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Season 3 Re-watch

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301: Biology 101 – Now this is the kind of grounded, sensible thinking HectorTheWellEndowed wants to see this year! – July 8
302: Geography of Global Conflict – If username too long were bountiful zinc deposits he'd be Zambia – July 15
303: Competitive Ecology – Something Quirky deals with this Todd Problem once and for all. – July 22

304: Remedial Chaos Theory – Ropes? Vines. Vines? LET Shinigami Apple Merchant FINISH! – July 29
305: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky StepsStingo the Bandana Origami Pro interrupts your death metal to bring you this heavy review. August 5
306: Advanced Gaydigifreak642 is gonna eat Spaceman Paninis with Black Hitler and there's nothing you can do about it!! – August 12
307: Studies in Modern Movement – Peace and tranquility have been restored to Greendalia, all thanks to FezDispenser3000. – August 19
308: Documentary Filmmaking: Redux – Have you read Intermittent Hairdresser's review? Way better than the real thing. August 26
309: Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism – Men like Rick operate above the law. But there's something else above the law. Bats. And menocu. – September 2
310: Regional Holiday Music – A gleeful roare sings his heart's song to take us into Regionals – September 9
311: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Artsshionthekid's review is almost too conceptual to follow,'ll love it. – September 16
312: Contemporary Impressionists – If Stephen77  has anything to say about this episode he'll say it in a high-pitched voice while walking backwards. – September 25
313: Digital Exploration of Interior Design – As with Orwell's 1984, people should be forced to read thedirte's views on this episode – October 2
314: Pillows and BlanketsSG Standard wasn't going to show this to anyone, but it's pretty profound – he kinda nailed it. – October 7
315: Origins of Vampire MythologyEvil Jeff November 2
316: Virtual Systems Analysis – Gauephat
October 28
317: Basic Lupine Urology – The Narrator Returns promises to give a reliable account of what went down. After all, a narrator's got to have a code. – November 22
318: Course Listing Unavailable – Ohh, because the sideburns were shaped like stars! Chris Traegar just got it! – November 14
319: Curriculum Unavailable – Grrr. Argh. revisits this second clip show, but can you really revisit something that doesn't EXIST??November 18
320: Digital Estate Planning – Melted Kojak's mom always told him his video game knowledge would come in handy. – November 26
321: The First Chang Dynasty – Dr. Clash eats the sun and drinks the skies and they both go with him when he writes. – December 2
322: Introduction to Finality – Dr Regina Phalange is the truest Repair Woman! – December 9


Extra features

308: An extra by The Narrator Returns on making-of documentaries that inspired the episode

312: An alternative view by Semi-bored torontonian from the pro perspective

316: An alternative view by Affrosponge88 from the pro perspective




Season 2 Re-watch

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201: Anthropology 101Newly Registered Random will show you the most important tool for our survival but, fair warning, it’s his penis. (page 65)

202: Accounting for Lawyers Capt. Blicero can explain….Let Capt. Blicero explain. (page 89)

203: The Psychology of Letting Go – What! LloydBraun wants to eat a ghost! (page 95)

204: Basic Rocket Scienceblue_light_88 thinks he has worked out a way to re-route power from the auxiliary battery. (page 108)

205: Messianic Myths and Ancient PeoplesSemi-bored torontonian is answering questions in the cafeteria and it both is and isn’t part of the movie. (page 127)

206: EpidemiologyLoki100 rises to the occasion like Ripley and kicks monster butt in his undies. (page 140)

Deleted scenes:,73676/#comment-566830392 (page 140)

207: Aerodynamics of Gender snowmania declares this a Bitch-free Zo-oone! Woo-woo-woo-wooooooooh! (page 156)

208: Cooperative Calligraphy – Wsll wsll wsll, Harvey Keitsll, sll03 is doing a bottle episode. (page 185)

209: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design – From the lips of Tereglith to the shadow of a unicorn’s dream. (page 355)

210: Mixology Certification – The words just roll off Janine Restrepo’s tongue like chicken crap off an armadillo. (page 397)

211: Abed's Uncontrollable ChristmasOccams Blazer is just here for the cookies. (page 438)

212: Asian Population Studies – Now that Eloith is on the wagon, you can expect both his writing and his penis to be more focused and rewarding. (page 482)

213: Celebrity Pharmacology – Well, that answers my question. The Narrator Returns is sexy even in a coffin. (page 546)

214: Advanced Dungeons and Dragonsglazomaniac draws her +3 Sword of Duquesne and attacks in a 180° arc. (page 556)

215: Early 21st Century RomanticismWalking NPR doesn’t believe in dibs, or love at first sight, or love, or best friends, or doing things, but it’s good that you brought this to her. (page 564)

216: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking – If I’m going to be bequeathed upon, I’d like a drum kit or a signed photo of Affrosponge88. (page 693)

217: Intro to Political Science – The gloves are coming off. violincatherine has an audio-visual presentation. (page 699)

218: Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy – In what war is thefunjustneverends a criminal? The battle for our affections!? (page 710)

219: Critical Film Studies – The more Evil Jeff started thinking about it, the less any of it made sense at all. (page 723)

220: Competitive Wine Tasting – Writing…doesn’t matter here…all that matters is…jmunney’s time…in the spotlight. (page 732)

221: Paradigms of Human Memory – Feast your ear tongues on glazomaniac’s memory pops. (page 738)

222: Applied Anthropology and Culinary ArtsDavetheDouchebag wrote this on a treadmill at Bally Total Fitness, 20% incline! (page 748)

223: A Fistful of PaintballsTheTuna is pretty awesome today. (page 755)

224: For a Few Paintballs MoreUnregistered Guy Named Eric had a dream it would end this way. (page 774)


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Season 1 Re-watch

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101: Pilot – LloydBraun (page 33)

102: Spanish 101 – Scrawler (page 37)

103: Introduction to Film – mratfink (page 39)

104: Social Psychology – Loki100 (page 42)

105: Advanced Criminal Law – Unregistered Guy Named Eric (page 43)

106: Football, Feminism and You – Janine Restrepo (page 44)

107: Introduction to Statistics – TheTuna (page 49)

108: Home Economics – Unregistered Guy Named Eric – (page 52)

109: Debate 109 – Semi-bored torontonian – (page 58)

110: Environmental Science – MurrayPresent (page 62)

111: The Politics of Human Sexuality – glazomaniac (page 63)

112: Comparative Religion – TheTuna (page 69)

113: Investigative Journalism – brownjamieleecurtis (page 70)

114: Interpretive Dance – Murray–Present (page 77)

115: Romantic Expressionism – mratfink (page 78)

116: Communication Studies – Semi-bored torontonian (page 90)

117: Physical Education – TyM218 (page 114)

118: Basic Geneology – Evil Jeff (page 119)

119: Beginner Pottery – Loki100 (page 121)

120: The Science of Illusion – ToddVanDerWerff (page 150)

121: Contemporary American Poultry – snowmania (page 142)

122: The Art of Discourse – Unregistered Guy Named Eric (page 145)

123: Modern Warfare – sll03 (page 158)

124: English as a Second Language – ArmondWhite (page 168)

125: Pascal's Triangle Revisited – Janine Restrepo (page 178)


Season 1 sign-up threads,66270/#comment-382925298 (page 17),66270/#comment-385324779 (page 27),66270/#comment-387503664 (page 31)