In December of 2011, a "Regional Holiday Music" aired, the last Community episode for some unknown period of time.  In a fit of pique Todd Van Der Werff dared the A. V. Club community to get 10,000 comments.  An intrepid band of commenters banded together and decided to review the entire first season in hopes of maintaining a continuous, intelligent stream of commenting.  These are their stories.




So you can GET us:

  • From Dec. 8 on we became Communists, in Italics.
  • Please understand these reviews are not recaps of the episodes. 
  • Spoiler Alert – One of the main goals of the episode reviews is to shed some perspective ($2.99) on the transformation ($1.45) the Study Group and the show itself has gone through from the "Pilot" to "Introdcution to Finality."  You will find out what happens.  Don't worry, it's funny.
  • "I do not own this." Inspired by


    It's the Communist motto we have adopted as our solemn acknowledgement that nothing this good is capable of being owned.


  • TODD!! – mock scorn for our patron saint.
  • Fishsticks – The screen caps we post to convey the entire range of Community-related emotions, reactions, references, etc. The term inspired a Kayne West gimmick account.  (Almost all images on this site are from http://www.fishsticktheatre.com.  We owe them eternal gratitude.)
  • Liking things – By Abed's decree, we like liking things in general, except the things we don't like of course. Like BBT, NBC, and, um, like, Whitney and stuff. This too inspired an account: I like liking things.  In addition to liking things, we like that tabernacle liked us so. He was our own Like Fairy who suddenly disappeared in January, but we know he'll be back.


(Note:  He has been found, but let's not forget the dark days.)