The 100,000th Comment

At approximately 4:30 p.m. EST/3:30 CST on October the 8th, two thousand and twelve, Gauephat made the 10,000th flush 100,000th comment on the reviews for Digital Estate Planning, The Final Chang Dynasty, and Introduction to Finality, otherwise known as the Commentarium Zone.

  • This place is great.  It's not something that anyone who participates here needs to be told; anyone who has involved themselves here with good intentions knows what this place is about.
    That doesn't mean it doesn't bear some reflection.  Most forums about specific things, whether they be bands, or films, or whatever, tend to suffer because they draw only the most devout and drown out all other voices.  They become insular places where other views are discouraged or openly reviled, newcomers are treated with derision, and morph into an intolerable echo-chamber.

    That's why I'm glad this isn't a Community message board.  It may take place in the comments to a review of Community, and love of the show may have brought the majority of us here, but anybody who has read through a couple pages here knows that it is far from focused on it.

    More importantly, crucially, this is a message board not about Community itself, but about one of the show's central themes: acceptance.  That there's a place where you can talk about whatever's on your mind, where you can post about any subject you have a passion for, where you can love or hate or be indifferent to anything you want.  A place where you're already accepted.

    Rock on, Communists.