A Complete list of all of the Pop Culture References in Community, Season One, Part Two


compiled by NewlyRegisteredRandom

Interpretive Dance:
– Kate Winslet
– Mickey Rooney
– Fred Astaire
– Mikhail Baryshnikov
– Jerry Rice
– Dancing With the Stars
– Twitter
– Jim Belushi
– Annie
– Beau Bridges

Possible References: The dance music was from something.

Romantic Expressionism:
– Back to the Future
– Stand By Me
– Batteries Not Included
– Phyllis Diller
– Sherri Shepherd
– Red Shoe Diaries
– Brody Jenner
– Matthew McConaughey
– Runaway
– Tom Sellick
– Robin Williams
– Juno
– The Brady Bunch
Possible References: Robocop (I think Kickpuncher is a reference to this franchise), The Hobbit ('His feet freak me out').

Communication Studies:
– Beetlejuice
– The 'Wazzzzzzzzzzzzup!' guys
– Meryl Streep
– Courtney Love
– Private Resort
– Christian Bale
– Who's the Boss?
– Friends
– Lost
– Vibes
– Back to the Future
– Stand By Me
– Jodie Foster
– YouTube
– Martin Scorsese
– Robert De Niro
– The Breakfast Club
– Ryan Seacrest
– Slumdog Millionaire
– The Phantom of the Opera
– Molly Ringwald
– Kurt Cobain
– Punky Brewster
– Law & Order

Possible References: I think Chang's 'Ladies…get in my Mercedes' is from a Busta Rhymes track.

Physical Education:
– Rainman
– The Notebook
– Kill Bill Volume II
– Can't Buy Me Love
– Love Don't Cost a Thing
– Fat Albert
– Mad Men
– The Brady Bunch
– Facts of Life
– Calvin & Hobbes
– The Dick Van Dyke Show
– Cheers
– Zach Braff
– Scrubs
– Hilary Swank
– Boys Don't Cry
– Slumdog Millionaire
– Warren Zevon
– The Color of Money
– Sesame Street

Possible References: President Calvin Coolidge was a president back when being a president meant more than how many people line up to suck your dick on social media sites, Happy Gilmore (Jeff does the bull-dance when he plays pool), The Gangs of New York (in the commentary it was referenced that Joel with the flag around him is his 'Daniel Day Lewis' moment).

Basic Genealogy:
– The Terminator
– Michael Jordan
– Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
– The Little Mermaid
– Glee

Possible References: Predator ('Well maybe he kills it and brings it back as a trophy').

Beginner Pottery:
– Cinemax
– Eddie Murphy
– Die Hard
– Patrick Swayze
– Demi Moore
– Ghost
– The Righteous Brothers
– The Ringer
– Natalie Merchant
– Jeff Goldblum
– The Perfect Storm
– Ross Perot
– Titanic

Possible References: After the 'Goldbluming' reference, Jeff was acting like Jeff Goldblum did in Independence Day, the music when they left Pierce 'at sea' sounded like the music from A Perfect Storm.

The Science of Illusion:
– The Howard Stern Show
– Fantasia
– Cagney and Lacey
– Hannah Montana
Possible References: Tons and tons of general references to buddy cop movies, and 'Troy and Abed in the Morning' is also a reference to a ton of those tacky morning shows.

Contemporary American Poultry:
– Chicken Run
– Predator
– Goodfellas
– Stargate
– Donald Trump
– Short Circuit
– 2001: A Space Odyssey
– Hal Holbrook
– The Godfather
– Tyler Perry
– Law & Order
– Knight Rider
– Sixteen Candles
Possible References: The '90's ski movie that featured an entourage' is something.

The Art of Discourse:
– Winona Ryder
– Sting
– Animal House
– Morgan Freeman
– The Bucket List
– The Real Housewives Series
– Cheers
– Seinfeld
– Entourage

Possible References: A ton of college-movie references in the Troy and Abed story, and of course the porn movie reference in the tag.

Modern Warfare:
– Friends
– Cheers
– 28 Days Later
– Terminator
– Predator
– Escape from New York
– Glee
– Alien
– The Fifth Element
– Gladiator
– Pat Benetar
– The Warriors
– Saving Private Ryan
– Ghost
– Red Dawn
– Raiders of the Lost Ark
– Penthouse
– Scarface
– Hard Boiled
– Wanted
– Die Hard

Possible References: This episode is an absolute embarrassment of action-movie cliches, search them out.

English as a Second Language:
– Avatar
– Sesame Street
– Good Will Hunting
– Dr. Drew
– Star Trek
– Disney
– Raiders of the Lost Ark
– Paul Giamatti
– The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
– The Wire

Possible References: Another 'Go girl!', Chang's 'Keytar' might be a reference to Thomas Dolby.

Pascal's Triangle Revisited:
– Dead Poets Society
– Sam Elliott
– LeVar Burton
– Woody Allen
– Bruce Hornsby
– Happy Days
– Clue
– Oprah Winfrey
– Dan Harmon
– Fatal Attraction
– Conan O'Brien
– Girls Gone Wild!

Possible References: The 'Love Triangle' has been done hundreds of times, as has the 'taping a line down the center of the room' device and the 'Team ___________! thing.

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