A Fan Fiction by Loki100

"Ugh," Britta said as she flopped down on Annie's bed. "I should never have agreed to meet someone I met on an AV Club review."

"Well now that you know, maybe next time you will make better life choices?" Annie said, perkily.

"I got stood up Annie, and that sucks."

"And next time you will meet a nice boy, like Frank from my geology class who you should totally go out with."

"Hey, can I check the AV Club? It will just take a moment."

"Noooo." Annie said, reaching out, but Britta had already opened her computer.

"Why do you have like fifty webbrowsers?" she asked, and then upon opening the AV Club, she gave Annie a quizzical look, "And you're HectorTheWellEndowed ?"

"Well… I mean… it was my dungeons and dragons name."

"Wait, on this browser you're LloydBraun ! And on this one you're Stephen77 ! And on this one you're Unregistered Guy Named Eric !"

"Well, you know… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…"

"And I see you're also Semi-bored torontonian , bongoes , Not The Real Randy Jackson , 5000 Candles in the Wind , Enemynarwhal , glazomaniac , Automatic_Taglines , and Dr. Clash ."

"Well, you know… stuff?"

"Is there anyone on the AV Club who you aren't?"

"Loki100 ?"

"Well that's good, that guy's creepy. Why are you posting 100,000 comments all day from multiple accounts?"

"Well… I just wanted to get closer to you, Britta. Because I love you."

"I love you too, Annie."

And then they kissed. And then they banged, right there on the floor.