Self-Aggrandizement 111

The A.V. Club, our home planet, wrote an article about us. 

I do not own this. I do not own this.


Dan Harmon, the Overlord, finds us worthy –


Joel McHale, Jeeeeeeeeeeeff Winger himself,  tweeted about us:


Gillian Jacobs does not think we're the worst: 

We're not the worst.


Richard Erdman knows that we ate his macaroni and depend on his frozen pizza reviews!

Better than Frozen Pizza

We're sure this The Onion article is about us, but it's okay if it's not –,27581/

If they think calling us the "fringe" will stop this unstoppable jugglenob, well, we've a Fishstick for them!

The View From Our Community Window –