A Complete List of all of the Pop Culture References in Community, Season One, Part One.


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Remember when I said I had something big that I wanted to get up for you guys?  Here is the first 1/4 of it, and surely by it's size, you can imagine that the size of the final product will be big, meaty, satisfying and lots of fun.

Part II of Season One is coming later (Disqus places a character limit on posts, a fact I learned when I posted my 201 review).  Season Two is coming later, and Season Three will be TBA (I can't just go out and buy it here).  I will also make note of references that I am iffy on (as in nothing is referenced in name, but it could on some level qualify.  I also include actors and actresses.  Commentary is not included, and anything I miss, you can tell me, but I figure that it's useful for the committee to have all of this in one place.

Also, specific references; things like the 109 tag, which makes Troy out to be some dickhole producer and Abed to be an ultra-understanding director will not qualify…and we should ask ourselves, what qualifies as a 'Pop Culture Reference?'  It's references to:

– TV Shows
– Movies
– Plays
– Celebrities
– Music
– Newsworthy Broadcast Events

What does not qualify?

– Literature
– Scientific Experiments (ie., the Stanford Prison Experiment…which everyone knows was just a crappy knockoff of the Milgram Experiment).
– Social Movements.
– Corporate references (such as Chang's Apple Store reference in 110)
– Meta-references; the show is serialized, it references itself every episode.

Hao ba hao?

– Seinfeld
– Radiohead
– The Breakfast Club
– Elisabeth Shue 
– Ryan Seacrest
– Slumdog Millionaire
– Dirty Dancing
– Shark Week on the Discovery Channel
– Ben Affleck
– Gone Baby, Gone
– Stripes
– Meatballs
– Bill Murray
– Michael Douglas
– John Hughes

Possible References: The Natural ('Roy, Roy the Wonderboy!'), The Soup (I think that 'Soup is better, Abed is better!' is a reference to Joel McHale's other show).

Spanish 101:
– Transformers
– Jodie Foster
– Susan Sarandon
– Marmaduke
– Garfield
– Cameron Diaz

Possible References Happy Days (Jeff's entrance to the study room is very Fonziesque), Kill Bill Volume II (Chang's beard stroke is reminiscent of Pai Mei), Role Models (the Ken Jeong face stroke), Magnolia ('Wise Up' plays in Magnolia).

Introduction to Film:
– Dane Cook
– Dead Poets' Society
– Robin Williams
– Aladdin
– Ryan Seacrest
– American Idol
– Good Morning, Vietnam
– Mork and Mindy
– Sixteen Candles
– Citizen Kane

Possible References: Meet the Parents ('Sweater-wearing who are cats trained to use human toilets.'), Austin Powers ('THROW ME A BONE!').

Social Psychology:
– The Summer Olympics
– The Indiana Jones Franchise
– Friends
– Inspector Gadget
– Benny Hill
– The Soul Train Music Awards
– Mark David Chapman
– Degrassi High
– Thumbelina
– Desperate Housewives
– Dougie Howser, M.D.
– Ryan Seacrest

Possible References: Charlie Brown (Jeff is visibly downtrodden at the vending machine).

Advanced Criminal Law
– Luis Guzman
– Cate Blanchett
– James Bond
– Cheers
– M.A.S.H.
– Fawlty Towers
– Carlito's Way
– The Cowboy Way
– The Hard Way
– Q&A
– President Barack Obama
– Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
– Jackée
– The Karate Kid
– Danny Glover
– The Harry Potter Franchise
– Charles, Prince of Wales
– Frost/Nixon

Possible References: Role Models/The Hangover (Another Jeong face-stroke).

Football, Feminism and You
– Yoko Ono
– MC Hammer
– Moby
– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
– John Kerry
– Al Gore
– Phylicia Rashad
– Seal
– Bishop Desmond Tutu
– Lou Diamond Phillips
– President Barack Obama
– Johnny Quest

Possible References: I feel like the 'Early-90's Standup' and 'Don't do that thing where women do where they walk away and make the guy feel like crap, because it won't happen' was a reference to the hacky female stand-up comedians of yesteryear.

Introduction to Statistics:
– Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj
– The Ugly Truth
– Ghostbusters
– Batman
– Eddie Murphy
– Delerious
– The Beastmaster
– Family Matters
– The Harry Potter Franchise
– Robin Hood 
– Grumpy Old Men
– The Beatles
– The Sputnik Launch
– Pink Floyd
– The Cookie Monster

Possible References: Animal House (Starburns' costume?), Eyes Wide Shut (the Dean's Costume?), Fantasia (At least 3 extras are wearing Mickey's hat), Batman Begins (Abed's rescue of Jeff and Pierce reminds me of the climax of Batman Begins on the train).

Home Economics:
– Gwen Stefani
– Back to the Future
– Vibes
– The Spiderman Comics
– Batteries not Included
– Back to the Future II
– Stand By Me
– Short Circuit II
– An Inconvenient Truth
– Brian Williams
– Goldie Hawn
– Overboard
– Kurt Russell
– Michael Richards
– The Jeffersons'
– Cop Rock
– Simon & Garfunkel
– Garfield
– M.A.S.H.
– Knight Rider
– E.T
– Phil Spector
– Good Times

Possible References: I do not know what that TV show Jeff and Abed were watching is called, or the movie poster between the Back to the Future II and Stand By Me posters, or the poster behind Jeff during the Goldie Hawn speech, Pink Floyd (Vaughan, like David Gilmour, plays a black Fender Stratocaster and has a bad relationship with a fellow band member), The Mighty Ducks ('Thanks coach!').

Debate 109:
– The E! Network
– Styx
– Electric Light Orchestra
– American Idol
– L.A. Law
– iCarly
– Sade
– The Simpsons

Possible References: This will be the first time (the next is 115) that I think they're pulling a 'She's All That' with Annie (the hair drop and boob reveal), I think that Jeff's fall-down on Evil Woman was a slight dig at Glee, and I think there's a chance that Abed saying '…It's a Gambit.', knowing Abed, is a reference to the X-Men character of the same name and not the chess move (considering he just ripped up his cards).

Environmental Science:
– Green Day
– The Grammy Awards
– An American Tail
– Napster
– Shakira
– Tupac Shakur
– Choke
– Jack Nicholson
– A Few Good Men
– The View
– The Shining

Possible References: Fear Factor ('Pickled Bull's Testicle?'), and Pierce was very Ty Webb when he was helping Shirley in this episode.

The Politics of Human Sexuality:
– Knocked Up
– President Jimmy Carter
– R.E.M.
– Madonna
– Harvey Keitel
– Jay-Z
– Sylvester Stallone
– Over the Top
– Porky's  
– The Monty Python Franchise
– The Harry Potter Franchise
– Michael Vick
– Good Will Hunting

Possible References: As we know, Alison's gay love story happened in real life.

Comparative Religion:
– Billy Joel
– The Bodyguard
– Meatballs
– Full Metal Jacket
– Entourage
– Chuck Norris
– Mike Tyson
– Lou Ferrigno
– Rosie O'Donnell
– Forest Whitaker
– Paul Rudd
– Breakin'
– Shakira

Possible References: Kill Bill Volume II (Chang beard stroke), Abed referenced a bunch of stuff.

Investigative Journalism:
– M.A.S.H.
– Led Zeppelin
– Toni Braxton
– LeBron James

Possible References: I know 'You go girl!' is from something, and this episode had Owen Wilson.



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