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  • Episode 123:  Modern Warfare

    Episode 123: Modern Warfare

    sll03 fought an epic battle to post the review of this epic episode about paintball, sexual tension, and priority registration. Like all good things, it was worth the wait. And look, no paint on our clothes!

  • Episode 122: The Art of Discourse

    Episode 122: The Art of Discourse

    The annoying kids who were supposed to be annoying have made this episode one of the least favorite season one episodes. Unregistered Guy Named Eric‘s response is, “2,3,4-uhhh, NOT!”

  • Episode 120: The Science of Illusion

    Episode 120: The Science of Illusion

    The Swag Onion stops by to offer a second opinion on the episode that might have changed public opinion on Britta Perry from “bland love interest” to “lovable buzz-kill.”

  • Episode 119: Beginner Pottery

    Episode 119: Beginner Pottery

    There are only two rules to follow when reading this review by Loki100: No Ghosting and No KingoftheWorlding. Goldbluming, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable.

  • Episode 118:  Basic Geneology

    Episode 118: Basic Geneology

    Evil Jeff reminds you to please remove windmill from your Pictionary sets. He will also tell you that you shouldn’t always respect your elders – even if it leads to Butt Stuff.

  • Episode 116:  Communication Studies

    Episode 116: Communication Studies

    Semi-bored Torontonian last night at 3 am: “JEFF WINGER! I…am…calling you. You’re probably…. Whatever…. WAAAAZZZUUUPPP?!?” Her review has so much BCI, even Winger’s large forehead can’t handle it.

  • Episode 115:  Romantic Expressionism

    Episode 115: Romantic Expressionism

    Can’t decide if you like Hippy Annie or School Girl Annie? Either way, you’ve the weirdest boner? Choose wisely or mratfink will introduce you to Kickpuncher – his punches have the power of kicks.

  • Episode 114:  Interpretive Dance

    Episode 114: Interpretive Dance

    Murray–Present teaches us why girls are supposed to dance. It’s because they have parts that jiggle. He also thinks that Troy not learning the correct moral lesson makes this show the opposite of Jim Belushi.

  • Episode 113:  Investigative Journalism

    Episode 113: Investigative Journalism

    brownjamieleecurtis doesn’t want to break these reviews’ natural – he loves yogurt – rhythm. He will, however, defend Buddy if only because he gave us Annie and Britta as cheerleaders fighting in a pool of bubbles.