Communists A – Z (in progress)

  • OccamsBlazer

    Per snowmania 's observation, I've decided to just become Ogden Nash, (or even, Occams Nash) by immortalizing many of the great people and things here that have made this place so wonderful. I'm a little tardy to be posting this now, but here it goes:

    "A Line-Up for 100K: An ABC of Communist Immortals" Part 1

    A is for Automatic_Taglines,
    Her creativity oft tested,
    When it comes to great fan-art
    Her works cannot be bested

    B is for Birdie
    Her mind swift and pure,
    When old-timers get grumpy,
    Her spunk is the cure.

    C is for Capt. Blicero,
    A crankily sexy man.
    The Simpsons are his favored muse,
    And is a great Blazers fan.

    D is for DavetheDouchebag
    And Stephen77
    Talking all day of music and Brie
    Is their idea of heaven.

    E is for Evil Jeff,
    Wise beyond his years
    His creativity and insight
    Best many of his peers.

    F is for FezDispenser,
    Both so British and wise
    His posts are super sexy cool
    To no one's great surprise

    g is for glazomanic
    list-making is her passion
    the Drew Brees of DMs
    her best strength–compassion.

    H is for Hector
    Who is Well-Endowed,
    His kindness and length
    Leave me feeling cowed.

    I is for Me,
    Known as Occam's Blazer
    Few friends have I not
    Save the Lakers and a razor.

    J is for Janine Restrepo,
    No prisoner of tact
    With view-points strong and passions weird,
    His love for Posey is a fact.

    K is for Kojak,
    Melted, as he is hot,
    Life may try bringing him down,
    It truly just cannot.

    L is for Loki100
    His trickery terrific, 
    Wit and brilliance on display
    As Esquire and in fanfic.

    M is for Meme
    Which we have our share,
    To Clint Eastwood's Chair.

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  • OccamsBlazer

    The second part will come soon. Now it's time for bonus features, since multiple people have names that begin with the same letter of the alphabet.

    B is for Bongoes
    A true superhero
    With a mind that is sharp
    Like the beak of a spearow.

    D is for Dorian Mode,
    An alum of Rice
    To all except narwhal,
    He is fairly nice.

    G is for Grrr. Argh.
    Favored by Todd, our master.
    Without her this place would be
    A Whedon-less disaster.

    J is for Janet Snakehole,
    A lover of good sport,
    The world could stand to use
    A few more of her sort.

    Ll is for Lloyd Braun
    Si hablamos español
    Like Joe Carter on the Jays
    Here he plays a key role.

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  • OccamsBlazer

    B is for Barnito,
    His presence here Supreme,
    A R.E.M. fan can do wrong
    In the judgment I deem.

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