is this going to be another Barenaked Ladies argument?
[10:36 PM] tabernacle: lol
[10:37 PM] sll03: Another weird thing: why didn't they have the tracker ON to begin with?
[10:37 PM] automatic_taglines: his fake hand is terriffying 
[10:37 PM] fezdispenser: cool. cool cool cool.  we're up against 3 doctor whos and an acceptance speech it seems
[10:37 PM] automatic_taglines: I can't spell
[10:37 PM] tabernacle: maybe he could get a Buster hook
[10:37 PM] seffi: pop quiz, asshole, it's annie
[10:37 PM] loki1001: Freeze Police!
[10:37 PM] lloydtraven: they'll get cold
[10:37 PM] mustard_trousers: Keanu's raspy voice is amazing
[10:37 PM] seffi: oh no
[10:38 PM] eviljeff: OH SHIT
[10:38 PM] loki1001: Oh, the DRAMA!
[10:38 PM] automatic_taglines: what do you do what do you do
[10:38 PM] fezdispenser: beautiful pitch from loki and lloyd knocks it out of the park
[10:38 PM] tabernacle: shoot the hostage!
[10:38 PM] sll03: ANGST!
[10:39 PM] tabernacle: monlogue!
[10:39 PM] tabernacle: mono*
[10:39 PM] eviljeff: DOH
[10:39 PM] mustard_trousers: monorail
[10:39 PM] eviljeff: yep
[10:39 PM] tabernacle: mono
[10:39 PM] lloydtraven: really cool camera sequence coming up
[10:39 PM] sll03: I use that as my basis for what 'eccentric' means.
[10:39 PM] eviljeff: do they switch off? *smarmy expression*
[10:39 PM] seffi: I need a yippee-ki-yay in here.  
[10:40 PM] loki1001: From elevator to bus to train.
[10:40 PM] eviljeff: whatever next? a boat?
[10:40 PM] sll03: Transportation is taking a pounding in this movie.
[10:40 PM] automatic_taglines: this guy kust has to blow up public transpotation
[10:40 PM] lloydtraven: dont you see, it's a metaphor
[10:40 PM] automatic_taglines: *transportation
[10:41 PM] automatic_taglines: *just
[10:41 PM] seffi: a bowler hat with another bowler hat
[10:41 PM] eviljeff: I would make an inception joke but I'm not aiming THAT low
[10:41 PM] tabernacle: Get me a (deadman) switch!
[10:41 PM] seffi: I think you're mixing up in with con
[10:41 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[10:41 PM] tabernacle: conception lol
[10:42 PM] loki1001: Women! Wth their hysteria!
[10:42 PM] eviljeff: Ha!
[10:42 PM] tabernacle: uteruses aamirite?
[10:42 PM] lloydtraven: this movie is about the self-perpetuating nature of failed public works
[10:42 PM] sll03: He sounded like Pierce just then.
[10:42 PM] automatic_taglines: I think the guy is an Ayn Rand fan.  He hates public things
[10:42 PM] lloydtraven: instead of going up, we go down
[10:42 PM] eviljeff: *wink wink*
[10:42 PM] tabernacle: uteri?
[10:42 PM] seffi: So SEXY.  Archer didn't do this justice
[10:42 PM] tabernacle: They are in a zone of danger now.
[10:42 PM] sll03: The allusion to the subway lights…
[10:42 PM] mustard_trousers: By the way, I was watching an Alison Brie interview, and she said she has family in Dysart
[10:43 PM] mustard_trousers: Dysart is a suburb of my town in Scotland! 
[10:43 PM] eviljeff: OH GOD PURPLE PAINT
[10:43 PM] mustard_trousers: I want some Brie genes/jeans!
[10:43 PM] tabernacle: ah cool!
[10:43 PM] eviljeff: MY ONLY WEAKNESS
[10:43 PM] tabernacle: heh
[10:43 PM] lloydtraven: WATCH IT, JEFF
[10:43 PM] seffi: lol
[10:43 PM] sll03: The ink is a symbol, Evil Jeff. 
[10:43 PM] automatic_taglines: lolololololloololol
[10:43 PM] seffi: This movie is too long! I need a bathroom break. 
[10:43 PM] tabernacle: for corporations! 
[10:43 PM] tabernacle: ink = inc
[10:43 PM] tabernacle: Britta!
[10:43 PM] sll03: Armond could probably lament about it.
[10:44 PM] eviljeff: haha
[10:44 PM] eviljeff: Now you made me miss Dave
[10:44 PM] lloydtraven: dennis hopper just got some solutions sprayed on his face
[10:44 PM] automatic_taglines: purple=aristocracy
[10:44 PM] mustard_trousers: Hopper really can't afford to lose his head here
[10:44 PM] sll03: …. wait for it….
[10:44 PM] lloydtraven: its all a metaphor people
[10:44 PM] sll03: ….wait for it…..
[10:44 PM] lloydtraven: boom
[10:44 PM] tabernacle: because squid ink was rare 
[10:44 PM] eviljeff: OH SHIT
[10:44 PM] tabernacle: and therefore expensive
[10:44 PM] lloydtraven: AND IT'S STILL NOT OVER
[10:45 PM] eviljeff: This movie has about 5 endings
[10:45 PM] tabernacle: return of the king!
[10:45 PM] sll03: Give or take.
[10:45 PM] loki1001: PUN!
[10:45 PM] seffi: It's like LOTR 
[10:45 PM] seffi: too slow
[10:45 PM] seffi: I'll just show myself out
[10:45 PM] eviljeff: Go away
[10:45 PM] tabernacle: =
[10:45 PM] automatic_taglines: the movie can't stop or it will blow up
[10:45 PM] tabernacle: ha!
[10:45 PM] seffi: lol
[10:45 PM] mustard_trousers: haha
[10:45 PM] lloydtraven: like
[10:45 PM] sll03: I did find the whole "the track is unfinished" thing a bit overdone.
[10:45 PM] loki1001: Why is no LA tranport routs finished?
[10:46 PM] seffi: Six seasons and 50 endings to a movie
[10:46 PM] lloydtraven: NO YOU DIDNT SLL
[10:46 PM] lloydtraven: you found it a fitting climax
[10:46 PM] seffi: I know, I thought that was a Chicago thing
[10:46 PM] sll03: Hee.
[10:46 PM] sll03: 'fittinig climax'.
[10:46 PM] seffi: you know two seasons, winter and construction
[10:46 PM] tabernacle: "fitting climax" lol
[10:46 PM] lloydtraven: for the train to crash out onto the street
[10:46 PM] seffi: It doesn't fit, Lloyd, it doesn't fit
[10:46 PM] automatic_taglines: kick the pole
[10:46 PM] eviljeff: fitting climax *salutes?*
[10:47 PM] sll03: I still thought it was really cool though, Lloyd!
[10:47 PM] tabernacle: that's how WWII started
[10:47 PM] seffi: *salutes*
[10:47 PM] tabernacle: (kick the hPole)
[10:47 PM] mustard_trousers: *salutes*
[10:47 PM] sll03: Just, y'know, they'd already gone to that well, that's all.
[10:47 PM] automatic_taglines: I gonna speed it up.
[10:47 PM] eviljeff: YEAH NOW DANCE
[10:47 PM] seffi: but see there's a curve this time
[10:47 PM] seffi: There was a twist!
[10:48 PM] sll03: slow clap for seffina
[10:48 PM] lloydtraven: is that a dirty joke?
[10:48 PM] automatic_taglines: time has slowed so we can have more speed
[10:48 PM] lloydtraven: this looks like a ride at universal studios
[10:49 PM] tabernacle: What's the inifinitive for the past-tense "speed"? 'To spe"?
[10:49 PM] eviljeff: your mom is a ride at universal studios
[10:49 PM] mustard_trousers: ooooooh!
[10:49 PM] lloydtraven: assist!
[10:49 PM] automatic_taglines: why did they warn the subway track workers
[10:49 PM] sll03: Burn!
[10:49 PM] seffi: chang
[10:49 PM] tabernacle: BOOM< roasted!
[10:49 PM] loki1001: It's so romantic.
[10:49 PM] seffi: space odyssey
[10:50 PM] sll03: Aww.
[10:50 PM] automatic_taglines: she's finally off the pole
[10:50 PM] sll03: And yet they're not together in Speed 2.
[10:50 PM] tabernacle: LOL
[10:50 PM] tabernacle: A stri
[10:50 PM] lloydtraven: that was so hot
[10:50 PM] tabernacle: a stripper's tale
[10:50 PM] seffi: I guess the sex didn't turn out to be that good
[10:50 PM] mustard_trousers: Billy Idol, man
[10:50 PM] lloydtraven: THE SEX WAS GREAT!
[10:50 PM] seffi: probably cause Keanu just loved Speed too much
[10:50 PM] mustard_trousers: it's about time they had a private moment
[10:51 PM] mustard_trousers: *set up*
[10:51 PM] tabernacle: HA!
[10:51 PM] loki1001: Hehehe.
[10:51 PM] fezdispenser: Yeah, take that Billy Idol…*who is that?*
[10:51 PM] seffi: Priavte *salute*
[10:51 PM] seffi: Private
[10:51 PM] seffi: whatever
[10:51 PM] fezdispenser: private moment salute
[10:51 PM] sll03: *salute*
[10:51 PM] seffi: I need to eat
[10:51 PM] eviljeff: *salute*
[10:51 PM] mustard_trousers: *salute*
[10:51 PM] tabernacle: bio breaks and then pictionary?
[10:51 PM] eviljeff: started a YouTube-video: Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
[10:52 PM] automatic_taglines: its credit sre rolling but it's not ove
[10:52 PM] sll03: Oh Jeff. 
[10:52 PM] seffi: sounds good
[10:52 PM] mustard_trousers: closed the YouTube-video.
[10:52 PM] seffi: be back booties
[10:52 PM] tabernacle: kk
[10:52 PM] eviljeff: better song
[10:52 PM] lloydtraven: ennnnnnnnd scene
[10:52 PM] sll03: Toodles seffina!
[10:52 PM] lloydtraven: annnnnnnd*
[10:52 PM] mustard_trousers: Anyway, I have a date, with a local night club. It has really been a pleasure! 
[10:52 PM] mustard_trousers: See you guys later!
[10:52 PM] automatic_taglines: Yay!
[10:52 PM] eviljeff: Goodbye
[10:52 PM] sll03: Bye Colonel! *salutes*
lloydtraven: more like douche street
[10:52 PM] eviljeff: it has been good
[10:52 PM] lloydtraven: LATES
[10:52 PM] tabernacle: bye colonel
[10:53 PM] automatic_taglines: started a YouTube-video: Community – Annie – Yay
[10:53 PM] fezdispenser: Bye
[10:53 PM] automatic_taglines: lates!
[10:53 PM] lloydtraven: bye bye *pierce fishstick from 105*
[10:53 PM] mustard_trousers: You wish, I'm going to the Red Door
[10:53 PM] fezdispenser: and the award for best youtube presentation, short form, goes to auto_tags
[10:54 PM] mustard_trousers: LATES
[10:54 PM] automatic_taglines: thx fex
[10:54 PM] mustard_trousers left the room.
[10:54 PM] automatic_taglines: *fez
[10:54 PM] automatic_taglines left the room.
[10:54 PM] eviljeff: The movie is over
[10:54 PM] fezdispenser: woah, one typo and auto is outta here
[10:54 PM] sll03: So, what's up guys?
[10:55 PM] eviljeff: not much
[10:55 PM] tabernacle: heh
[10:55 PM] tabernacle: great movie, sll!
[10:55 PM] loki1001 left the room.