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  • The 100,000th Comment

    The 100,000th Comment

    At approximately 4:30 p.m. EST/3:30 CST on October the 8th, two thousand and twelve, Gauephat..



      by FezDispenser I got the flag patrol on my CZ post Foes that wanna..

  • Live-Blog Schedule

    Live-Blog Schedule

    Here is the tentative schedule for our next month of live-blogging!  If anyone has any..

  • Live-Blogging Poll

    Live-Blogging Poll

    Attention Communists! Select 8 movies from the list below that you would like to live-blog over..

  • Blade Live Blog

    Blade Live Blog

    Blade. He’s like a vampire, but he’s like not cause he can walk in the day. But he doesn’t even glow. Lame.

  • Speed Live Blog

    Speed Live Blog

    The Communists (in Italics) liveblog Speed to once and for all settle the battle with Die Hard.

  • End of Hiatus Winger Speech

    End of Hiatus Winger Speech

    LloydBraun got us started on the path of becoming a Super Group just like the Traveling Wilburys of Pain. Thanks to his Winger speech inside, we’re now ready for any adventure the show throws our way.